Dress Code

Glens Falls High School students have always displayed common sense and good taste in the matter of dress. Occasionally, however, the question arises as to what is and what is not appropriate to wear to school. The New York State Commissioner of Education has established the following guidelines:

  • Decency (no revealing attire)
  • Health (no dirty clothing)
  • Safety (footwear)

Clothing which is disruptive or interferes with the educational process will not be permitted to be worn by students in school or on school premises (profanity, offensive messages, promotion of drugs, alcohol, tobacco)

Boys must wear footwear, pants or shorts, a shirt (no tank tops or exposed underclothing)

Girls must wear footwear, slacks, shorts or skirts, of appropriate length, some type of blouse or dress (no bare midriffs, no halter tops, no exposed underclothing)

Certain insignias designated or inferred as inappropriate or obscene or in bad taste will not be permitted. This includes prohibition on gang symbols, signs, colors, or other related apparel.

Hats or other head gear will not be permitted during the school day

A student’s attire shall not be excessively baggy. Students will keep coats and jackets in their lockers during the school day.

No sunglasses will be permitted unless prescribed by a physician

No jewelry with sharp edges, heavy ornamental chains or dog collars will be permitted in school

Students who violate the student dress code shall be required to modify their appearance by covering or removing the offending item, and if necessary or practical replacing it with an acceptable item. Any student who refuses to do so shall be subject to discipline, up to and including in-school suspension for the day. Any student who repeatedly fails to comply with the dress code shall be subject to further discipline, up to and including out of school suspension.

Remember this about dress and appearance:

  • How you look affects how you feel and behave
  • How you look affects how others feel and behave
  • Use common sense