About the Board

composite graphic of all board of education members' photos and text Thank you, Board of Education Members!
Big thanks to our dedicated, all-volunteer Board of Education members!

The Board of Education of the Glens Falls City School District is made up of nine members who are elected by qualified voters of the district. They serve without pay for five-year terms. The Board of Education, in serving its role as trustee of the district’s five schools (three elementary, one Middle School, and one High School), is responsible for the development of the policy through which the Superintendent administers the educational program, the students, and the staff.

The Board encourages all citizens to take an active role in the development of our schools. It is the philosophy of the Board that the schools are the responsibility of the entire community if the schools are to continue and provide a program of quality education for the young people of our district.

The Board invites interested residents of the community to attend public meetings of the Board at 7:00 p.m. in the Administration Building, 15 Quade Street. Board meeting dates are listed in your calendar. Special meetings which are called during the course of the year are advertised in the local newspapers.

Voters elect community members to the Glens Falls City Schools Board of Education during the annual school budget vote in May. If you are interested in running for the board, candidate nomination petitions are available at the District Office in mid-March. Petitions require 100 valid signatures of District residents in order for a candidate to be placed on the ballot, and are due back to the Board Clerk in mid-April. See the current year’s budget calendar for the specific date and time by which petitions must be received. 

Board of Education members, 2021-22

Amy Towers, Clerk of the Board

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