Instructional Technology

four students watching a drone in flight in the school cafeteria
Drones landed across New York State maps during STEAM Day at BC

The Glens Falls City School District is committed to preparing our students to be successful, productive members of a global society. Technology can be used as the tool to develop critical thinking skills, improve communication, and develop life skills critical to every student’s success.

Teachers will take an active role in the planning and implementation of technology into the curriculum. The District will provide ongoing and continuous training for teachers to ensure that they will be successful in integrating technology across all curriculum areas.

The use of technology will also assist in engaging the community and promoting an awareness of the educational mission of the District. Technology can link the classroom with parents and encourage partnerships with community agencies and educational institutions to foster the development of all students.

The District will provide the financial support necessary for the planning and implementation of new technology across the district.

2018-2021 Instructional Technology Plan

chromebook icon with GF arrowhead on screenOur NYS-approved Instructional Technology Plan can be viewed in full here: 2018-2021 Glens Falls CSD Approved NYSED TECH PLAN (PDF download). The plan’s three main goals are:

  • Goal 1 • 80% of GF Teachers will increase communication by asking for and receiving digital feedback on a monthly basis
  • Goal 2 • 80% of GF Teachers will increase collaboration by asking students to use technology in order to reach an authentic audience on a monthly basis
  • Goal 3 • 80% of GF Teachers will increase critical thinking by asking students to collect and analyze data on a monthly basis

2022-2025 Instructional Technology Plan

The district is currently in the process of finalizing the next Instructional Technology Plan. The draft version of the plan can be viewed here: DRAFT 2022-2025 Instructional Technology Plan


  • three students on classroom carpet with Chromebook and Lego windmill
    These Jackson Heights students built a spinning windmill with Lego robotics
    five students sitting at a table with virtual reality headsets covering their eyes and ears
    Miss Burt’s 4th-graders took a trip into the solar system with BC’s new virtual reality goggles
    several students sitting on moveable furniture using Chromebooks and a whiteboard
    GFHS students enjoy flexible learning spaces they helped design

    boy in sweatshirt wearing headphones plugged into a Chromebook with fists raised smiling
    Celebrating — quite literally — the Hour of Code at Big Cross

Our school community believes …

  • Technology should be integrated into the classroom and curriculum as support for instruction, learning, and understanding. Technology should not be a “stand alone” in the classroom.
  • Staff-development is on-going and supportive of technology integration in the classroom.
  • All students will have access to the development of fundamental skills and knowledge of technology.
  • Curriculum will drive the use and integration of technology in the classroom.
  • Technology, as an ever-changing, fluid system, should advance to meet the needs of the students, community, and staff.

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