COVID-19 Guidelines for Fall 2021

Indoor Sports:

  • Volleyball: Student athletes and coaches will be required to be masked at all times.
    • Volleyball Fans: Must wear masks. Only 2 Home or Visitor spectators per athlete for home contests.
    • Swimming: If athletes are not in the pool they need to be masked. Coaches wear masks at all times.
      • Swimming Fans:  Only 2 Home spectators per athlete will be allowed due to the limited amount of seating and allowing for social distancing. They will be required to be masked at all times while in the building. Social distancing will be enforced.

      Outdoor Sports:

      • Spectators: Home and Visitor fans are welcome. All unvaccinated spectators will be asked to wear a mask; vaccinated spectators will not need to wear a mask.
      • Coaches and athletes on sidelines and in booth: Are required to wear masks.
      • Athletes while playing: Do not need to wear masks.

        General Information:

        • No Locker room use
        • Buses: No eating or drinking allowed on the bus. All occupants must wear masks and windows are to remain open. There are no space limitations on buses. So, for example, JV and Varsity Soccer teams can ride together.
        • No concessions: It will be carry in and carry out food and drinks for spectators.

          High-Risk Sports:

          All athletes for Football, Volleyball, and Girls Swim will be required to have a weekly COVID-19 rapid test at school. 

          • For JV and Varsity athletes: Testing day is every Tuesday. Testing starts on August 31st, time and location TBD
          • For Modified athletes: Testing day is every Monday. Testing starts on September 13th, time and location TBD.

          Senior Night:

          • Indoor events: Two people with masks can join the senior athlete for recognition.
          • Outdoor events: Masks must be worn to enter the field for recognition.

          Press Box (Booth)

          • Announcers, Clock Operators, Live streamers, Press and coaches outside on top of the press box must be masked. 

          Live-streams of games

          screen shot from a swim meet live stream - five boys in mid-air, diving into the school pool in unison
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          Looking for the game schedule? See all of Glens Falls’ teams on Schedule Galaxy.


          Football team and coaches smiling on field
          Our 2018 State Champion Indians celebrate at the Carrier Dome!

          More than 60 percent of GFHS students choose to participate in the many sports available to them. Parents and other fans can find out about upcoming events on the Athletics Calendar page. As a reminder, middle school student spectators must be accompanied by a parent or other adult at all games.

          Spring sports: Coaches’ contact information

          Baseball – Varsity: Phil Klaiber
          Baseball – JV: Rob Girard
          Baseball – Mod A: Cam Girard
          Baseball  – Mod B: Donnie Long

          Boys Lacrosse – Varsity: Tim Northrop
          Boys Lacrosse – JV: Dan Girard
          Boys Lacrosse –  Mod: Kevin Donlon

          Girls Lacrosse – Varsity: Elyse Hagy
          Girls Lacrosse – JV: Cameron Mazza
          Girls Lacrosse – Mod: Zoie Cavotta

          Softball – Varsity: Craig Archambault
          Softball – JV: Matt O’Connor
          Softball – Mod A: Meresa Mason
          Softball –  Mod B:  Ethan Hall

          Boys Track – Varsity: Dan Perry
          Boys Track – JV: Hermann Johnson
          Boys Track – Mod: Brian Bombard

          Girls Track –  Varsity: Kevin Hall
          Girls Track – JV:  Kristina Hubert
          Girls Track – Mod: Laura Kules

          Boys Tennis: Stephen Zurlo

          Fall sports: Coaches’ contact information

          Varsity Football: Pat Lilac
          Varsity Asst.: Kurt Conduzio
          Varsity Asst.: Mark Girard
          JV Football: Dan Perry
          JV Football: Curtis May
          JV Football: John Endieveri
          Modified – 7/8 Football: Scott Endieveri
          Modified – 7/8 Football: Rob Girard
          Modified – 7/8 Football Kevin Hall
          Modified – 7/8 Football: Sonny McTiernan

          Varsity Boys Soccer: Mike Shaver
          JV Boys Soccer: TBD
          Modified Boys Soccer: Jared Halliday

          Varsity Girls Soccer: Tom Barrows
          JV Girls Soccer: Erin Harrington
          Modified Girls Soccer: TBD

          Varsity Field Hockey: Michele Venditto
          JV Field Hockey: Bryan Seybolt
          Modified Field Hockey: Kristina Hermance

          Varsity Girls Volleyball: Mackenzie Pelton
          JV Girls Volleyball: Leslie Balcom
          Modified Volleyball: Ethan Hall

          Varsity Girls Swimming: Chris Patnode

          Varsity Cross-Country: Brian Bombard
          Modified Cross-Country: Pat Murphy

          Varsity Golf: Steve Zurlo

          Varsity Girls Tennis: Suzanne Leyden

          Varsity Cheerleading: Rebecca Ring

          Join the Grandstanders Sports Booster Club

          The Indian Grandstanders Booster Club’s mission is to promote and support all Glens Falls Athletic Programs. The organization has actively supported these programs for over 35 years by providing financial assistance and a volunteer “workforce” to help provide a quality experience for student athletes.

          Read more about how to get involved in the Indian Grandstanders.