More than 60 percent of GFHS students choose to participate in the many sports available to them. Parents and other fans can find out about upcoming events on the Athletics Calendar page. As a reminder, middle school student spectators must be accompanied by a parent or other adult at all games.

Fall sports: Coaches’ contact information

Varsity Football: Pat Lilac
Varsity Asst.: Kurt Conduzio
Varsity Asst.: Mark Girard
JV Football: Dan Perry
JV Football: Curtis May
JV Football: Dave Gregory
Modified – 7/8 Football: Scott Endieveri
Modified – 7/8 Football: Rob Girard
Modified – 7/8 Football Kevin Hall
Modified – 7/8 Football: Sonny McTiernan

Varsity Boys Soccer: Brian Turner
JV Boys Soccer: Selvin Guity
Modified Boys Soccer: Jared Halliday
Modified Boys B Soccer: Trish Bombard

Varsity Girls Soccer: Larry Young
JV Girls Soccer: Tom Barrows
Modified Girls Soccer: Katie Freeman

Varsity Field Hockey: Michele Venditto
JV Field Hockey: Bryan Seybolt
Modified Field Hockey: Kristina Hermance

Varsity Girls Volleyball: Mackenzie Pelton
JV Girls Volleyball: Leslie Balcom
Modified Volleyball: Ethan Hall

Varsity Girls Swimming: Kevin Crossman

Varsity Cross-Country: Brian Bombard
Modified Cross-Country: Pat Murphy

Varsity Golf: Steve Zurlo

Varsity Girls Tennis: Suzanne Leyden

Varsity Cheerleading: Rebecca Ring

Join the Grandstanders Sports Booster Club

The Indian Grandstanders Booster Club’s mission is to promote and support all Glens Falls Athletic Programs. The organization has actively supported these programs for over 35 years by providing financial assistance and a volunteer “workforce” to help provide a quality experience for student athletes.

Read more about how to get involved in the Indian Grandstanders.