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GFSD Food Service news: Student meals are free through June 2022

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Welcome back to a healthy and delicious year with Food Services in Glens Falls City Schools!

Meals remain FREE to ALL students in Glens Falls City Schools through June, 2022! This includes full breakfast and lunch meals for students in all schools.

Students will still provide their lunch code when going through the cafeteria line, even though complete meals are free.

A la carte items may be limited in our cafeterias, and offered in the MS/HS only. A few beverages and snack items will be available for students to purchase using their lunch code. NO CASH will be accepted in the cafeteria line, as a continued safety measure during COVID-19.

Lunch menus are available for each school in the upper right column of this web page. Please note that some food items originally scheduled to be served may not be available, due to supply chain shortages. We will do our best to substitute any items that become unavailable.

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Parents/guardians should use to add money to their child’s meal account if they will be purchasing a la carte items (beyond the free, complete student meals).

Glens Falls City Schools use K12PaymentCenter for all cafeteria purchases and student meal accounts. Students simply type in their cafeteria lunch code when getting their food, and purchases beyond the one free complete meal are debited from the account electronically. Parents need to create an account with K12PaymentCenter, and link children in order to make online payments to meal accounts. For help in setting up an account, call Food Services Director Alicia Taylor at 5218-798-1910.

The Food Services team takes pride in serving nutritionally-balanced, varied, and tasty menu items in each school cafeteria. We look forward to what Aramark will bring to our lunch tables in the coming year! Visit to learn more about Aramark’s nutritional services.

Students at GFSD are given an account with a PIN number to press on a keypad in the lunch line when purchasing lunch, milk, or other food items. Each month’s menu offerings for breakfast and lunch are available on the district’s web site, or at

Free and Reduced-Price Meals

Free and reduced-price meals are available to children who meet federal guidelines. Applications are mailed to every family with enrolled students in August and are listed below in Adobe PDF format. Additional hard copies are available in any school’s main office. Only one application is needed per family. Completed applications should be returned to the main office of your child’s school.

More information about Free and Reduced-Price Meals


Charging school meals

It is the District’s goal to provide students with access to nutritious no- or low-cost meals each school day and to ensure that a student whose parent/guardian has unpaid meal charges is not shamed or treated differently than a student whose parent/guardian does not have unpaid meal charges. To read the entirety of the District’s policy on meal charging and prohibition against meal shaming, please click here: Policy 5660