Safety & Culture

group of people ditting around oval board room table participating in training
Administrators, principals, department heads and the Glens Falls Police Department participated in a school violence incident prevention and response workshop given by team members from NYS Homeland Security and Emergency Services on July 16, 2019.

In Glens Falls City Schools, we value the health, safety, and well-being of every student and staff member. 

As violence troubles schools across the nation, Glens Falls administrators have redoubled efforts to strengthen the security of district buildings — and those efforts continue today. Some recent safety enhancements around the district include:

  • In January of 2019, GFPD Officer John Norton became the School Resource Officer for the district. Officer Norton provides a daily presence in the High and Middle Schools, and also visits Glens Falls’ three elementary buildings to provide guidance, assist principals, and build relationships with students.
  • At all schools, red lights are installed at each front entrance. The lights will flash when a school goes into a lockdown or lockout situation, alerting people outside the building that they should not try to enter.
  • All school buildings now (2019) have an enclosed, secure, main entrance vestibule that allows visitors to communicate with school staff and be “buzzed” through locked doors to enter the building.
  • At each school, exterior doors remain locked during the school day, opened only by staff member key-fob access panels. Safety glass is in use on door panels and windows, and security cameras allow for monitoring of facilities.

Our efforts persist as we work together to provide a safe, positive and stimulating environment for our students, through the use of emergency drills, staff trainings, and continued review of protocols for building security.