School Budget

2019-2020 Budget Newsletter: Mission-driven: Fueling the passion for continuous learning

Glens Falls City Schools 2019-2020 Budget Book

  • Budget Presentation to the Board of Education on April 8, 2019

Budget Proposal at a glance

  • Total proposed budget, 2019-20: $44,553,850
  • Spending increase (percentage) over 2018-19: 0.55%
  • Spending increase (dollar amount) over 2018-19: $244,162
  • Total tax levy: $21,593,522
  • Tax levy percentage increase: 2.56%
  • Tax levy dollar amount increase: $538,002
  • Maximum allowable (tax cap): 2.56%

School budget proposal for 2019-20: vote on May 21

Building on strategic efforts to boost the rigor and relevance of Glens Falls’ educational program, the Board of Education has adopted a $44.5 million budget proposal for the 2019-20 school year that enhances current programs and services, expands student access to educational technology, and stays within the property tax cap.

If approved by the voters on Tuesday, May 21, the spending plan would increase the tax levy by 2.56 percent, which is the district’s maximum allowable without a supermajority vote. The proposed budget would increase spending by $244,162, or 0.55 percent over the current year. Voting takes place from noon to 9 p.m. in the Sanford Street School gym.

The financial framework outlined for 2019-20 would support the educational program by:

  • Adding an Assistant Principal position at the Middle School
  • Adding the School Resource Officer position
  • Adding an Elementary School Counselor
  • Adding an additional Kindergarten position
  • Adding a social-emotional/academic support position at the Middle School

“We have been steadily shifting the culture of learning in Glens Falls to be more responsive to the inquiries our students bring into the learning environment, and the social-emotional challenges that come in the door with them,” said Superintendent Paul Jenkins. “This budget plan would provide much-needed additional supports for our students so they are ready to learn when they walk into the classroom.

“Relationships that students have—both with their educators and within their school-home community—underpin our entire rigor-relevance framework,” Mr. Jenkins continued. “Our continued success depends on seeing and supporting the whole child.”

“We know we’ll be able to support the quality programs we’ve already built, and address the expanding needs of our students,” said Assistant Superintendent for Business Bobby Yusko. “And the district is in a position to do this with a very slight increase in spending, year over year. Overall, I think it’s a good spending plan that we’re putting out.”

The budget proposal builds upon several key initiatives already underway across each of Glens Falls’ schools:

Continued expansion of the District’s 1-to-1 Chromebook initiative

During the 2018-19 school year, the District completed the next phase of our Chromebook initiative by purchasing devices to provide a one-to-one environment in the third and fourth-grades. Every student in grades 3—6 now has his or her own Chromebook to be used during the school day. The grades 3 and 4 expansion builds upon our one-to-one initiative that already provides individual, “take-home” Chromebooks for each student in grades 7—12. It has been a multi-year vision of the Superintendent, and goal of the Board of Education, to provide resources for a transformative learning environment, and the Chromebook initiative has been a key component of that effort.

Phase 2 of STEAM and Safety Capital Project renovations

The District’s 2017 Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math (or STEAM) capital project is on track to be completed by the end of 2019. The project had been divided into two phases, with the bulk of repairs and equipment replacements happening in the summer of 2018. The summer of 2019 will bring gym floor replacements at Big Cross and the High School, construction of the elementary drop-off areas at Jackson Heights and Kensington, and completion of the High School’s 21st Century learning space within our third floor science wing.

Transformation of more classroom learning environments

In concert with the large-scale renovations of our library media centers (2012 capital project), and the 21st Century learning space at the High School, the District is committed to transforming more and more individual classroom learning environments to better meet the needs of today’s students. “We’re doing this by providing resources for moveable furniture, along with dedicated professional development, that provides a more engaging space and student-centered format for our learners,” says Mr. Jenkins.

The budget was Board of Education-approved in April after an open process that included several work sessions throughout the school year. Materials from the Board’s audit and finance committee meetings are available online at, under “About Us -> School Budget.”

Two seats open on the board in May 2019

This May, voters will have the opportunity to elect two community members to the Glens Falls City Schools Board of Education. Learn more about board member responsibilities and requirements here.

Board of Education candidate David Dawkins

David Dawkins, BSEE, LMT of 39 Arbor Drive, is seeking his first term on the Board of Education. He is a small business owner in the local community.

I own and operate a family business, Body Relief Day Spa, and have served previously on the following community boards: Glens Falls Industrial Development Agency (IDA), Glens Falls Family YMCA, Tricounty United Way, and International Arts and Cultural Association (currently Children’s Museum). Volunteer activities: Great Meadows Correctional, Washington County Correctional (tutor for GED’s), Hudson Falls Elementary School (lunch hour reading program), Dr. Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration and SUNY–ACC (Guest Lecturer).

It is necessary that our district community focus on a holistic approach regarding the quality of our school’s educational processes. Ultimately every discussion should start with the “greater good” and what is best for all of us.

woman smiling in front of brick wall
Board of Education candidate Karin Maurer

Karin Maurer, of 96 Coolidge Avenue, is seeking her second term on the Board of Education. She is Senior Director of Human Resources at Globalfoundries.

It has been an honor to serve on the School Board for the last few years and I look forward to having the opportunity for five more. I was raised in Glens Falls, graduated from GFHS and decided to move back for our two daughters to attend school in Glens Falls.

I am passionate about ensuring all students and faculty have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in an ever changing world. We in partnership with the entire district have made great strides and I want to continue on this journey with our students, faculty, and community.

I graduated with a BA in Psychology from Syracuse University and have been in the Field of Human Resources for 25 years, and have been with Globalfoundries for over 7 years.

State-wide budget news:

  • NYSSBA’s Enacted Budget Analysis provides a good summary of exactly what is included in the 2019-2020 state budget.
  • NYSSBA’s Enacted Budget Comparison is a topical comparison of the Executive, Senate, and Assembly budget proposals, followed by the final budget resolutions.
  • 2019-2020 Enacted Budget State Aid Runs for Glens Falls City Schools
  • Jan. 14, 2019—As school districts throughout New York State experience significant increases in student need – from poverty, to special education enrollments, to new English language learners – NYSSBA is advocating for a $2.2 billion increase in state aid in the 2019-20 budgetary year. [ ARTICLE ]
  • Jan. 7, 2019—The New York Association of School Business Officials is calling for the state to increase education aid by $2.1 billion and begin a three-year phase in of $4.1 billion in foundation aid “owed” to school districts. [ ARTICLE ]
  • Updates from the State Aid Office of the New York State Education Department


Archive: Glens Falls CSD 2018-2019 budget: $44,309,688

Budget at a glance

The adopted budget for the 2018-19 school year includes the following expenditures:

  • Adding three positions:
    • 1 districtwide technologist
    • 1 instructional coach
    • 1 new elementary teaching position
  • Adding instructional equipment, including fixtures, furniture and collaborative spaces for libraries and classrooms
  • Leasing two 66-passenger buses for five years

Three-part budget

All public schools in New York State are required to report appropriations in three official categories: program, capital, and administrative. The following data shows how Glens Falls’ budget breaks down under this formula:

  • Program spending: $33,692,187 (76% of total)
  • Capital spending: $6,609,980 (15% of total)
  • Administrative spending: $4,007,521  (9% of total)