2022-23 Budget development archive

GFSD May 17, 2022 vote results - budget, school bus lease, student rep on school board all passed with green checkmarks; Matt Levin, Jason Rivers, Randy Rath elected

2022-23 Budget Proposal at a glance

  • Total proposed budget, 2022-23: $50,584,799 
  • Spending increase (percentage) over 2021-22: 5.57%
  • Spending increase (dollar amount) over 2021-22: $2,668,355
  • Total tax levy: $22,844,597
  • Tax levy percentage increase: 3.16%
  • Tax levy dollar amount increase: $700,534
  • Maximum allowable (tax cap): 3.16%

graphic table - summary of proposed expenditures

graphic - summary of projected revenues

Board of Education candidates

The Board of Education of the Glens Falls City School District is made up of nine members who are elected by qualified voters of the district. They serve without pay for five-year terms. The Board of Education, in serving its role as trustee of the district’s five schools, is responsible for the development of the policy through which the Superintendent administers the educational program, the students, and the staff.

This year, there are four candidates running for three open seats on the Board of Education.

  • The two highest vote-getters will serve terms that begin on July 1, 2022 and last five years (through June 30, 2027).
  • The third-highest vote-getter will serve a term beginning on May 18, 2022 and last through June 30, 2024. This person will serve the remainder of the term held by David Dawkins, who recently resigned the position.

All Board members serve “at large” and represent the entire district.

Matt Levin candidate profile statement

Randy Rath candidate statement

Jason Rivers candidate statement

Budget Development update: Feb. 14, 2022

View the slides presented at the Board of Education meeting: