Register for School

Welcome into “GF Nation!”

group of students dressed in pink for the Power of Pink day

Did your family recently move into the City of Glens Falls? Do you have a young child ready for Kindergarten? WELCOME into GF Nation!!

Registration for new Kindergarten students is held at “Kindergarten Round-Up” events at each elementary school in the month of June. If you’re registering mid-year, visit the registration office at the District Office.

Registration for Universal Pre-Kindergarten happens by lottery in the month of April. Once our UPK classes are filled, we start a waiting list for any openings. Call 518-792-0107 to be placed on the list.

To register all other students – or any student during the course of the year – call central registration at the district office office at 518-792-1212.

The registration process

To register your child for school, please go to the district office at 15 Quade Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801. After you’re welcomed into the building, ask for Mrs. Robbins, the district’s registrar. She will meet with you to go over registration paperwork and give you additional information to take home.

Student Placement

Our mission is to provide a safe, positive and stimulating environment — and for elementary students, their most fundamental environment is usually their individual classroom. Our intent within the district’s student placement procedures is to place each student within their “home” elementary school — and most of the time, that’s what happens.

The Registration Zones map indicates what a student’s “home” elementary school will be. If you are unable to access the information in this map, please contact the Registration Office at (518) 792-0107.

But when elementary class sizes at a particular building have reached an upper limit, the superintendent has occasionally assigned families registering after the school year has started to the building and classroom with the fewest students, instead of their “home” elementary school. This flexibility in initial student assignment is designed to provide the best balance in class size for ALL district children.

Usually, this procedure is not considered until after the school year has begun, and when new families are entering the district for the first time. Administrators determine each school’s number of class sections in the springtime, based on expected enrollment for the start of school in September. But as new students enroll and classes become full, those new students and/or families may be placed in another building.

Class sizes have long been a focus area as our Board of Education, our school community members, our families, and our staff members have discussed and prioritized district goals and objectives. Having equalized class sizes across each elementary grade level optimizes the use of our facilities and staff, and balances teacher attention to student educational needs. The district’s general procedures allow the superintendent to assign incoming students to specific elementary buildings, if necessary, so that class sizes will be as balanced as possible across the district.

The following points may help you understand the parameters of this procedure:

  • Generally speaking, if a family lives within a mile of two elementary schools, the Superintendent may assign that family to either school upon registration.
  • Once a student/family is assigned to an elementary school, they will stay in that school through fourth grade (i.e. they would not be re-assigned after their initial entry).
  • If older siblings in a family are already attending an elementary school, the incoming student will be assigned to the same school. Assignments will not change for established students & families.
  • Students/families will not generally be assigned to an elementary school more than one mile away from their residence.

Whether a family enrolls in Big Cross, Jackson Heights or Kensington Road elementary school, they will find the same great educational experience that has defined Glens Falls through the years.