Out-of-School Suspension

When a student is suspended from school the parent or guardian of the student will be notified by telephone, if possible, and in writing. A parent conference may be required before a suspended student returns to regular classes. Parents are entitled to a conference anytime a student is suspended. Request should be made to the high school administration.

The suspended student must be signed out of school by the administrator before leaving school.

A student suspended out-of-school is not permitted in Glens Falls High School unless attending tutoring sessions. Suspended students are not permitted to participate in or attend any school-sponsored activities until the suspension has been lifted or expired. If the suspended student enters Glens Falls High School during the suspension period, the student will be declared trespassing and immediate, appropriate action will be taken.

**Following the accumulation of ten (10) days’ suspension, a Superintendent’s Hearing may be convened to consider further disciplinary action.**