Academic Learning Area

The ALA Program is a concept of school discipline that requires a student to be accountable for his/her behavior. This concept requires the student to examine the behavior that caused the offense and choose an acceptable alternative behavior to use in a same or similar situation. The alternative behaviors are expressed in a written plan of action that is completed when a student is referred to the ALA Room. Upon completion of the action plan, the referring staff member will review it and either accept the plan or not accept the plan.

Academic Learning Area (ALA) Room

The ALA Planning Room is a designated room where students will remain until they have prepared a plan of action that will improve their behavior. The parents will be notified each time the process has taken place and will be provided with a copy of the resulting plan along with teacher comments. The plan must be mutually acceptable with the referring staff member; otherwise, the student must report to the ALA room during the assigned period on the following day. Students who have written an acceptable plan will be allowed to return to that particular class the following day. Students will be notified in homeroom by receiving a copy of the plan and the referring staff member’s signature indicating whether the plan was accepted or not accepted.

Planning Report

An Academic Learning Area Report will be sent to the parents once the student has prepared a plan. This report includes:

1. a summary of rule infraction
2. a copy of the student’s plan of action
3. the length of time the student was assigned to the ALA room
4. teacher comments

Academic Learning Area Room

Students sent to the ALA room are expected to plan corrective steps to avoid future discipline problems.

1. Students who refuse to go to ALA will receive as a minimum one (1) day out of school suspension. Upon return from suspension, such students will be required to attend ALA during the period it was originally assigned. Subsequent refusals will result in a student receiving, as a minimum, three (3) days’ out-of-school suspension.
2. Students who do not complete their plan at the end of the period assigned must return to the ALA room after school. Students who fail to report after school will be called to the office and assigned a minimum one (1) day out of school suspension. Students will also be required to report to the ALA room during the period that it was originally assigned to complete an action plan.
3. Students who do not write an acceptable plan will report the following day to the ALA room during the period it was originally assigned. Additionally, the student and the teacher will meet to discuss the matter at hand. The time the student and the teacher will meet is indicated on the ALA Pass the student received when sent to ALA.
4. Students who do not resolve the problem at the end of two (2) days will be required to attend a meeting with the teacher and an administrator.
5. Students who receive three (3) infractions from the same teacher will be required to fill out a plan of action and will be required to meet with a School Social Worker or School Counselor before returning to class.

Referring Staff Members’ Responsibilities:

1. Send students to ALA with an ALA Pass that is completely filled out.
2. Review the plan of action completed by the student and if satisfied, sign and date the plan.
3. Place accepted plan in the student’s homeroom teacher mailbox by the end of the day in which the student was referred to ALA.
4. If dissatisfied with the plan, sign the form unacceptable, state your reasons in the comment section, and place in the student’s homeroom teacher mailbox by the end of the day on which the student was referred to ALA.
5. Plan to meet with the student before the end of the next school day to discuss how this behavior can be avoided in the future.
6. If the student and staff member are unable to agree on a plan, a meeting will be set up with an administrator to discuss the situation and the future return of the student to class.

Long-Term Academic Learning Area

The student is assigned to the ALA room for a specified duration of time as indicated by the administration. The student is not allowed to leave the assigned area without permission (otherwise, the student is considered truant and further disciplinary action will be taken).

Students who refuse to follow the rules in the ALA room will be suspended out-of-school. When the student returns from the out-of- school suspension, he/she will report to the ALA room to complete the original consequence.

A student who is assigned to long-term alternative learning is not permitted to participate in/or attend any activities which meet outside the regular school hours.

Rules for Students Assigned Long-Term Academic Learning Area

  • If a student is absent on any of the day(s) assigned, the student still has to make up the time before being allowed to return to class.
  • A student assigned to long-term ALA must report to the suspension room by 8:32 a.m. (after HR) on the day(s) assigned
  • Students must report to long-term ALA with all books and supplies
  • Students must complete an Action Plan.
  • There will be no talking
  • A student must complete work assignments provided
  • Students will not be allowed to sleep
  • If a student is truant from any of the long-term ALA periods, further disciplinary action will be taken