Theft and Gambling


School property is provided through public funds and students should care for this property as if it were their own. The high school building, playing fields, and all of the equipment in/on them will remain a source of pride to the community if each student takes proper care of what the district has provided.

The staff of Glens Falls High School is committed to work with students to demonstrate respect for school property. All forms of thievery, vandalism, or malicious damage to the school or to the property of other students, including
those committed in the name of “tradition” are considered very serious matters.

Students involved in such matters will be subject to:

1. Financial restitution
2. Suspension, and
3. Prosecution under the law
**Parents are reminded that State law makes parents liable for damage done by their child.**


Students caught gambling (betting) in whatever form – flipping, pitching cards, cards, and/or shooting dice, etc. – will
be suspended.

Search and Seizure

School lockers, desks and other such equipment are not the private property of students but the property of the school
district. Students have no reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to these places and school officials retain
complete control over them. This means that student lockers, desks and other school storage places may be subject to
search at any time by school officials, without prior notice to students and without their consent.

Under special circumstances, school officials may search students, particularly if there is reasonable suspicion that a
student possesses illegal matter (for example, a dangerous weapon or illegal drugs). Before searching a student or the
student’s belongings, the authorized school official should attempt to get the student to admit that he or she possesses
physical evidence that they violated the law or the district code, or get the student to voluntarily consent to the search.
Searches will be limited to the extent necessary to locate the evidence sought. Whenever practical, searches will be
conducted in the privacy of administrative offices and students will be present when their possessions are being

Police Involvement in Searches and Interrogations of Students

District officials are committed to cooperating with police officials and other law enforcement authorities to maintain a
safe school environment. Police officials, however, have limited authority to interview or search students in schools or
at school functions, or to use school facilities in connection with police work. Police officials may enter school
property or a school function to question or search a student or to conduct a formal investigation involving students
only if they have:

1. A search or an arrest warrant.
2. Probable cause to believe a crime has been committed on school property or at a school function, or
3. Been invited by school officials.

Before police officials are permitted to question or search any student, the building principal or his or her designee shall
first try to notify the student’s parent to give the parent the opportunity to be present during the police questioning or
search. If the student’s parent cannot be contacted prior to the police questioning or search, the parent shall be
informed of the questioning or search, in writing, by building principal or his or her designee as soon thereafter as
possible. The building principal or his or her designee will be present during any police questioning or search of a
student on school property or at a school function.

Students who are questioned by police officials on school property or at a school function will be afforded the same
rights they have outside the school. This means:

1. They must be informed of their legal rights.
2. They may remain silent if they so desire.
3. They may request the presence of an attorney.