Glens Falls High School is committed to the philosophy that every student should attend every class every day. Regular attendance and promptness are expected in all classes and are essential for student success in school. This philosophy is based on the following beliefs: regular attendance is an important aspect of a student’s education program; the education process requires continuity of instructional and active classroom participation; the maximization of student interaction with his or her teachers and peers occurs through regular attendance, and regular attendance is a major component of academic success.

An absence, tardy, or early departure is considered “excused” if due to illness or death in the family, religious observance, quarantine, court requirements, medical appointments, approved work-study, approved college visits, military obligations, and impassable roads due to inclement weather.

An absence, tardiness, or early departure is considered “unexcused” if the reason for the lack of attendance does not fall into the above categories (e.g. family vacation, hunting, babysitting, hair cut, obtaining learner’s permit, road test, oversleeping etc.)

Any athlete absent for all or part of a school day due to illness is not eligible to practice or play in a scheduled contest that day. Legal excuses, such as doctor and dental appointments are acceptable. However, the excuses will be checked for validity.

School Attendance Procedures

Please telephone the school attendance aide (792-5112) when your son or daughter is absent, stating the reason for the absence. Upon returning to school, a student must present a written note from the parent giving the student’s name, date(s) of absence and specific reason for the absence. (Example: “flu” vs. “sick”) A student who is absent three (3) or more days may be asked to present a doctor’s note.

Parents/Guardians will be notified by telephone when a student is absent, tardy, or departs early without a proper excuse.

All excuses for absences must be written by parents or guardians and signed by them. Students are not authorized to write or sign excuses even with the parents or guardians knowledge or consent. The principal must approve any necessary exception to this rule. Students who do not submit their excuses within ten (10) days following return from their absence may be referred to the assistant principal.

Parents will periodically receive letters indicating the number of unexcused absences their student has incurred throughout the school year.

A parent conference with the administration will occur for students with excessive absences.

Failure to remedy the attendance problem could result in a referral to Child Protective Service for Education Neglect and/or to Warren County Probation for a P.I.N.S Petition.

A student is responsible for making up all work due to an “excused” absence. Students whose absences are considered “unexcused” will not be afforded the opportunity to make up work for credit. Students will receive a grade of “zero” for any graded work missed due to unexcused absence.

Arrival to School (Homeroom)

Students should arrive around 8:15 a.m. and go directly to their lockers in order to prepare for the school day. There will be bells at 8:21 and 8:24 warning students to report to homeroom. All students must report to their assigned homeroom by 8:26 a.m. every day for attendance purposes. Students who arrive at school anytime during the school day after the homeroom period (8:26) must sign in immediately at the attendance office

Students who are in school but fail to report to homeroom or fail to sign in when tardy are considered truant and subject to suspension.

A student must report to the attendance office to: submit an excuse in order to receive a pass for early dismissal (This should be accomplished prior to homeroom). Students without a note requesting early dismissal must report to the attendance office in order that a parent may be contacted.

Lateness to School

Tardiness to school is a home problem. Parents are responsible by law to see that their children are in school “regularly all day, every day” (Compulsory Education Law). Students who have a medical appointment and enter with a written note signed by the by a parent or guardian will not be assigned any consequences.

1. All students must be in their homerooms by 8:26.
2. Students arriving after 8:26 must sign in at the attendance office upon arrival.
3. Failure to sign in immediately at the attendance office when arriving late to school will result in a detention the first time, and additional consequences for subsequent times.
4. Students who arrive after 8:26 four times in a marking period will be referred to the appropriate grade level Assistant Principal.
5. Each subsequent tardy will result in the assignment of detention(s) and/or loss of privileges. These privileges include driving to school, RSP, and co-curricular activities. Tardies will result in the following detentions: 4 tardies = 1 detention, 8 tardies = 2 detentions, 12 tardies = 3 detentions, 16 tardies = 1 day of ALA and possible PINS referral, and 20 tardies = 2 days of ALA.
6. A parent conference with the administration will occur for students with excessive tardiness.
7. Failure to remedy excessive tardiness could result in a referral to Child Protective Service for Education Neglect and/or to Warren County Probation for a P.I.N.S Petition.

**In case of unique or extenuating circumstances, administrators may use discretion in determining appropriate consequences for students who are late to school.**

Course Attendance Policy

Students will attend all assigned classes for the entire time the class is in session. Students will be considered in attendance if the student is physically present in the classroom or working under the directions of the classroom teacher for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Credit for any course is contingent upon A) meeting attendance requirements and B) obtaining a passing grade.

However, students with properly “excused” absences, tardiness and early departure for which the student has performed any assigned make-up work, assignments, and/or tests, shall not be counted as absent for the purposes of determining the student’s eligibility for course credit.

Students who are absent from class due to a school sponsored activity are to arrange with their teachers to make up work missed in a timely manner as determined by the student’s teacher.

Upon returning to school following an “excused” absence, tardiness, or early departure, it shall be the responsibility of the student to consult with his/her teacher(s) regarding arrangements to make up missed work, assignments, and/or test in accordance with the time schedule specified by the teacher.

Appeal Process

Students who have exceeded the number of days per the attendance policy may appeal to the principal on the grounds that there are extenuating circumstances that warrant special consideration. All ruling on such appeals will be communicated to the student, the parent, or guardian. Further appeals may be made to the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.

School Truancy (Full or Partial Day)

The Glens Falls High School has adopted the following policy regarding students who are “truant from school for a full day or partial day”

First Offense

  • A: One day ALA
  • B: Parents Notified

Second Offense

  • A: One to three days of ALA
  • B: Parents notified

Third Offense

  • A: Three to five days of ALA
  • B: Parents Notified
  • C: Parent Conference with administrator

**School truancies that are determined to be an “organized skip day” will result in the assigning of the appropriate consequence from above and loss of privileges such as RSP and school sponsored events.**

Class Tardiness

A student who is tardy to class loses valuable information and disrupts classroom procedure. A student who is late to class or study hall three (3) times without a pass is liable to detention as outlined below. Excessive tardiness will result in suspension.

  • First offense: Verbal reminder from teacher
  • Second offense: Warning from teacher
  • Third offense (and each thereafter): One period of teacher-assigned detention
  • Fourth offense: Referral to assistant principal

Class Truancy

The Glens Falls High School has adopted the following policy regarding students who are “truant from class, study hall or structured programs (assemblies, etc.)”

First Offense

  • A: Detention
  • B: Parents Notified

Second Offense

  • A: One to three days of ALA
  • B: Parents notified
  • C: Student must have a parent conference before being allowed to attend class

Third Offense

  • A: Three to five days of ALA
  • B: Parents Notified
  • C: Parent Conference with administrator

Leaving School Grounds

If the student must be excused for part of the school day, the student must present a written request to the attendance clerk upon arrival to school. The request should specify name, date, time to be excused, destination, and reason for leaving, means of travel from school, and phone number by which the above information may be confirmed (by parent, doctor, dentist, etc.). Parents should make appointments for their daughter/son (if possible) on school holidays or after school hours.

All requests for leaving school grounds must be submitted to the Attendance Office before homeroom.

Before leaving, the student must sign out in the “sign out” book in the Attendance Office. The student must also sign in upon returning.

A student who must leave school because of illness must report to the nurse or an administrator.

Leaving school grounds without permission is truancy. Violation of this will require an appropriate disciplinary action.

Early Dismissal/Late Arrival

Late Arrival / Early Release is a privilege for seniors in good academic standing with study halls at the beginning or end of the day. An application must be filled out, signed by guardian, and approved by an administrator before the student is granted this privilege. Seniors who request late arrival/early release must sign in/out at the Attendance Office on ALL days when arriving or leaving school. Failure to meet these guidelines or maintain acceptable academic and behavioral standing will result in loss of senior privileges.

BOCES Attendance

Students enrolled in Occupational Education classes must attend those classes regularly.

1. For all intents and purposes, BOCES classes are considered an extension of Glens Falls High School Therefore, all rules and regulations applying to Glens Falls High School students while registered, enrolled or attending will be uniformly applicable to all students attending BOCES classes at BOCES.
2. If a student who attends BOCES classes is not attending for a specific day (not to be confused with a full-day absence from school), the following procedure must be followed:
a. Notify the main office in writing one-day in advance, stating the reason. Permission to stay at Glens Falls High School can only be granted by the building principal.
b. Teachers at BOCES have no authority to tell students when or why not to attend Occupational Education classes. The only person who has that authority is the G.F.H.S. building principal. Students must attend all regularly scheduled classes at BOCES unless the G.F.H.S. building principal grants permission to the contrary.

An Occupational Education (Occ.Ed.) student, who attends the half-day home school session but misses the Occ.Ed. class, must bring a note from home stating the reason for the absence and registering it with the main office the day after the absence. A student who attends the AM half-day home school session, who does not attend the assigned PM Occ.Ed. class, must be excused according to “Early Dismissal” procedure. An Occ.Ed. student, who wishes to be excused from the Occ.Ed. class in order to participate in a home school activity, such as an assembly, must have written permission from the Occ.Ed. instructor in advance and present such in the main office before 8:00 a.m. on the day of the absence.

Excessive absence from Occ.Ed. classes will result in being dropped from the program (20 days).
1. If a student misses more than ten (10) days of classes at the BOCES Center, a parent conference may be requested to determine:
a. The reasons for the absences
b. The student’s intentions regarding the program
c. Appropriateness of probationary status in the Occ.Ed. program
d. Conditional terms for the student’s continuation in the program.

Truancy from Occupational Education classes will be dealt with in the same manner as truancy from home school classes.

Student driving to and from BOCES: Glens Falls School District provides transportation to and from BOCES. All students must use the transportation provided by the school. If, due to some extenuating circumstances, a student needs to drive his/her car to and from BOCES, the following procedure must be followed.
1. Permission must be granted by the BOCES administration before permission will be granted by Glens Falls High School for any student to drive to the BOCES campus. The vehicle must be registered with Glens Falls High School and BOCES.
2. The driving student cannot transport any passengers.

**Violation of these procedures will be met with disciplinary action.**

Physical Education Attendance

All students are required by New York State Education Law to take Physical Education every semester each year they are in school unless medically excused. Medically excused students are required to substitute written work in Physical Education in order to earn credit.

Missed P.E. Classes

Missed PE classes must be made up to receive credit for the class missed. If physical education classes are missed for any of the following reasons it can be made up during a study hall, a lunch period, or after school on Tuesdays or Thursdays to receive full credit:

• Scheduled appointment outside of school
• Nurse’s office visit
• Main Office or Counseling Office visit
• Absence from school
• Medical Excuse – short-term or long-term

Medical Excuse Procedure for P.E. Classes

Short-term Medical Excuse – Occasionally it may become necessary to be excused from Physical Education due to an illness or injury. A written statement from a parent/guardian is acceptable for one or two days. The classes missed must be made up within a reasonable amount of time following the return to participation and they preferably should be made up during the same activity unit.

Long-term Medical Excuse – For an extended excuse (more than 2 days missed), a written excuse from a physician is required by State regulations identifying the length of time and any limitations. A form will be faxed to the doctor directly requesting guidance in modifying physical activity to receive credit. The form should be faxed back to the nurse as soon as possible. Arrangements will be made to adapt activity to accommodate the student’s physical capability. If activities cannot be adapted within the unit, an alternative form of active participation will be given. Students must follow-up immediately with the PE teacher regarding how to receive credit for days missed due to the medical note.

Athletes and Physical Education

In-season athletes must change and actively participate in physical education to be eligible to participate in a practice or a game that day. If they have a medical excuse from P.E. class, they are not eligible to participate in practices or games until they are no longer on the P.E. medical.