General Information


Occasionally professional performers, student groups from other schools, or our students present assembly programs. Assemblies are an important part of the educational program. Performers at our school are guest and should be treated with respect. Talking and misconduct is rude during a performance. All students (except those in regular attendance at BOCES) are expected to attend. Students who need to be excused must follow the “Early Dismissal Requests” procedure. Parents are asked not to provide excuses for their children to leave and miss assemblies unless absolutely necessary.

Conferences with Teachers, Counselors, Etc.

Teachers are available for conferences with parents generally before and after school. Parents may make appointments by calling the Counseling Center secretary (792-8654). Counselors are available for conferences during the school day; appointments may be made by calling the guidance secretary.

The administration or guidance counselors may call conferences at any time regarding academic or disciplinary reasons. These conferences may include some or all of the following: parent(s), student, teacher, counselor, administrator, and other staff member.


Student records will be maintained by the school district for use by appropriate district personnel in developing the best possible educational program for each student.

Parents or legal guardians of students under eighteen (18) years of age are entitled to inspect the student’s cumulative record.

Access to permanent student records is available to authorized school personnel and to the student’s parents or legal guardians in consultation with school officials.

The parent is afforded the opportunity through a hearing to challenge the accuracy content of the student’s records. A student over the age of 18 is given these same rights as the parents.


School affiliated organizations and each class in grades 9-12 may sponsor dances. Dances at Glens Falls High School are restricted to Glens Falls students and their guests (invited guests must be students enrolled in an area high school. Each student may bring one guest and will need to fill out a guest form for approval. No students below grade 9 may attend a high school dance; conversely, no high school students may attend dances at the Middle School.

All dance requests must be made to the administration by the sponsoring organization at least two weeks before the intended date for the dance. No dances will be scheduled without the approval of the administration.

The following will be in effect at dances held at Glens Falls High School:

1. Once you have entered the building, you must stay. Students who leave will not be re-admitted.
2. Doors will be locked forty-five minutes after the dance begins. No one will be admitted after that time. Permission to arrive after the closing time needs to be arranged in advance with an administrator.
3. Students who give the impression that they have been drinking or using drugs will be subject to an alco-sensor. If they are under the influence of alcohol or suspected to be under the influence of a drug their parents and/or the police will be notified.
4. Possession of alcohol and/or drugs will result in disciplinary action according to district drug/alcohol policies.
5. The use of tobacco products is not allowed at school dances.


Dismissal – Daily and Early

Regular dismissal time for all students attending Glens Falls High School is 2:22 p.m. Those students not participating in supervised activities or assigned detention are expected to leave shortly thereafter. Students wandering about the building unsupervised after 2:30 p.m. may be subject to disciplinary action.

Students wishing to be dismissed before the end of the normal school day in order to work must apply for this privilege. Work release forms are available in the main office.

Students who receive early dismissal passes must leave the school grounds. Failure to do so will result in revocation of the privilege.

Emergency Drills

By law, certain drills must be held periodically during the school year. Among these are bus emergency drills, fire drills and civil defense drills. These are all serious and important practices for handling grave emergencies. They must be taken in this spirit, and your total cooperation is expected. At all times, once a drill is signaled, you must become and remain alert to directions until the drill is completed. This requirement will receive the strictest enforcement. Specific instructions as how to proceed during the various drills will be given at the appropriate times early in the school year.

Emergency Drills

The fire alarm is a horn that is different from the usual class signal. When it sounds, students will move at a rapid walk to the exit designated for each room. This information is posted in each classroom.

Students should remain in class groups so that the teacher may call roll to insure that everyone has left the building. At the close of the drill, a class passing signal will be sounded and all students will proceed back to class.

Electronic Devices

The use of any electronic device in the building during school hours is as follows:

1. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICE ZONE in the locker rooms and bathrooms.
2. Students may utilize their electronic devices before the start of homeroom, between classes, and during their assigned lunch. This does not include restroom breaks or any other reason when outside the assigned class.
3. Students can only utilize their electronic devices for texting, viewing school appropriate web pages, listening to music, or checking email.
4. Teachers, administration, and other school personnel need to be able to communicate to all students during the school day. Therefore, music must be played with headphones at an acceptable level that is not audible to others.
5. All electronic devices must be on silent mode and out of sight inside the classroom unless permitted by your teacher for educational purposes.
6. Students cannot take pictures, video, or audio with their electronic devices at any time during the school day or while on school property unless directed by a teacher for educational purposes.
7. Students may not use their cell phones to make phone calls during the school day. They must report to the Assistant Principal’s Office to use the phone.
8. In an emergency situation, a student should only contact emergency personnel in a safe location. Students should not contact friends or family in an emergency situation because it can delay emergency responders.
9. Parents/guardians should continue to contact the main office if they wish to contact their student in school.
10. Electronic devices will be confiscated if a student is using them inappropriately, without permission, or if the device disrupts class. Refusal to surrender the device will result in additional disciplinary consequences.
11. Students will lose electronic device privileges with repeated technology violations or not meeting academic/behavior standards.

Note the following discipline policy regarding electronic devices:

  • 1st Offense – confiscate device, pick up device at the end of the day, warning
  • 2nd Offense – confiscate device, parent to pick up device, one detention
  • 3rd Offense – confiscate device, parent to pick up device, two detentions
  • 4th Offense – confiscate device, parent to pick up device, three detentions
  • 5th Offense – confiscate device, parent to pick up device, one day ALA
  • Continued violation of this policy will result in progressive disciplinary measures.
  • Refusal to turn over device is considered insubordination and the student will be assigned one day of ALA.

Food and Drink

All food and drink during the school day is to be consumed in the cafeteria. No food or drink is to be consumed in the halls unless authorized by the administration. Students with administrative permission to eat in classes may be restricted as to the type of food permitted. Water is allowed in classes at with permission of the classroom teacher.

Health Office

If you become ill or injured, in school you must report to the school Health Office.

In addition to giving first aid and assisting students who have accidents or are ill during school hours, the nurse is available to advise students regarding problems, health and hygiene. The nurse also maintains the students’ health records and is responsible to see that all required medical examinations and inoculations are up-to-date.

Students are not allowed to call home and ask the parent or guardian to come to get them because they are sick. If a student is sick the student must report to the nurse, and she will determine their condition. If the student is to go home, the nurse will contact the parent(s), make any necessary arrangements, notify the main office/attendance office, and sign the student out of school. Violation of this procedure will be met with appropriate disciplinary action.

Report athletic injuries to your coach and nurse. Because of insurance requirements, report these matters promptly.

By New York State regulation, the nurse is prohibited from dispensing any medication, including aspirin, and may not administer any medical treatment other than first aid and treatment of minor cuts and burns classified as first aid. Second dressings to out-of-school treated wounds cannot be applied. If your problem is more than minor, appropriate arrangements will be made for you, and your home will be notified.

All prescription medicines should be deposited with the nurse each morning for safekeeping. The nurse will issue a request slip for the time the student needs to take the medication, and this should be done only at the health office. This procedure minimizes the chance these drugs will fall into the wrong hands and be abused and insures that the drugs will be administered as prescribed.

You should be sure the school nurse has the telephone number at which your parent(s) or guardian can be reached. If your parent or guardian plans a trip, be sure they designate, in writing to the school nurse, the person to whom they delegate authority to authorize medical treatment for you in an emergency.

Remember – that for your own protection it is always best when in doubt to report your illness or injury to the health office. This is especially true in the case of an accident that must be reported at the time of the occurrence for insurance purposes.


Lavatories are intended for appropriate needs between classes, before homeroom and before lunch. They should not be used as a place to socialize or “hang out.”

Library/Media Center

The Library is open at 7:30 a.m. and after school until 3:00 p.m. for teacher and student use. Students often spend lunchtime in the library to complete work but are told to arrive in the library at the beginning of the period and passes will be given to leave for the cafeteria as they complete their work.

Students may come to the library any time during the day for reading material, research, word processing, or quiet study. Students are sent from classes and 4 per study hall with handbook passes. RSP students may enter without passes, but must arrive on time and stay until the end of the period unless given a pass to go elsewhere. Being in the library is a privilege that may be removed if the student has overdue materials or at the discretion of the librarian for discipline reasons.

Classes planned and scheduled with the librarian are given priority seating on computers. Students may sit and work among a class but should not disturb the class in any manner.

Library computers are provided for doing schoolwork only, and are not to be used for entertainment purposes. Printing from computers is allowed with permission from the teacher of the class or the librarian.

The library maintains a collection of 20,000 print volumes and an array of databases providing book, periodical, newspaper, TV, radio transcripts, and multimedia audio/video resources. The librarian for both school and remote home use gives passwords for databases to all patrons. Many databases are subject specific. Since these are constantly changing, it is recommended that teachers and students check with the librarian for the latest and best resources for particular subject search.

All book material must be signed out at the main desk. Homeroom teachers are given overdue notices and are to be distributed to students in homeroom.

Lost and Found

Most of the instructional material, including textbooks, is furnished free of charge to you. It is your task to care for these materials and return them at the proper time. You will have the responsibility to pay for lost, stolen, or damaged school property. This applies also to school facilities, such as your lockers. Report cards, grades, transcripts, diplomas, etc.; of those students with unsettled financial obligations will be withheld.

Lunch Program

The lunch program is a time of day that should offer each student a period of rest and relaxation as well as a time to be with friends and meet new students. All students are scheduled for lunch in one of four 40-minute periods. In attempting to make lunches as enjoyable as possible without interfering with other classes, the following rules will apply:

1. Students are to arrive to the cafeteria on time, as is the case for class periods.
2. Students are to remain in the cafeteria for the assigned lunch period only.
3. Students are not permitted to go to their lockers, to the telephone, or to the school store; they may be permitted to go to the Counseling Center with a pre-signed pass and to the Main Office.
4. When going through the serving line, please pass as quickly and quietly as possible.
5. Place food and other debris in the proper containers.
6. Students are to leave the cafeteria immediately at the end of their lunch period.
7. Writing on or defacing tables and benches will be considered vandalism.
8. Do not holler and shout, but visit in conversational tones, and refrain from using offensive, obscene language.
9. All drinks and food, must be consumed in the cafeteria.
10. A student who believes that he/she qualifies for “free or reduced” lunches should pick up an application in the principal’s office.
11. Students are encouraged to use the restrooms during either the passing period before or following lunch period. Students are to use the restrooms on the first floor by room 118 only. Only in cases of emergency will students be excused to the Health Office.
12. Students attending BOCES classes are to remain in the cafeteria until the appropriate time to exit at the rear exit and board the bus.

**Cafeteria misconduct may result in the loss of cafeteria privileges**

Make-Up Work

When legally absent from class or school, a student is allowed 2 days’ make-up time for every day legally absent, up to a maximum of two (2) weeks. It will be the student’s responsibility to arrange with the teacher(s) to make up the work.

Students excused from regularly scheduled class(es) to participate in school activities (athletic events, music programs, awards presentations, play presentations, field trips, etc.) will not be penalized academically and will be given the opportunity to make up their work. It is suggested that these students obtain their assignments in advance. Students are responsible for material covered during that particular absence. Any written or oral assignments are due no later than two (2) days after the legal absence.

Music Lessons

Students scheduled for sectionals must first report to their class or study hall for attendance to be taken and then proceed to their lesson. Students will be responsible for all missed class work. If they miss a quiz or exam, they must arrange with the teacher for a make-up date. These arrangements will be made the same day the exam is given.

On occasion, it may be necessary for a student to miss a lesson due to a lab exercise. In this case, the teacher will provide the student with a pass verifying that a lab could not be made up at another time, which the student will leave with the appropriate music teacher.

Cutting of a music lesson will be treated in the same manner as the cutting of a class.

National Honor Society

Membership in the National Honor Society is an honor bestowed upon a student by the faculty selection committee. It is in recognition of all that the student represents in terms of scholarship, leadership, service and character. It is bestowed on students who have met the rigid criteria set forth by the National Council of the National Honor Society.

In order to be eligible, you must first qualify scholastically by having a cumulative average of 3.5 or better.

In addition, a student must excel in the areas of leadership, service, and character. The faculty selection committee will review these areas.

If you wish to be considered, see your guidance counselor for further details.

The GPA of all Honor Society members will be reviewed quarterly. Anyone under the required 3.5 will be temporarily dismissed from the organization for one quarter (10 weeks). Grounds for a one-quarter dismissal also include documented plagiarism and other violations of any clauses used for induction. Out-of-school-suspension may result in an immediate one-year dismissal from the Society. Anyone in either situation will be notified in writing. Anyone in either situation may appeal his or her dismissal in writing. A committee of two chapter members, two faculty members and the principal will consider the appeal, and a decision will be made. (An appeal must be made in writing to the chapter advisor within ten (10) days of the dismissal.) During the dismissal period, students should not use NHS membership on college applications, job applications, etc.

Student Government

The Student Council represents the entire student body through its elected officers and homeroom representatives. The Student Council attempts to provide the students with a voice in the democratic processes of our school and our society by working closely with the Student Council Advisor and the school administration. Students are encouraged to become involved in the student government.

Study Halls

The main purpose of study halls is to give pupils the opportunity to do homework, go to the library, be with another teacher, and/or do co-curricular activities.

Students are not permitted to leave study hall to see a teacher without a pre-signed pass from the faculty member or a direct telephone request. Special passes will be issued to allow students to report to the main office, guidance office, health office or any other designated area.
Study halls should be quiet in order to enable students to study. Card playing or other games will not be allowed. The use of cell phones, radios, iPods, mp3 players, CD players or other such items are not allowed in study hall.


The office telephones are for school business and may be used by students with permission of the secretary to the principal.


Textbooks are loaned to the students by the school.

Teachers determine the condition of the textbook before assigning it to the student. Should the book show more than a typical year’s normal use, you will be charged a fee accordingly. If you have written in the book so that it cannot be assigned to another student the following year, you will have to pay for the book. The student to whom the book was issued is responsible for it whether or not that student misused it or wrote in it or someone else did the damage. You must take care of your textbooks. Students deliberately misusing a textbook will be dealt with as vandals.

All textbooks are the property of the Board of Education and are loaned to students for use throughout the year. A record including the number and condition of each book that is issued at the beginning of the year is maintained by the school.

A student will be expected to pay the cost of replacing a lost or damaged book issued to him or her. Lost or damage books should be reported immediately to the teacher who issued the book. The teacher will notify the student of the charges and arrange for the issuing of another book. Some classes may require the student to purchase workbooks or other material(s).

Vehicles and Parking

There is a 2-hour limit for parking on city streets.

The church parking lot is for student parking. Limited spaces will be assigned by lottery. Seniors will be given first consideration followed by juniors and sophomores. Parking stickers will be issued and are non-transferable. Parking stickers may only be used on cars registered to the student or the student’s family.

**Students who violate proper parking regulations will be issued a warning. A second offense may result in loss of parking privileges and removal of the vehicle**

Driving or Parking on School Property

Only legally licensed and registered (with the school) motor vehicles may be driven and parked on school property.

The speed limit on school grounds is 5 MPH and must be observed at all times.

Upon arrival at school, lock the car and enter the school. Do not sit in cars or loiter in the parking lot. Do not return to your car until you are ready to leave for the day.

Pupils will be permitted to leave school grounds only at authorized times.


Board of Education policy requires that “whenever schools are in session, all parents and visitors must report to the building’s main office.” All visitors must sign the “Sign-In Book” located in the Main Office.

Student Visitors

Students from local high schools may not visit Glens Falls High School unless they are part of a formal student exchange program organized by school officials. Students from out-of-area high schools, who are guests of a Glens Falls High School student, may visit classes for only one day. The student host must obtain permission for the visit from the principal or assistant principal at least one day in advance of the visit. Consideration will be given to former students and relatives of current Glens Falls High School students. Each request will be considered on its own merits.

Parent Visitors

Parents are invited to the school at any time. Please check into the main office if visiting during the school day. Many have found it interesting and helpful to visit the school during Open House, assembly programs, or athletic events, scheduling time, PTSA programs, meetings with counselors and teachers, and for public performance of music and drama groups.


Each student will find a monthly allotment of passes in their passbook.

These passes are to be used to go to the lavatory, locker, and the nurse. Pre-signed passes are to be signed before students arrive to their study hall.

Students must request permission to use these passes. Once all passes are used, the student may no longer request permission to leave class during that month.

Teachers have the right to deny the use of these passes if they feel it is not appropriate for the student to leave class.