Reporting Violations

All students are expected to promptly report violations of the Code of Conduct to a teacher, the building principal or his designee.  Any student observing another student possessing a weapon, alcohol or illegal substance on the school property or at a school function shall report this information immediately to a staff member.

All district staff that are authorized to impose disciplinary sanctions are expected to do so in a prompt, fair and lawful manner.  District staff that are not authorized to impose disciplinary sanction shall refer the matter to the appropriate staff member.

Any weapon, alcohol or illegal substance found shall be confiscated immediately, the appropriate staff member and the parent of the student involved will be notified and the appropriate disciplinary sanction if warranted, which may include permanent suspension and referral for prosecution.

The building principal or his designee must notify the appropriate local law enforcement agency for those code violations that constitute a crime and substantially affect the order or security of a school as soon as practical, but in no event later than the close of business the day the principal or his/her designee learns of the violation.