Smoking and Tobacco

In conforming to State law which prohibits sale of tobacco to minors and with the recommendation of physicians that smoking is injurious to health, smoking or possession of tobacco products (including lighters and vaping devices) by students is prohibited by Board policy.

Smoking, herein defined as any use of tobacco (which includes smokeless tobacco) within any building(s) or on any premises of Glens Falls School District, or while riding on any conveyance owned or operated by Glens Falls School District, or at any activities at which the Board of Education has assumed or retained supervisory responsibility, is hereby prohibited.

Any student found to be in possession of tobacco products will be subject to out of school suspension for three (3) days.  In addition, students who are in close proximity to smokers, “watching out” for them, or in other manner aiding the violation, will have to share in any resulting disciplinary actions.