Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy

The Internet is a global network, connecting computers all over the world in order to exchange text, graphics, sound, and video.  Internet access is provided for educational uses only, and will be used for activities that support the educational objectives of the Glens Falls City School District.  As a learning resource, the Internet is similar to books, magazines, videos, and other information sources.  Students use the Internet to participate in distance learning activities and to locate material to meet their educational needs.

School library media specialists and teachers work together with students to develop the intellectual skills needed:

  • to identify appropriate information
  • to evaluate the credibility of the information

Parents with questions or comments should contact Mrs. Myers at the GFMS at 793-3418.

Policy Provisions

In exchange for participation, parents and students must agree to the following:

  1. The use of our computer network is a privilege, which may be revoked by the administration of the system at any time for abusive conduct.
  2. Network use should only be used to support the educational goals and objectives of our district.
  3. The district has the right to monitor network activity in any form that it sees fit to maintain the integrity of the network.
  4. Students will not be allowed to transfer data between home and school by diskette.
  5. Students and parents have the responsibility to report misuse of the network to the GFMS.
  6. As a network user I agree not to:
  • attempt to gain access to sites, email addresses, accounts or files that I am not allowed to access
  • install, alter, or damage any computer software or hardware that is on the network
  • bring food or beverage near any network computer
  • destroy the data of another user
  • post chain letters or send offensive e-mail
  • use the ideas or copyrights of others and present it as my own work
  • anything else that a teacher believes is neither responsible nor appropriate behavior

Consequences of violations may include but are not limited to:

  • suspension or revocation of Internet access
  • suspension or revocation of network privileges
  • suspension or revocation of computer access
  • school suspension
  • monetary responsibility for damages to equipment or software
  • legal action and prosecution by the authorities.