Attendance Policy

Regular attendance in school is required by law.

Perfect Attendance

Each June, students with perfect attendance are given an award.  To receive this award you must attend school each day and be on time.  Religious observations, legal matters and appointments with doctors and dentists during school hours will not hurt a perfect attendance record when the student brings in a written note from a parent or guardian.


If a student is absent from school, the parent or guardian should call the Attendance Clerk at 832-4531 to explain the absence.  When a student returns to school, he/she is required to bring a written excuse from home to the attendance office.  Legal reasons for being excused from school are: illness, legal or court action, doctor’s appointment, or religious observance.  All other absences are considered unexcused.  Visiting, hunting, vacationing, working and babysitting are examples of unexcused absences.  Absences without a written excuse from a parent or guardian shall be deemed unexcused absences.  Each day, attendance will be taken on a period by period basis.  Parents/guardians will be notified if a student is illegally absent.  If absences are chronic and no medical documentation is provided, then a physician’s note can be requested. Chronic attendance problems could result in formal notification to Warren County Social Services and/or Probation Department.


Attendance is taken in advocacy at 8:28 am.  Students arriving after 8:28 are required to report to the attendance clerk to get a pass to enter class.  A written note from home is always needed to explain tardiness.  Legal excuses for tardiness are the same as legal excuses for excused absences.  A 6th-8th grade student who has four or more unexcused days of tardiness in a semester will be assigned detention.  Second semester (February through June) represents a fresh start.  Chronic tardiness could result in formal notification to Warren County Social Services Department and/or Probation Department.

Excused During the School Day

Students who must be excused during the school day should bring a note from home to the attendance clerk.  Notes should be given to the attendance clerk after reporting to advocacy.  Parents need to report into the school building to sign their child out.  If the child needs to walk home at an intended time, permission needs to be given by the parent.  When the student returns to school, he/she must report to the attendance clerk to be readmitted.

Late For Class

A student who is late to class should have a pass from the teacher of the previous class if he/she was detained by the teacher.  If no pass is provided then the student will be required to stay on a Tuesday or Thursday with the receiving teacher to make up the time they missed with that teacher.  No late passes are issued in the main office or health office.  Persistent lateness will result in a disciplinary consequence.


A student who is absent from school without parent or guardian knowledge is truant.  Truancy results in one day of In-School Suspension for each occurrence.  Skipping school, leaving the building without permission and being in the high school building without permission or authorization are three common examples of truancy.  Consequences will increase with persistent truancy.

Skipping Class

A student who skips a class must make up that class with his/her teacher on a Tuesday or Thursday and will be assigned detention.