Cheating Policy

Cheating is defined as using someone else’s work or answers (on daily work, projects, or tests) rather than your own.  This may include, but is not limited to, illegally copying, sending or distributing any copyrighted material or software, or plagiarizing any published work.  Both the person copying answers and the person supplying answers will be considered as having cheated on work.

  1. All work will be collected and both parties will receive zeros on work, including tests.
  2. Parents will be notified of the cheating incident by the classroom teacher.
  3. Excessive incidents of cheating will result in an administrative referral.

Drug (Controlled Substance) and Alcohol Policy

Any student apprehended in school* with drugs, drug paraphernalia (i.e., including but not limited to bongs, pipes, clips, syringes, etc.), or alcohol in his/her possession, or who is involved in the control, transportation, abandonment, or sale of drugs, drug paraphernalia, or alcohol, or who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, will be subject to the following disciplinary measures:

A student who violates the above policy regarding alcohol will:

  1. Will be immediately suspended from school for five days and will be banned from all extracurricular activities. See Interscholastic Athletic Guide.
  2. The parents will be notified to come and remove the student from school.
  3. Will be referred for a drug/alcohol evaluation.
  4. The principal will contact the Superintendent of Schools if further disciplinary action is warranted.

A student who violates the above policy regarding illegal drugs will:

  1. Have his/her parents called to come to school immediately.
  2. Be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
  3. Have five days suspension from school and a Superintendent’s Hearing.
  4. Be required to participate in three (3) educational sessions with a social worker evaluation.

If medication is necessary during school hours, it must be placed in the Health Office, labeled, accompanied by physician’s order and a parental permission note.  This applies to both prescription and non-prescription drugs.

The Board of Education prohibits misusing any non-controlled substances for achieving an intoxicating or narcotic effect in themselves or others in school.  Students violating this policy will be suspended.

*In school is defined as: within any building(s) of or on any premises of Glens Falls City School District, or at any activities at which the Board of Education has assumed or retained supervisory responsibility.


Students participating in gambling (betting) in whatever form will be suspended.

Profanity and Swearing

The use of profanity directly to a staff member or in an unreasonable manner by students is absolutely prohibited in school, on school grounds, or in school vehicles.  Students involved in this kind of behavior will be suspended from school.

Search and Seizure

School lockers, desks and other such equipment are not the private property of students but the property of the school district.  Students have no reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to these places, and school officials retain complete control over them.  This means that student lockers, desks and other school storage places may be subject to search at any time by school officials, without prior notice to students and without their consent.

Under special circumstances, school officials may search students, particularly if there is reasonable suspicion that a student possesses illegal matter (for example, a dangerous weapon or illegal drugs).  Before searching a student or the student’s belongings, the authorized school official should attempt to get the student to admit that he or she possesses physical evidence that they violated the law or the district code, or get the student to voluntarily consent to the search.  Searches will be limited to the extent necessary to locate the evidence sought.  Whenever practicable, searches will be conducted in the privacy of administrative offices and the students will be present when their possessions are being searched.

Home Visits

Home visits may be done to follow up on attendance or discipline issues.

Police Involvement in Searches and Interrogations of Students

District officials are committed to cooperating with police officials and other law enforcement authorities to maintain a safe school environment.  Police officials, however, have limited authority to interview or search students in schools or at school functions, or to use school facilities in connection with police work.  Police officials may enter school property or a school function to question or search a student or to conduct a formal investigation involving students only if they have:

  1. A search or an arrest warrant.
  2. Probable cause to believe a crime has been committed on school property or at a school function.
  3. Been invited by school officials.

Before police officials are permitted to question or search any student, the building principal or his or her designee shall first try to notify the student’s parent to give the parent the opportunity to be present during the police questioning or search.  If the student’s parent cannot be contacted prior to the police questioning or search, the parent shall be informed of the questioning or search, in writing, by the building principal or his or her designee as soon thereafter as possible.  The building principal or his or her designee will be present during any police questioning or search of a student on school property or at a school function.

Students who are questioned by police officials on school property or at a school function will be afforded the same rights they have outside the school.  This means:

  1. They must be informed of their legal rights.
  2. They may remain silent if they so desire.
  3. They may request the presence of an attorney.