Students Nominated for VIP Awards

Glens Falls VIP AwardsMore than 100 Glens Falls High School students have been nominated for a VIP Award for putting at least one of the school’s core values into action.

Values include:

  • Positivity (optimism, the student views challenges as opportunities for growth)
  • Kindness (the student is friendly and generous, the student builds others up)
  • Perseverance (persistence, the student doesn’t give up easily or may be making hard-fought improvements)
  • Love of Learning (the student is curious and has a thirst for deeper understanding)
  • GF Nation Spirit (the student demonstrates leadership and respect, donates time and energy to the community)

Each student who received a nomination was given a certificate and given the opportunity to participate in a make your own ice cream sundae event. Here are this fall’s winners:

Abbey O’Hara Love of Learning Abbey demonstrates a clear interest in learning. Through classroom discussions and her work, Abbey displays critical thought, academic curiosity, and a desire to improve. Thank you! Mr. Shaver
Adrian Millett Positivity Adrian, you are such a strong positive influence in our math classroom. You work hard to solve problems and are always willing to share your thoughts and strategies. Keep up the great attitude! Ms. McLeod and Mr. Meunier
Adrianna Riley Perseverance Adrianna works so hard and doesn’t give up, even when times are tough! Keep up the great work! Ms. Caffarel
Aidan Groesbeck Perseverance Aidan, you are working so hard in math class. Even though it is tough sometimes, you should know that you are making great progress. Please keep it up! Mr. Meunier and Ms. McLeod
Aiden Ellis Love of Learning Aiden is always participating in class. Mr. Allen
Perseverance Aiden always works hard and makes sure he doesn’t fall behind. He comes in after school to get help and won’t stop until all his work is complete and understands the topic. Mr. Miller
Alec Aleva Positivity Alec always brings positive energy to any classroom. This year, it comes with an extra maturity and focus! Ms. Leyden
Alexandra Dick Perseverance Allie strives to do her best at all times in U.S. History Mr. Hoyne
Allie Mija Positivity Allie expresses a wonderful sense of positivity and good cheer every day! Her smile and humor are very much welcome and appreciated in a class that is often filled with negativity and vex. Thank you!!!

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too.”- Ann Frank

Mr. Shaver
Amanda Maurer GF Nation Spirit Amanda advocated for positive changes in the scheduling of music classes next year, despite graduating in 2023. Thank you! Mr. Bouteiller
Kindness Many times this year, Amanda has helped struggling students in our class. She is kind, patient, and is a true role model to those around her! Mr. Heames & Mrs. Bombard
Americus Frederick Perseverance Americus always works hard to stand for justice for everyone. Ms. Gormley
Andrew Crandall Positivity Andrew is always smiling and positive in and out of the classroom! Mrs. Dunleavy
Anya Shafer Kindness Anya always has a smile on her face. She includes others and is always willing to help others. Mrs. Miller
Aurora Livingston Kindness Aurora is always kind and generous with her time helping others, as well as myself! Mr. Butto
Avi Berg Perseverance Avi is recognized for developing an outstanding Government Supreme Court project! Ms. Gormley
Bella Feliciano Love of Learning Bella always works very hard and has a positive, upbeat energy! Mr. Amberger
Ben Heyman Love of Learning Thank you, Ben, for your curiosity in class! Ms. Gormley
Brandon Dick Perseverance Brandon has worked super hard this year! He puts in his best effort on a daily basis. Mr. Dock
Brooke McFarren Perseverance Brooke works incredibly hard, is extremely helpful, and always kind. Mrs. Anderson
Caleb Burbo Love of Learning Caleb finished all of his work for the quarter and enthusiastically continued on with much more difficult lessons. Mr. Leininger and Mr. Meunier
  Kindness I would like to recognize Caleb for his positive and friendly approach to class work, art, and people. Although I’m not sure if art is his favorite subject, he works with a positive attitude. He is helpful to the people around him in class and is willing to put in extra effort to help in the classroom. Ms. Botch
Cameron Birkheimer Perseverance Cameron has shown a true ability to persevere when challenging situations arise. He has made some improvements this year and I’m hopeful that he will continue on this path. Mr. Akins
Cameron Hamell Perseverance “There is no place for fear and music in the same room.” – Dr. Cynthia Johnston-Turner
Cam is working HARD and doing great!
Mrs. Reed
Caroline Lieberth Perseverance Caroline doesn’t give up and keeps pushing herself, even when times are tough. Also, she is so kind, positive, and hard working. Keep up the great work, Caroline! Ms. Caffarel
Charleigh Morrison Positivity Charleigh has demonstrated a wonderful sense of positivity and grace in class. Her friendly demeanor and curious approach to learning benefits her and others around her. “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou Mr. Shaver
Charlotte Hosler Perseverance Charlotte works very hard in class and is making improvements! Mrs. Rayno
  Perseverance Charlotte works very hard and always tries her best! She makes great contributions to class discussions! Mrs. Wever
Charlotte MacPherson GF Nation Spirit Charlotte, when I think of someone who exemplifies all the qualities of a leader and the GF Nation spirit itself, I immediately think of you. Your constant stream of empathy and respect towards others, strong vigor and personal expectations within your art portfolio, and time dedicated to the community does not go unnoticed. You are an inspiration and positive example to those around you and I couldn’t be more proud! Mx. Kent
Charlotte Van Aken Kindness Despite only being in this district for a few months, you’ve already made a huge impression in terms of giving respect, kindness, and love towards others. No matter what you’re going through personally, you keep your head held high and spread positivity and empathy whenever you can – which is an incredible life skill! Mx. Kent
Chloe Wright Positivity Chloe demonstrates a general positivity and a love of learning that is of great benefit to her and her classmates. It’s a pleasure to have her in class!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

Mr. Shaver
Cira Sherman Kindness Your kindness, good humor, and friendliness positively impact those around you! Mrs. Tobias
Claire Fisher Kindness We appreciate Claire’s kindness in our classroom. She lifts others up by her kindness and positivity. She is always willing to help her classmates and teachers, and is a natural leader in our classroom. Ms. Matino and Ms. Lopez
Cohen Hanley Positivity Cohen has a very positive attitude towards learning and towards others in class! Mrs. Wever
Cole Bennett GF Nation Spirit Cole is a leader in school and in athletics. As a captain of the varsity football team, he consistently shows his dedication to the school, his teammates, and to his coaches. He sets a positive example for all. Coach Conduzio
Colin Woodell
Kindness Collin is a positive asset to any group he is a part of! Mrs. Anderson
Connor Chance Positivity The transition from middle to high school was a challenge Connor enthusiastically viewed as an opportunity for learning and growth. He deserves recognition for bravely seeking new experiences and personal connections with a contagious smile! Ms. Bell
Corey Smith Love of Learning Corey has done a fantastic job in Global so far this year! Corey is a very hard worker and has a great depth of knowledge! Mr. Dock
Daniel Caminero Perseverance Despite English being Daniel’s second language, he strives to always excel. Mr. Hoyne
Dom Sherman Kindness Dom is recognized for his friendly attitude in homeroom everyday! Ms. Gormley
  Positivity Dom, you are such a strong participant in our math class. You are usually smiling, eager to share your thoughts, and enjoy helping others. You contribute so much to our classroom environment. Thank you! Ms. McLeod and Mr. Meunier
Emma Harten Love of Learning Emma regularly exceeds expectations and puts an incredible amount of effort into everything she does. Mrs. Anderson
Frances McTiernan Love of Learning Frances always works hard and does an overall great job! Mr. Amberger
Gabe Manney Perseverance Gabe puts in extra time on his own to keep up with owed work. He has improved a lot. Mr. Sesselman
Gianna Endieveri Love of Learning Gianna is always focused. She produces great work and always wants to better herself. Mr. Amberger
  Positivity Gianna always has a kind word and a positive contribution to make in class! Her bright spirit lights up the classroom! Mrs. Wever
Holly Walton Perseverance I would like to recognize Holly for her continued effort to finish work outside of class. Holly creates art that she loves and not what is easy or most comfortable. This dedication is apparent to myself and her classmates as she continues to spend time outside of class to master her skills. Susan Botch
Imani Chandler Kindness Imani makes those around her better through her kindness and empathy. She’s hard-working, intelligent, and knows how to support herself and others. Mr. Akins
Isabella McMahon Love of Learning Thank you Bella for your maturity and complete cooperation! Yvonne Anderson
Isaiah Scully Perseverance Your attitude towards school and math class has improved hugely since last year. Thank you for working hard each day and for rebounding so quickly when you have setbacks. Keep it up, Isaiah! Mr. Meunier and Mr. Leininger
Jack Sweet GF Nation Spirit Thank you Jack for your class participation, Pennies for Pink, and your leadership with the mock trial team! Ms. Gormley
Jacob Dufault Positivity In just the span of three months, you’ve proven to be a positive beam of light in whatever space you’re in. Whether it’s in class or during our after-school club, you radiate maturity, optimism, and kindness in how you treat others and yourself. I’m already so proud of the person you’re blossoming into! Mx. Kent
Jakob Pregent Kindness He always is helping out students when they need something. If he doesn’t know how, he will help them try to figure it out. He boosts people up and always very positive. Mrs Harrington
  Positivity Your positive energy is infectious, and I also appreciate the relentless optimism you’ve demonstrated as a fellow member of the Bills Mafia. Go Bills! Mrs. Tobias
  Love of Learning Thank you, Jakob, for your insightful comments in class! Ms. Gormley
Jared Hance GF Nation Spirit Jared is the ultimate team player. He is always the first one to help out others and expects nothing in return. Jared is extremely coachable, loves to play football, and helps lead his teammates with his competitive and focused play. Coach Conduzio
  Kindness Jared goes out of his way to include others. He is friendly, generous with his time, and helpful to peers and underclassmen alike. Mrs. Gray
Jayden Scully GF Nation Spirit Hands down, the best dressed student on every sprit day so far this year! Mr. Dock
Jill Brown Perseverance Jill has made steady progress during each year of high school. Through hard work and dedication, Jill has distinguished herself as a truly special student. Mr. Akins
Jilliann Malek Love of Learning Thank you, Jilliann, for your maturity and complete cooperation! Yvonne Anderson
Joanie Polhemus Love of Learning Whatever Joanie chooses to work on, she will succeed. She shows this all the time in our Chorus rehearsals. Mrs. Reed
Joe Frankenfeld GF Nation Spirit Joe’s “Fun Fact of the Day” may have started off as a joke for his own peers, but it has become something that all of my middle schoolers look forward to reading on my board! I appreciate him taking the initiative to do this.
(I also appreciate learning that pigs can’t look upwards while standing.)
Ms. Leyden
Jonah Wright Perseverance You seem to be managing your classes better this year, and those improvements typically don’t come easy. Good job, keep it up! Mrs. Tobias
Julian Stedman Positivity I would like to recognize Julian for his positive acceptance of this course. It was not his first choice, but he has been open to learning a completely new way of making art. Julian has shown that the artist within can be applied to any medium. Susan Botch
Kahli Sirmans Perseverance Kahli is a new student. He has been working hard to adjust to a new school and make friends. He has improved his attendance and has a great attitude! Mrs. Cerny
Kellen Burns Perseverance Kellen doesn’t give up or quit. He works until he has everything that needs to be completed and finished. Mr. Miller
Kendall Gross Love of Learning Kendall is recognized for her outstanding essay submissions! Ms. Gormley
Lauren Weil Love of Learning Lauren always puts in amazing effort! Mr. Amberger
  Love of Learning I would like to recognize Lauren for her continuous effort in the art room. She often dedicates timeless hours out side of class to perfect her craft and keep going. She is always finding new inspiration and always pursuing creative endeavors. Congratulations on the planner cover design as well. Susan Botch
Layla Press Love of Learning Layla, I am absolutely beaming with pride over the mature, motivated person and artist you’ve grown into. You not only throw yourself completely and passionately into your artwork in and outside of class, but you also continue to share your love of art and learning with others on a daily basis. You are an inspiration and leader to those around you, even if you don’t always get recognized for your immense efforts! Mx. Kent
Leo Parker Perseverance Leo always works hard to stand for justice for everyone. Ms. Gormley
Lila Carter Perseverance Lila always does her best to meet the expectations put on her both in and outside of the classroom. Mrs. Cerny
Lily Mulholland GF Nation Spirit I appreciate Lily’s motivation and organization! She’s the one to add our attendance question tally to the board before class starts while I’m at the door. She is not asked to do this, but takes it upon her self. She is also a devoted member of yearbook and the treasurer of the senior class. GFNation is lucky to have Lily! Mrs. Arney
Logan Wadsworth Perseverance Logan is an incredibly dedicated student. Keep up the great work! Mrs. Anderson
  Perseverance Thank you, Logan, for your maturity and complete cooperation! Yvonne Anderson
Lola Baglio Perseverance Lola, you work hard, stay focused, and are such a positive role model. Thank you for all of your efforts. We really enjoy having you in our classroom! Ms. McLeod and Mr. Meunier
Lucas Blakely Perseverance You work hard in math class each day. You don’t let distractions or setbacks derail you. You’re a great role model for all of us and we’re lucky to have you in our class. Mr. Meunier and Ms. McLeod
Luis Caminero Positivity Luis is perpetually seeking the good in any situation. He is helpful, collaborates well with others, and has become a very important part of our school community. Mr. Akins
  Perseverance Luis works incredibly hard, is always positive, and extremely enjoyable to be around. Mrs. Anderson
Mae Tallon Love of Learning Mae stays positive and does outstanding work! Mr. Amberger
Makayla Kulka Perseverance Makayla, between your valuable help over the summer being my amazing camp TA to your consistent drive to better yourself and your artwork, you embody the definition of perseverance. Although you’ve faced many struggles the last few years, you always keep your head held high and don’t give up. I’m so proud of the mature, kind, and motivated person you’re growing into in and out of school! Mx. Kent
Mark Hammond Love of Learning Mark is always first to raise his hand to answer questions or to provide insightful commentary to our class discussions. We all benefit in class from Mark’s insights! Ms. Matino and Ms. Lopez
Marquise Berry Positivity Marquise, you are such a hard worker and demonstrate such positivity. You always participate with a smile. We are very lucky to have you in our class! Ms. McLeod and Mr. Meunier
Mia Connelly Love of Learning Thank you, Mia, for your insightful comments in class! Ms. Gormley
Michael Fante Love of Learning Michael asks great questions and always has something positive to share in Music Class. Mrs. Reed
Michael York Positivity Michael is always upbeat about his work and always helps others when asked. Mr. Miller
Michaela Rafferty Kindness Michaela is very helpful in keeping the art room organized for all of us! Mr. Butto
Morgan Phillips Kindness Morgan always tries her best, and she and Sydney always help each other in science. Mrs Harrington
Mylee McEachron Positivity Mylee is doing her best to transition to a new school. She has joined a club and has remained positive despite the challenges of being “the new kid”. Mrs. Cerny
Nakeishia Dobson Perseverance Nakeishia is a new student here. She is always positive, kind, and respectful. She works so hard, even when times are tough! Ms. Caffarel
Natalia Steves Love of Learning Nat is an absolute rock star in U.S. History! Mr. Hoyne
Natavia Patterson Love of Learning She loves to learn. She takes out books and uses note cards to learn about it the material. She always work on something. Mrs Harrington
Nathaniel Donlon Perseverance Nathaniel has grown into an incredibly important member of the school. He has worked hard to reach his goals and brings a positive attitude. Mr. Akins
Nicholas Rivers Love of Learning Nicholas is always asking questions to better his writing and understanding of the subject! Mrs. Dunleavy
Noah Bayard Perseverance Noah is hard working, takes initiative, and never complains about any work he is asked to do! Keep up the great work, Noah! Mr. Lis
Olivia Bonitiatibus GF Nation Spirit Olivia is incredibly helpful during class time and is such a positive asset! Mrs. Anderson
Parker Welch Love of Learning Parker engages in learning, asks questions, and actively participates. Mrs. Miller
Pearl White Love of Learning Thank you, Pearl, for your maturity and complete cooperation! Yvonne Anderson
Ralphael Maldonado Positivity Ralph, thanks for the positive attitude you bring to math class. You work hard to make progress even when learning the math can be a struggle. Please keep up the great work! Mr. Meunier and Ms. McLeod
  Perseverance Ralph has made tremendous improvements in his attendance and his grades this year. Keep up the good work! Mrs. Cerny
Rebecca McPhee Love of Learning Rebecca has demonstrated a clear love of learning and interest in her studies that benefits her and others.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Mr. Shaver
Rohan MacNaughton Kindness Rohan is kind and engaging Mr. Allen
  Positivity Rohan works so hard and really challenges herself to learn and grow. She seems to always remain positive, even when times are tough. Keep up the great work! Ms. Caffarel
Rosalie Carlsen Love of Learning Rosalie loves learning and sharing what she has learned with others. She has a real enthusiasm for knowledge! Mrs. Reed
Rowan Stimpson GF Spirit Nation Rowan is passionate and excited in all aspects of her life Mrs. Miller
  Love of Learning It’s very apparent that you not only value your own learning, but also the learning experiences of others. Taking the initiative to educate your fellow students as well as faculty and staff about Diabetes is very impressive and demonstrates your desire to make a positive impact in a meaningful way. Great job! Mrs. Tobias
  Positivity Rowan is recognized for her positive, cheery attitude and her leadership in organizing our blue ribbon Diabetes Awareness campaign. Ms. Gormley
Sadie Palmer Love of Learning Sadie expresses a clear love of learning, along with an academic curiosity. Her critical thought and interest in the subject matter help not only her, but also her classmates.

“Learn as if you were not reaching your goal and as though you were scared of missing it” – Confucius

Mr. Shaver
Sarah Conduzio Kindness Sarah is always kind and caring towards others in class. She is always working hard with a smile! Mrs. Dunleavy
Sarah Wolfstich Love of Learning Sarah always works very hard. Great job! Mr. Amberger
Shane LaBounty Positivity Shane just makes every day better. He is always saying ‘hello’ and genuinely wants to know how you are doing. He is a natural leader and very well liked. Ms. Matino
Shawn Fredricks Perseverance We appreciate Shawn’s improvements over the marking period. He is trying very hard to be successful and graduate high school. Ms. Matino and Ms. Lopez
Sherry Awan Positivity Sherry has positive interactions with others and holds education as a positive value in life. Mrs. Miller
Sophia Plante Positivity Sophia has a bright smile and a kind thought for everyone in chorus. She makes rehearsing more fun with her positive outlook! Mrs. Reed
Stanley/Harmony Capone-McKinney Love of Learning Stanley has spoken to me about some of her interests. While shy, it is clear that Stanley has a passion for learning Mr. Allen
Sydney Wheeler Perseverance Sydney, you continue to impress both of us with your steadfast work effort and positive attitude. You are a great role model for all of us and we’re lucky to have you in our class. Mr. Meunier and Ms. McLeod
  Kindness She is always helping out Morgan in science and math to always learn more. Her and Morgan help each other. Mrs Harrington
Victorious Robinson Positivity Victor always has a smile on his face! He has done his best to transition into a new school. Mrs. Rayno
Violence Sturdevant Love of Learning Violence loves learning and truly shows a passion for it. He is a joy to have as a student. Ms. Matino