Celebrating the GFHS Class of 2023 Senior Award-Winners

Class of 2023 “Top Eleven”

group photo of the top 11 students smiling
Congrats to the Top Students of the GFHS Class of 2023!

We are proud to recognize the top students of the GFHS Class of 2023. These students have demonstrated admirable self-discipline, dedication to learning, and unwavering commitment to academic success. Their contributions both within and outside our classrooms deserve high praise and we are honored to celebrate their achievements!

Valedictorian: Clara Avery
Salutatorian: Katherine Lieberth
Top Students: Julian Stedman, Claire Seleen, Eloise Duggal, Hilary Burns, Sophie Campopiano, Ryan Healy, Dorothy France-Miller, Fiona Bombard, and Julia Kress

Glens Falls High School 2023 Student Awards

United States Naval Academy appointment: Aiden Gormley

President’s Award for Educational Excellence: Clara Avery, Ava Lily Bell, Cole Bennett, Fiona Bombard, Hilary Burns, Sophie Campopiano, Rosalie Carlsen, Madison Clifford, Patrick Collins, Kate Crandall, Logan Drino, Eloise Duggal, Dorothy France-Miller, Aiden Gormley, Christopher Haggerty, Aidan Harrington, Ryan Healy, Ciara Hirsch, Julia Kress, Avery Lanfear, Katherine Lieberth, Macey Logan, Charlotte MacPherson, Peyton McClenning, Duvaney Mills, Lily Mulholland, Morrison Northrop, Ava Pirozzolo, Carson Rath, Emylou Richards, Claire Seleen, Julian Stedman, Olivia Teta, Aubrey Versailles, Holly Walton, Lauren Weil, Jillian Wendling, Jason Weng, Vincent Westfall, Cullen Wright, Timothy Zimmerman
Founded in 1983, the President’s Education Awards Program honors graduating students for their achievement and hard work. The program has provided individual recognition from the President and the U.S. Secretary of Education to those students whose outstanding efforts and academic success have enabled them to meet challenging standards of excellence.

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NYS Attorney General’s Triple C Awards: Kate Crandall, Aiden Gormley, Duvaney Mills, Lily Mulholland, Sterling Towers, Vincent Westfall, Caiden Wilkinson
New York State Attorney General Letitia James is pleased to continue the Triple C Awards program to recognize the courage, character, and commitment of New York’s outstanding students. Whether succeeding in academic pursuits, participating in community service, displaying leadership skills, or overcoming personal obstacles, these students provide us with hope for a brighter future.

large group of students on a stage accepting awards

O’Brien Insurance Business Scholarship: Cira Sherman
This scholarship is for a student who has shown an interest in entrepreneurship and business ownership. This student must be hard working and show a willingness to collaborate with others.

Joseph H. Nudi, Sr. Entrepreneur Scholarship: Galen Dermott, Caiden Wilkinson
This scholarship is to be awarded to a student who has shown a desire to become an entrepreneur, and will be attending SUNY Adirondack to further her/his business education. This student must show enthusiasm, ambition, personal motivation, and a willingness to learn. He or she has also shown a desire to become part of the local business community.

Nicholas G. Taylor, Jr. Business and Kindness Scholarship: Lily Mulholland
This scholarship is for a student who is pursuing higher education in the field of business or finance and has a reputation for being kind and respectful to her/his peers that he/she will continue into college and professional careers.

Red Cross Blood Drive Scholarships: Hilary Burns, Kate Crandall
This scholarship is for students who have helped organize blood drives at Glens Falls High School.

The Myles Miller “Take a Giant Leap” Scholarship: Galen Dermott
This scholarship is for a student who pursues a degree at a local two year college. The student must be one who exhibits qualities of wisdom, faith, character, and community service, and is pursuing a degree in Business and/or Entrepreneurship.

D’ella Auto Group Business Scholarships: Peyton McClenning, Lily Mulholland
D’ella Auto Group scholarships are for college bound students who will be studying business, preferably related to sales and/or service related fields. The recipients of this award must have a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and demonstrate leadership in and out of school. They should be ambitious, hard-working, motivated, entrepreneurial in nature and have taken at least one business course in high school.

Hall Family Entrepreneur Scholarship: Caiden Wilkinson
This scholarship is to be awarded to a senior who has taken one or more business courses, and has overcome personal challenges. He/she should show a spirit of cooperation and entrepreneurial thinking. This award is used to help this individual attend college.

Spirit of ’76 Scholarship (Sponsored by the Class of 1976): Cole Bennett
To a student who has set an extraordinary and visible example for other students to follow. This person has demonstrated the ability to positively influence others through his/her actions and behavior. This can be through excellence in academics, music, the arts, athletics, student government, other community leadership, and/or extraordinary enthusiasm. This persons stands out as a visible example for a broad spectrum of students, not just those in his/her established niche (academics, music, arts, athletics, etc.). This person has preferably served his/her school and/or community in a leadership role via student government, athletics, the arts or other.

N. Harwood Beaty Jr. and Nancy S. Beaty Memorial Award: Sophie Campopiano
This award is to be given to a boy or girl who will be attending a four year college or university. The student must be involved in music and/or sports but not necessarily pursuing those as a major in college. He or she must be at least a “B” student academically, but most importantly must show strong moral character, kindness toward others, and an ability to laugh at themselves and stay positive in any given situation.

E. Leo and Louise F. Spain Scholarship: Dorothy France-Miller, Katherine Lieberth, Julian Stedman
This scholarship is given in memory of E. Leo and Louise F. Spain. Mr. Spain was a prominent businessman and entrepreneur in Glens Falls. The purpose of this foundation is to carry out the mutual desires of the Spain’s to further the education of worthy young men and women. The recipient needs to be a graduate of St. Mary’s—St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School planning to further their education.

PTA and PTSA Awards
High School: Jillian Wendling
Middle School: Nathaniel Donlon, Macey Logan
Big Cross Street School: Olivia Teta, Timothy Zimmerman
Kensington Road School: Kate Crandall, Lily Mulholland, Ava Pirozzolo
Jackson Heights School: Aliveah Nelson, Lauren Weil
Abraham Wing School: Julian Stedman

“Big A” Jeff Aurelia Memorial Scholarship: Ciara Hirsch, William “Trey” Patton III, Ava Pirozzolo
This scholarship is awarded in memory of Jeff Aurelia, a 1992 graduate of Glens Falls High School, passionate teacher at Queensbury UFSD, and respected football coach. This award seeks to recognize individuals who possess similar interest to those of Jeff’s. Factors for selection include commitment to attend a two or four year college, choice of major, and sports involvement. Substantial weight will also be given to the degree to which the applicant manifests towards his/her endeavors.

Cameron Jace Quartiers Memorial Scholarship: Ciara Hirsch
The board of Project: Cameron’s Story offers this scholarship to one graduating senior from Glens Falls High School who plans to pursue a 2 or 4 year degree in any area of the health care fields, is in good academic standing, and has a record of voluntarism.

Edward M. Bartholomew, Jr. Memorial Scholarships: Hilary Burns, Aidan Harrington
This scholarship is to be awarded annually to two graduating seniors in memory of Edward M. Bartholomew Jr, Glens Falls High School Class of 1967 and former Mayor of Glens Falls. Ed is remembered for his love of the Glens Falls community, his enthusiasm for local sports and his generosity to those in need. This scholarship will be given to students planning to attend a two or four year college who demonstrate potential. Recipients must have participated in school sports or extracurricular activities and have performed service either in the school or the community.

Walter H. and Walter T. Robinson Memorial Scholarship: Jason Weng
Walter H. Robinson started the Technology program at Glens Falls. When he retired, his son took over and continued to develop our program. In honor of them, the Walter Robinson memorial scholarship is awarded to a senior who demonstrates outstanding talent, displays desirable personal qualities, and expresses interest in the field of Technology.

JWP Champ Scholarship: Cole Bennett
This scholarship is to be given annually to a graduating senior who represents the qualities that Joe Potvin represented in his career as an English and Latin teacher at Glens Falls High School for almost 40 years. Desire to become an educator and school spirit as expressed through participation in athletics and the arts, a positive outlook, and unselfish, optimistic attitude were very important to Joe. These qualities are the basis for selection of this award.

Barclay Prize for Philanthropy: Kate Crandall
The Barclay Prize acknowledges a Glens Falls High School graduating senior who celebrates the team more than the individual. The winner of this annual Prize places great importance on being a person others can count on and who gives back to the community. Both a college scholarship and an opportunity to pay forward with the same community spirit exemplified by David and Cate Barclay, the Barclay Prize recipient will be asked to contribute a significant portion of the Prize award to a charitable cause or purpose of the Prize-winner’s own choosing, and then to remember their experience by telling the stories their philanthropy told them.

Maria Morgan Memorial Scholarship: Julia Kress, Owen Kress
This scholarship is established in honor of Maria Morgan, a great friend of the Glens Falls School District and its students. The award is given to a student who is passionate and caring, characteristics of Maria.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Greene, Jr. Vocal Award: Rosalie Carlsen
This award is for contributing outstanding musical and dramatic talents, and an exceptional work ethic, to the music department and theatre ensemble at GFHS.

McClure (“Mac”) Edward Deason Memorial Scholarship: Fiona Bombard, Charlotte MacPherson
This award is given in memory of McClure Edward Deason by his parents. Mac lived for only a very short time on earth but with much courage and strength. This scholarship is awarded to a senior planning to attend a two-or four-year college to pursue studies in the medical field. The recipient must display excellence both academically and in personal character within school and community, exhibits leadership, demonstrates compassion and respect, and has shown courage and strength in the face of adversity.

Glens Falls Police Benevolent Association Scholarship: Kate Crandall
This award is for a college-bound senior planning to pursue studies in criminal justice or law.

Glens Falls Permanent Firemen’s Benevolent Assoc. Scholarship: Ciara Hirsch
This scholarship is provided by the Glens Falls Permanent Firemen’s Benevolent Association each year to a student planning to attend college. The award is based on character, scholastic record, and probable success in college.

Glens Falls Teachers’ Association Scholarship: Olivia Teta
A scholarship is awarded by the Glens Falls Teachers’ Association to a graduating senior who will be pursuing studies in the field of education after high school. This student submits an essay on “Why I Want to Become an Educator,” and must be attending a four-year college, be in good scholastic standing and have good school citizenship.

Glens Falls Teachers’ Association Memorial Scholarship: Patrick Collins
A scholarship is awarded by the Glens Falls Teachers’ Association to a graduating senior in memory of any GFTA members who have passed away during this year.

Robb Satterfield Memorial Award: Imani Chandler
Robert Satterfield was a young man who had a dream of graduating from Glens Falls High School. Despite personal challenges, he persevered and graduated in 2008 This award honors a student who has overcome his/her own personal challenges to graduate from Glens Falls High School; someone who is creative, displays courage, and is compassionate toward others.

Queensbury Community Scholarship Association Vocational/Trade Education Scholarship: Konner Wilson
The mission of this scholarship program is to award financial assistance to individuals in Warren County who are pursuing a program in a skilled trade or vocation. The money for these scholarships was given to Queensbury Community Scholarship Association by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) relief fund.

Scott Wilson Memorial Scholarship: Holly Walton
This scholarship is given in honor of Scott Wilson, a former member of the Class of 2004. The award will go to a senior planning to pursue a career in an art-related program, particularly Graphic Art or Design.

Class of ’77 Scholarship: Fiona Bombard
This scholarship is awarded to a student who is pursuing higher education in a field related to mental health, such as psychology, social work, or counseling, who has also demonstrated high academic achievement and an interest in helping others through volunteer activities, work experience, or other efforts at school or in the community.

Alumni Association Prize for Mathematics: Clara Avery
This award is given to the graduating senior who has demonstrated an outstanding ability in mathematics.

Chrissy Beaudin Mathematics Scholarship: Julian Stedman
This scholarship was established in memory of Chrissy Beaudin, GFHS class of 1986. It is to be awarded to a senior with a passion for math who plans to pursue a math-related field of study at college.

Alexander S. Gillan Memorial Scholarship: Julian Stedman
This scholarship was established in memory of Mr. Gillan, who was a dedicated educator in the Glens Falls public school system for many years. This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who represents academic excellence in the areas of math or science. Candidates for this scholarship are active in the extracurricular program of the school, show leadership qualities and show potential for success in a two or four year degree-granting program.

Clifford K. Bosworth Memorial Scholarship: Lily Mulholland
This award is given to the graduating boy or girl who has excelled as a science student and who shows promise of a successful career in the field of science. They should have the personal attributes for which Mr. Bosworth, a former science teacher here at Glens Falls High School, was noted: inquiring mind, great personality integrity, willingness to help others.

Alumni Association Prize for Chemistry: Morrison Northrup
This award is given to the graduating senior who has demonstrated an outstanding ability in chemistry.

Maurice and Grace Simmonds Memorial Science Award: Jason Weng
This award is given to a graduating senior who has shown excellence in four years of science and is industrious, honest, tolerant, caring people person. Preference is to be given to someone in financial need and if possible to someone who has not received numerous other awards.

Glens Falls Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship: Cullen Wright
The Glens Falls Kiwanis Foundation awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are active participants in Key Club and are pursuing additional education. The Kiwanis organization is about learning to work together and learning leadership skills through community service. The scholarship is intended to assist in the career development of worthy local students.

Gary Marcantonio Memorial Scholarship: Cole Bennett
Gary Marcantonio was a 1968 graduate of Glens Falls High School and is a member of the Glens Falls High School Athletic Hall of Fame. He was as great of an athlete as he was a student. This scholarship is to be given to a student who has made great strides academically and athletically during their time at Glens Falls High.

Christene Beaudin Memorial Scholarship: Katherine Lieberth
This scholarship was established in memory of Christene Beaudin, salutatorian of the GFHS Class of 1986. It is to be awarded to the salutatorian of the current year’s graduating class.

Glens Falls Farmers Market Scholarship, in memory of Rachel Wells: Cira Sherman
The funds for this scholarship are provided annually by the Glens Falls Farmers Market. Recipients of this scholarship show promise of success in a four-year, degree-granting program in business, marketing, entrepreneurship, engineering, or science.

Thomas I. Ford Memorial Teaching Scholarship: Olivia Teta
This award is given in memory of Thomas I. Ford, a beloved Glens Falls City Schools educator, administrator, and alumnus of the New York State Teachers College at Potsdam. Tom’s education career was long and remarkable: he taught 6th and 7th grades in Auburn and Rochester, respectively, then served as Principal of Fulton St. Elementary, Sanford St. Elementary, Kensington Rd. Elementary, and Glens Falls Middle School. He then served as Administrator of Elementary Curriculum and Special Programs and Director of Special Programs in Glens Falls City School District. Tom officially retired from education in 1993, but continued to work until the very end of his life, holding positions as interim school administrator at both Shenendehowa and Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk. Mr. Ford believed in individuals who become teachers for all the right reasons: key among them are to be giving, inclusive, and kind. This annual scholarship is granted to a graduate of Glens Falls High School who exhibits these qualities and has decided to pursue a degree in teaching and education, with preference given to a student planning to attend SUNY Potsdam, but not required.

Varsity Swim Team Award: Carson Rath, Claire Seleen
This award goes to a Glens Falls swimmer who demonstrates excellence in character, as demonstrated in a significant personal essay. The scholarship recognizes varsity swim team members who have contributed so much to the program, and also understand how much the program has given back to them.

Dave Strader Scholarship: Caleb Ashe
Dave Strader was a 1973 proud graduate of GFHS, whose interest in broadcasting began in high school. After graduating magna cum laude from UMass Amherst as a communications major in 1977, he returned to Glens Falls as the radio voice for the Adirondack Red Wings. From there, Dave’s 37 year television play-by-play broadcasting career went on to include ESPN, NBC Sports, college basketball, two Winter Olympic Games, and he became known as “The Voice” of the NHL. During his rare cancer diagnosis Dave was the voice of the Dallas Stars, where he was a recipient of three Lone Star Emmy television awards. Locally, Dave was inducted into the GFHS Athletic Hall of fame, the Adirondack Hall of Fame (twice), and the press box at The Cool Insuring Arena is named in his honor. Since 2018, UMass sports productions have been broadcast from the Dave Strader Memorial Studio. Dave reached the pinnacle of his career being posthumously inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada as the 2017 recipient of the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for excellence in broadcasting. His plaque hangs in the Great Hall along with the Stanley Cup. Dave credited his success to the foundation that was laid during his upbringing in Glens Falls. This scholarship is awarded to a GFHS graduate who exhibits sound character, an ability to collaborate with others, and a love for the Glens Falls community. This student must be entering a 2 or 4 year college pursuing a major with an emphasis in sports broadcast journalism and/or production in radio and/or television (in any area including play-by play announcing, production, administration or technical), or communication/journalism in general. Upon graduating, the student should continue to pursue their own true passion, just as Dave did.

Hilda E. Hayes Award: Holly Walton
This award has been established in memory of Hilda E. Hayes, a faculty member for many years at Glens Falls High School. This award is to be given to the Senior SoroptiMISS member who, in the opinion of the Committee on Scholarships, represents academic excellence, outstanding character and good citizenship as displayed through genuine participation in the extracurricular program.

Alumni Scholarships: Lillian Haggerty, Jonah Levin, William “Trey” Patton III, Timothy Zimmerman
Alumni Scholarships are grants from the income on funds left to the Glens Falls High School by various graduating classes over the years. The scholarships are based on character, citizenship, and academic record. The awards are made by the Faculty Committee on Scholarships.

Betsy K. Austin Memorial Scholarship: Aidan Harrington
This scholarship was established to honor Betsy K. Austin, who was a teacher at Jackson Heights Elementary School for nearly 30 years. The recipient must have attended Jackson Heights (preferably for all of her/his elementary years), and plans to pursue a career in teaching.

Bob and Sue Carty Award: Holly Walton
This award is to be given to a senior who exemplifies the spirit of helping others in achieving their goals.

Feigenbaum Scholarship: Kate Crandall
The Feigenbaum scholarship shall be awarded to one deserving student who has distinguished him/herself in academics and community service. He/she plans to attend a four year, non-religious, private college/university. He/she should have an interest in pursuing a career in: teaching, science/engineering, history or law. The optimal candidate shall possess the following traits: intellectual curiosity, strong ethical character, be patriotic and demonstrate a willingness to help others.

James Digan Culinary Scholarship: Jillian Hammill
This award goes to a graduating culinary arts student who plans to pursue a career in the culinary or hospitality field. This award is also based on potential for future success. If there are no qualified culinary students in a given year, another recipient pursuing a Career and Technical Education field will be selected.

Joe Vogel Memorial Scholarship: Vincent Westfall
Joe Vogel unselfishly shared his passion for sports, most especially that of ice hockey, for more than 25 years with the youth of the Greater Glens Falls area. Always a leader, Joe was instrumental in organizing the area’s first youth hockey club, building the Fire Road rink, and working tirelessly to establish GFHS’s ice hockey program which first took to the ice the season of 1985-86. Most importantly, Joe was recognized for his ability to communicate the skills and knowledge of the game to players of every age and ability and doing so always with kindness, caring, and fairness. He was a player’s coach who respected hard work and perseverance. This memorial scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior hockey player planning to attend a two or four-year college who clearly exhibits those attributes which defined the inner spirit of Joe Vogel, including leadership, perseverance, and sportsmanship and who best demonstrates a work ethic that acknowledges, as did Joe’s, that “the highest reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.”

Thomas Collins Wingman Strong Memorial Scholarship: Patrick Collins
This award is given in memory of Thomas “TC” Collins. TC was always known for his larger-than-life personality. His life was characterized by his love for family and friends; his kindness, generosity, courage, compassion, and his ability to befriend anyone upon meeting them for the first time. This scholarship is presented to a student who has exemplified these attributes of TC’s life. The recipient has demonstrated this through her/his passions, determinations, and behaviors through excellence in athletics, music, the arts, student government, academics, other community leadership, and/or extraordinary enthusiasm for life. The recipient stands out as a visible leader among his/her peers.

Adirondack Area School Boards Association Community Service Award: Katherine Lieberth, Julian Stedman
The Adirondack Area School Boards Association provides this award to graduating seniors within each member district who are shining examples of volunteer service within their school and community.

Sally Quinn Homkey Memorial Scholarship: Caleb Delvaux
Sally was an elementary school teacher who loved books, children and teaching. She was passionate about the arts and very involved in her community. Sally continued her interest in learning even in her retirement, through College Club and educational travel. Sally would be very honored in knowing she was helping a new graduate further their academic goals and dreams. This scholarship is to be awarded to a student who demonstrates academic success and community involvement, planning on attending a four year college and majoring in education.

Robert J. Homkey Memorial Scholarship: Patrick Collins
This scholarship is given in honor of Robert J. Homkey. It is awarded to an individual who plans to attend a two-or four-year college, plays basketball or participates in track, and performs community service.

Graham Easson Scholarship: Christopher Haggerty
Established in memory of Graham R. Easson, who was principal of Glens Falls High School from 1967-1980. This scholarship is awarded to a member of the graduating class who exemplifies the qualities of character, scholarship, and citizenship.

Francis Plumeau Memorial Scholarship: Pearl White
This scholarship is established in Frank Plumeau’s memory. In his twenty-two years with the Glens Falls Schools, he served as Director of Compensatory Programs and as a school psychologist. Nominees exhibit excellent citizenship and scholastic achievement and are interested in pursuing a degree in the Humanities (art, literature, music, psychology, social services). Nominees must have been accepted at a two or four year school.

Julia Corbett Herlihy Prize: Julian Stedman
This annual award is given to an outstanding member of the graduating class who has best exemplified the meaning of good citizenship. The fund was established by Mrs. Herlihy’s three sons (Hon. J. Clarence, J. Leo, and Edward J. Herlihy) to honor her pioneer work in the Americanization of Immigrants during the 20 year period following the end of World War 1.

John A. and Mary Lou Noone Scholarship: Olivia Teta
John and Mary Lou both served in the Glens Falls school system for many years. Mary Lou Noone taught first grade at Broad Street School from 1954 to 1958 and then reading for children with learning disabilities at the Education Services Center and Big Cross School from 1971 to 1991. John Noone began teaching in Glens Falls in 1956 at Big Cross School and eventually moved on to the Junior High School and Middle School to serve as a Guidance Counselor from 1963 until his retirement in 1988. Recipients of the award will be selected by the Scholarship Committee based on the principles of education embraced by Mr. and Mrs. Noone: scholarship, service to the community, and commitment to the youth of Glens Falls. The recipient must be planning to pursue a career in education.

Stanley E. Rummel Scholarship: Sterling Towers
Established to honor Stan Rummel for 33 years of service to the Glens Falls City School District. The scholarship is given to a senior who exhibits a spirit of cooperation, empathy and altruism, all qualities displayed by Mr. Rummel during his tenure in our district. The award recipient may have overcome personal or educational obstacles in the pursuit of a diploma. The recipient has a clear sense of purpose and commitment to attain their future goals.

Caroline Brown Memorial Scholarship: Hilary Burns, Kate Crandall, Ava Pirozzolo
Established in memory of Caroline M. Brown (Class of 1978) to offer a scholarship to a female graduating student who has participated in varsity athletics and who will be pursuing post-secondary education. Recipients are selected by the Glens Falls High School Scholarship Committee. 

Susan H. Seaman Memorial Award: Donald Kist, Mia Mosley, Sterling Towers
This award is given to a senior student nominated by the Middle School who has overcome personal obstacles to graduate.

Dr. James W. Haviland Memorial Scholarship: Katherine Lieberth
This scholarship was established based on the wishes of Dr. James W. Haviland, a prominent physician and salutatorian of the Glens Falls High School Class of 1928. Criteria for the award are at the discretion of the scholarship committee.

large group of students on a stage accepting awards

Glens Falls City School District Foundation Scholarship: Sherry Malik Awan,
Ava Lily Bell, Avishai Berg, Jefferson Brand, Galen Dermott, Nathaniel Donlon, Dorothy France-Miller, Christopher Haggerty, Lillian Haggerty, Jared Hance, Oshun Johansen-Everett, Julia Kress, Avery Lanfear, Macey Loga, Peyton McClenning, Lily Mulholland, Carson Rath, Emylou Richards, Claire Seleen, Aubrey Versailles, Lauren Weil, Jillian Wendling, Cullen Wright, Pearl White

This scholarship is awarded to students who are in good academic standing and act as good school citizens for the purpose of furthering studies in a field of interest developed during their high school careers.

Harry and Myrtle Gardner Scholarships: Ciara Hirsch, Morrison Northrup
These scholarships are for two worthy graduating students: one who is going on to college to study a medical field, and one who is pursuing medicine or another field of study.

Harvey R. Dearstyne III Memorial Scholarship: Amanda Maurer
This scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior who has demonstrated leadership, interest in athletics and has been an outstanding school citizen. Candidates for this scholarship show promise of success in a four year degree-granting program. The selection for the award is made annually by the Committee on Scholarships. The scholarship is derived from the income of funds which have been contributed in memory of Harvey R. Dearstyne III.

Hess Scholarship: Joseph Flood
This scholarship is available to a student in the graduating class who plans to attend a degree-granting college. It is derived from the income of a fund given to the school by Mrs. Hess, a former teacher in Glens Falls High School. The recipient of this scholarship has shown that he or she is worthy of help by a spirit of cooperation and by the quality of work done during the four years of the high school course.

Karl R. McBride, Sr. Scholarship: Tucker Sokol
This scholarship fund was established in memory of Karl R. McBride, Sr. by the members of his family. The annual income from this fund is used for a scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who shows evidence of future success in college. The selection is made by the Committee on Scholarships.

Richard W. Derby Scholarship: Julian Stedman
This scholarship was established in memory of Richard W. Derby, a member of the Class of 1960. It is given to a senior boy planning to enter college who, in the opinion of the Committee on Scholarships, represents the highest qualities of character, scholarship and sportsmanship.

Charlotte Pruyn Hyde Award: Jamana Awan
This award is made to a graduating senior for post-secondary school expenses. The recipient of this award is a student who has rendered significant service to his or her school or community.

Philip C. Brown Awards: Hilary Burns, Rosalie Carlsen, Kate Crandall, Ciara Hirsch, Julian Stedman, Holly Walton
These awards are made to graduating seniors for post-secondary school expenses. The recipients of these awards are students who have rendered significant service to his/her school or community.

Award for Excellence in World Languages: Fiona Bombard, Ciara Hirsch
These are awarded each year to one French student and one Spanish student for excellence in world language study.

Arts in Education Fund Senior Portfolio Awards, in conjunction with the GFSD Art Department:
Senior Portfolio Awards are given each year by the funds raised at the Annual ART EXPO, the Art Fund, and the Glens Falls Arts in Education Fund. Senior portfolios are displayed along with Artist Statements. Students are asked to share their best work from the last four years. Awards are based on the body of work that shows a passion for artistic expression, artistic merit, and creativity. Awards are judged by the GFSD art faculty.
First Place: Julian Stedman
Second Place: Jillian Wendling
Third Place: Julia Kress
Honorable Mention: Sherry Malik Awan, Holly Walton
Artist Statement: Morrison Northrup, Julian Stedman

Fort Edward Historical Association 2023 Senior Art Show President’s Award, Guild of Adirondack Artists: Jillian Wendling
The GAA was founded in 1973 by a group of well respected artists in the Glens Falls Region of the lower Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. The membership consists of artists who wish to share in exhibitions, encourage high standards for works of art, while strengthening the rapport between the artists and our community.

Saratoga-Warren County Music Educators Award: Ryan Healy
The Saratoga-Warren Music Educators’ Association Scholarship is awarded to a student from each of the organization’s 17 participating school districts who has been regularly selected to participate in the various-leveled musical ensembles offered through the New York State School Music Association, and who is an exemplary student musician.

Glens Falls Music Department Scholarship: Rosalie Carlsen
This scholarship is awarded to one Glens Falls student from the senior class who has been actively involved in our district’s music program, and plans to continue his/her musical pursuits – whether it be professionally or recreationally – after graduation.

Dr. Bruce Michael Kantrowitz Scholarship: Lillian Haggerty
This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Bruce Michael Kantrowitz, Class of 1967, and is awarded annually to a graduating senior who has demonstrated academic excellence and is of good moral character, two of the top qualities for which Dr. Kantrowitz was noted. Preference is given to someone planning to pursue a career in English, Journalism, Writing or Communication. This scholarship recipient is determined by the Committee on Scholarships.

Marina C. Wallace Memorial Scholarship: Dorothy France-Miller
Mrs. Wallace was a dedicated staff member at Glens Falls High School for more than 25 years. She began her career here in 1977 and enjoyed working with students and faculty through those years as an assistant librarian—helping them discover literature and guiding them in their research for class assignments. Mrs. Wallace is remembered for her kind and giving spirit; someone who demonstrated community and love of family. She had a strong work ethic, was always smiling, and was accepting of everybody. This award is given to a graduating senior planning to attend college who reflects similar qualities, and shares Mrs. Wallace’s interest in literature, reading, and/or writing.

Freeman Memorial Scholarship: Tucker Sokol
This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who plans to enroll in an elite four-year college or university to study English or journalism. This student must have maintained a high grade point average during his/her high school career.

James Morrissey Family Scholarship: Jason Weng
This scholarship is awarded to a senior planning on furthering his/her education after high school. The recipient demonstrates academic accomplishment, scholarship through hard work and motivation.

Glens Falls Rotary Club Service Scholarship: Ryan Healy
This scholarship program is intended to salute students who exemplify the Rotary Motto: “Service Above Self.”

David Gancher Memorial Scholarship: Owen Kress
This award is to be given yearly to a Glens Falls High School graduate. The recipient should be hardworking, compassionate, considerate and show promise that with a little encouragement they might be more likely to succeed. The student may be interested in a two or four year school.

Ben and Sharon Aronson Scholarships: Eloise Duggal, Caiden Willkinson
In celebration of Sharon and Ben’s interests, preference is given to students showing interest in Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Fine Arts, Engineering, Agriculture, or Information Technology (Computer Science, Information Technology, Network Administration, Programming, CyberSecurity, etc). To be eligible, recipients must be planning to enroll in a post high school program to earn credits toward a college degree or technical certificate. Recipients will be selected by the high school scholarship committee with care and attention paid to representing two gender identities each year, and consideration of equity across every walk of life.

Byron J. Jacobson and Anne J. Jacobson Prize: Clara Avery
This prize is awarded each year to the person who ranks first in the graduating class. Funds for this prize are derived from an endowment established by Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson for this purpose.

Jacqueline Tyner Scholarship: Sophie Capopiano
This scholarship is for a graduating senior who has demonstrated strong character and who makes serving others a priority.

Crary Fund Foundation Scholarships: Ava Lily Bell, Logan Drino, William “Trey” Patton III, Julian Stedman, Lauren Weil, Jillian Wendling
Bruce L. Crary, a resident of Westport, NY, was interested in helping young people from the Adirondack area. When he died in a car accident in 1962, at 40 years of age, most of his estate was left as a legacy to assist with college expenses for “deserving students in need of financial assistance.”
Grants are made to students based on academic qualification and financial need. The award is renewable for each of four years of undergraduate study.

Shoshannah Wasserman Educational Fund: Aubrey Versailles
This scholarship which was established in memory of Shoshannah Wasserman is given to a graduating senior scheduled and committed to attend Adirondack Community College. This student should demonstrate a creative ability in the arts, sciences or humanities and wish to pursue a program of study leading to an Associate’s Degree in Arts of Sciences (A.A. or A.S.)

William H. Brown Memorial Scholarship: Logan Drino
This scholarship is in memory of Mr. Brown who for 32 years was Principal of Glens Falls High School. The scholarship is derived from income from monies contributed in memory of Mr. Brown by graduates of the school. The scholarship is awarded to the member of the graduating class who exemplifies the qualities of character, scholarship and citizenship for which Mr. Brown was noted.

James Orlow Muse Scholarship: Jefferson Brand
This scholarship is awarded annually to a graduate who will be continuing formal education. The recipient is someone who has achieved success in competitive athletics through perseverance, dedication and discipline, rather than through exceptional natural ability. The recipient also shows grace in winning and compassion in relationships with others.

Putt and Anne H. La May Memorial Scholarship: Ryan Healy
Awarded annually to the student-athlete who has made a positive and measurable contribution to Glens Falls High School and has been accepted at college to pursue a career in Physical Education, Health, Recreation and/or a sports related field.

Adirondack Runners Club Scholarship: Julian Stedman
The Adirondack Runners Club was founded in 1983 to promote the sport of running. This scholarship is provided to area students based on academic achievement, school and community service, running achievements, and the significance that running has in the student’s life.

Anthony and Joan Scott Memorial Scholarship: Ryan Healy
As longtime residents of Glens Falls, Anthony (Tony) and Joan shared an unparalleled commitment to serving the community. Tony was a U.S. Army veteran and worked in the communications field. He served as Ward 2 Supervisor in Glens Falls, led various committees and maintained affiliations with Knights of Columbus and the Elks Lodge. Joan was a registered nurse who founded the St. Mary’s Church food pantry and devoted years of effort to serve those in need, while also volunteering for the American Heart Association and Community Action. In 2007 Joan received recognition for her work from Senator Betty Little and Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand. Both Tony and Joan also served on the Jackson Heights PTA, volunteered for the Cub Scouts organization and were active members of St. Mary’s Church. This scholarship was created to honor the memory and exemplary community service of Tony and Joan Scott and is to be awarded to a senior planning to pursue higher education who demonstrates outstanding service through school or in the community.

Christopher J. Steves Memorial Scholarship: Jillian Hammill
Established in memory of Christopher J. Steves, this scholarship is to be awarded to a student planning to pursue post-secondary education in the culinary field, but is not required. Selection will be made by the Scholarship Committee.

Woman’s National Farm & Garden Association, Tri-County Branch Scholarship: Sophie Campopiano
This scholarship is for a graduating high school senior who is majoring in an agricultural, environmental, forestry, horticultural, or oceanographic related field.

Ben Osborn Memorial Fund Scholarship: Ava Lily Bell, Dorothy France-Miller
SPC Benjamin Osborn was killed in action in Afghanistan, June 15, 2010, while serving in the United States Army. Due to his heroic actions, he was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. SPC Benjamin D. Osborn was a Lake George High School Graduate. The Ben Osborn Memorial Fund Scholarship is being awarded to students who meet the following criteria: good character, charitable heart, commitment to self-improvement, and service (to others) oriented.

Kelly’s Angels Scholarships: Avery Lanfear, Aubrey Versailles
These scholarships are awarded to students from select high schools in New York’s Capital Region who have persevered through adversity, demonstrated a commitment to serving others, especially other children.

William H. Beecher Memorial Award: Sherry Malik Awan
A graduate of Glens Falls High School, Mr. Beecher was always proud to call himself an Indian. While in school, he worked two jobs and somehow found time to play varsity football. After high school, he joined the Navy to pay for college. He was in the first class of men to graduate from Skidmore College and worked for Pfizer pharmaceuticals for over 30 years. Mr. Beecher was always most proud of his heritage in Glens Falls and that he worked for everything he had. This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who has been employed outside of school during the school year with plans to enter college or the military.

Parks Heritage Scholarship: Sophie Campopiano
This scholarship is awarded to a college-bound senior who is a member in good standing of Parks Heritage Federal Credit Union. Selection is based on academic achievements, extracurricular and community activities, and an essay.

Queensbury Senior Citizens Inc. Achievement Award: Fiona Bombard
This award is given to a graduating student who has demonstrated exemplary service to the community.

Class of 2023 Senior Class Award: Cole Bennett
The 2023 Senior Class Award is being presented to a student who represents all of the qualities and values that being a member of GF Nation means – Unity, Support, Grit, and Passion. This student has been a daily inspiration to their classmates in ways both big and small. Noted British author Samuel Smiles once commented that “Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” Despite their personal experiences, they have continued to persevere and model positivity and strength. This year’s 2023 Senior Class Award recipient has given strength and inspiration to all of us.

Junior Awards

St. Lawrence University Book Award: Mae Tallon

St. Michael’s College Book Awards for Academic Achievement and Social Conscience: Angela Morrison, Jack Sweet

University of Vermont Citizen Scholars Book Award: Sam Palmer

Wells College 21st Century Leadership Awards: Shanti Dawkins, Jack Sweet

UR George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Kendall Gross

UR Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Jakob Pregent

UR Frederick Douglass and SUsan B. Anthony Award: Amelie Nassivera

UR Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology: Mae Tallon

RIT Art and Design Award: Natalia Steves

RIT Business and Leadership Award: Zoe Zachar

RIT Humanities and Social Science Award: Jocelyn Smith

RIT Science and Math Award: Liam Burgess

RIT Women in STEM Award: Kendall Gross