Exam Schedule for January Regents Week 2024

graphic representation of the January 2024 regents week exam schedule for GFHS, the text of which can be read in HTML below this image

TUESDAY, Jan. 23rd:
Afternoon 12:30-3:30: LIVING ENVIRONMENT REGENTS; Living Environment Exam; AP Biology Exam; French 4 Exam

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 24th:
Morning 8:30-11:30: GEOMETRY REGENTS; U.S.HISTORY & GOVERNMENT REGENTS; US History Exam; AP US History Exam; Geometry Exam
Afternoon 12:30-3:30: ALGEBRA 1 REGENTS; PHYSICS REGENTS; Algebra 1 Exam; Physics Exam; AP Physics Exam

THURSDAY, Jan. 25th:
Morning 8:30-11:30: GLOBAL HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY 2 REGENTS; Pre-Calculus Exam; Global History & Geography 1 & 1H Exam; Global History & Geography 2R Exam; AP European History Exam
Afternoon 12:30-3:30: ALGEBRA 2 REGENTS; Algebra 2 Exam; French 5 Exam

FRIDAY, Jan. 26th:
Morning 8:30-11:30: EARTH SCIENCE REGENTS; CHEMISTRY REGENTS; Earth Science Exam; AP Chemistry Exam; Chemistry Exam
Afternoon 12:30-3:30: MAKE-UP Midterms For All Classes