Battle for the Bridge raises $5,000 for South High Marathon Dance recipients!

Glens Falls City School District is proud to announce that GF Nation raised a whopping $5,000 to benefit our neighbors and organizations being helped by the 2024 South High Marathon Dance through the Battle for the Bridge charity basketball game!

What a crowd of fans and team members at the Battle for the Bridge! From the faculty players, to the cheerleaders, to the volunteers who made it all possible, it was truly awesome to see so much community spirit on Saturday in the GFHS gym. Special thanks to Rob Amberger, Jen Chapman, Tracy Capozucca, Danielle Fish, Shannon McKeighan, Judy Caimano, Jenine Klippel, Betty Brown, and Steve Zurlo for their leadership of this great event! A few great photos from the event, taken by Gus Carayiannis, are posted below. We appreciate every person and group who helped make this fundraiser a success:

    • Staff and BOE: Katie Arney, Tom Barrows, Liz Bell, Dewayne Bennett, Jacob Bennett, Kari Benway, Kristy Brennan, Jenn Brooks, Betty and Gary Brown, Amanda Burt, Jenn Caffarel, Shannon Carner, Kathy Cerny, Judy Chagnon, Mandi Clough, Liz Collins, Sara DiLandro, Jill Donohue, Tyler Ecuyer, John Endieveri, Shannon Fox, Matthieu Francois, Ashley Frank, Kathleen Gebo, Shannon Gizzi, Tyrell Gooden, Laura Gray, Jared Halliday, Erin Harrington, Skye Heritage, Billy Hinckley, Doug Hoyne, Kristina Hubert, Shane Jones, Miranda Kent, Darren Kingsley, Carrie Krogmann, Bill Levett, Kim Lewis, Pat Lilac, Maura Ludlow, Josh Miller, Trina Miner, Monica Mondella, Kristy Moore, Paul Morcone, Diane Ogden, Nicole Parker, Jacob Pasa, Colleen Rayno, Meredith Reed, Autumn Reichelt, Becky Ring, Arlene Tobias, Joanne Truchon, Lisa Wells, Erin Wever, Allie Wolfstich, Coach Zurlo, Professor Coach Zurlo
    • Students: Alec Aleva, Hammad Awan, Lola Baglio, Jake Burns, Lily Canale, Sawyer Chapman, Kellen Driscoll, Bella Feliciano, Kendall Gross, Cara Harrington, Arianna Harvey, Brody Holcomb, Ava Larson, Oscar Lilac, Donovan McAvey, Cooper Nadler, Ava Rowland, Kiersten Stevens, Sarah Wolfstich, Colin Woodell

    • Groups: Angelina’s Pizzeria, Big Cross staff, Cast with Care Knitting and Crocheting Club, Glens Falls Teachers’ Association, Glens Falls PAL Cheerleaders, Glens Falls Varsity Cheerleaders, the Harms family, High School Dress Down Committee, High School Octet, High School staff, High School Math Department & Instructional Coaches, International Action Club, Jackson Heights staff, Kensington Road staff, Key Club, Middle School staff, Pizza Jerks, ROAR Committee, St. Mary’s/St. Alphonsus School staff
group of teachers and staff members on basketball court in matching T-shirts that read "GF Nation (heart) SHMD" before the Battle for the Bridge charity basketball game
The 2024 Glens Falls Faculty/Staff team members at Battle for the Bridge – Photo by: Gus Carayiannis
Mr. Francois basically dunking a basketball during the 2024 Battle for hte Bridge charity game
Mr. Francois, once again, shows everyone how it’s done. Photo by: Gus Carayiannis
A spunky Glens Falls PAL cheerleader holds up a sign reading "GF" while several other cheerleaders clap their pom-poms in the background
Glens Falls PAL Cheerleaders helped the crowd catch the spirit! Photo by: Gus Carayiannis
a faculty baskteball player about to knock away an opposing player's shot
Mr. Kingsley shows off his defensive skills. Photo by: Gus Carayiannis
Several students stand in a semicircle at half-court of the high school gym, singing the national anthem before a charity basketball game
The Glens Falls High School Octet and South Glens Falls’ Vocal Point teamed up to sing the national anthem at the start of the game. Photo by Gus Carayiannis
Several rows of cheerleaders of varying ages sit in the bleachers clapping their hands during the Battle for hte Bridge
Glens Falls Varsity Cheerleaders and Youth Cheerleaders keep the crowd loud! Photo by: Gus Carayiannis