School Behavior

The school is a learning center. In order to promote a safe, quiet, nurturing environment, the following behaviors should be practiced:

General Behavior

  1. Walk in the halls quietly. Keep your hands to yourself.
  2. Remain in your classroom unless your teacher excuses you.
  3. Use appropriate language in school, on the playground, and on the bus.
  4. Take care of school property
  5. Respect the rights and feelings of others.
  6. Address adults respectfully using Mr., Mrs., Miss or Ms.
  7. Follow the directions of any supervising adult.

Lunch Room Behavior

  1. Use responsible table manners.
  2. Do not throw food.
  3. Talk quietly during lunch. When lights are off, be ready to listen.
  4. Remain seated when requested by the supervising adults.
  5. Clean up after eating and throw your trash away. (You will be expected to leave your eating area as you found it.)
  6. Be courteous and respectful to those in charge.
  7. Pay back borrowed money promptly.

Playground/Recess Behavior

  1. Play games that are safe, and use the playground equipment in a safe manner.(NO CONTACT SPORTS!)
  2. Use appropriate language and use good sportsmanship.
  3. Avoid rough play. (Fighting, at any time, is not allowed.)
  4. Follow directions and stay in the designated playground area.
  5. Be prepared – everyone will be expected to participate in outdoor recess.

Assembly Behavior

  1. Enter the auditorium in an orderly manner and sit quietly.
  2. Listen politely to the performance and speakers.
  3. Clap politely to show appreciation – DO NOT stamp your feet, “Boo,” whistle and the like.
  4. Leave in an orderly manner, as directed by the supervising adult.

Field Trip Behavior

  1. Be courteous and respectful to others enroute to the vehicles.
  2. Remain in your seat while the vehicle is in motion, and talk quietly.
  3. Keep the vehicle clean.
  4. Listen carefully to the supervising adult(s) and follow their instructions.
  5. Be a good citizen when representing the Glens Falls City School District.