GFMS 8th Graders Put On Art Show

The art room in Glens Falls Middle School was transformed into a world-class gallery this week as students had the opportunity to show off their most recent projects. Art teacher Jennifer Girard challenged her students to create works of art that were a reflection of their own identities. Students responded by creating images that reflected …

Developing Glens Falls’ New Mascot: Participate in the Process!

Our Glens Falls Nation shared values are UNITY, SUPPORT, PASSION, and GRIT! We will always remain GF NATION strong, and now we need a new mascot that represents these core values. Participate in the process! ** LATEST UPDATES + RESOURCES: CLICK HERE**      

Warren Co. Sheriff Officer Peter Casertino is new SRO

Students, parents, and staff will notice a familiar face in a “new” uniform this week, as Officer Pete Casertino joins GFSD as a School Resource Officer! As a Warren Co. Sheriff’s Deputy, he will have a desk at the Middle School and work district-wide, in partnership with current GFPD SRO John Norton, to provide additional …

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