GFMS 8th Graders Put On Art Show

Mrs. Girard's 8th Grade Art Class
Mrs. Girard’s 8th Grade Art Class hosts gallery viewing

The art room in Glens Falls Middle School was transformed into a world-class gallery this week as students had the opportunity to show off their most recent projects.

Art teacher Jennifer Girard challenged her students to create works of art that were a reflection of their own identities. Students responded by creating images that reflected what they felt were most important to what makes them unique.

Some students chose to focus on principles they live by, like kindness, patience, and ambition. Others highlighted goals they have set for themselves, or milestones they’ve been able to reach already. A handful of students elected to highlight different hobbies or items they use on a daily basis that help create their own personal identity.

Along with the artwork itself, students were tasked with writing explainers for how their work is a representation of their own identity. Students used the writing portion of the project as an opportunity to express how they view themselves in the current moment, but also dive into where they hope to be in the future.

The pieces of art were put on display in the classroom, and staff members were encouraged to come to the art room to hear students explain the meaning of their work. Similar projects were also completed by Mrs. Girard’s fifth grade and sixth grade students.