Welcome Stephen Bodie in new Core Values Advocate position

Assistant principals stand with new Core Values Advocate inside the middle school, smiling
Mrs. Mazza and Mr. Estey, GFMS Assistant Principals, welcomed our new Core Values Advocate, Mr. Bodie, on Tuesday, Jan. 9th.

The district is pleased to introduce a new member of our staff, Mr. Stephen Bodie, who will be taking on the important role of Core Values Advocate (CVA). The CVA position has been established to ensure that the Middle School remains a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students. In this role, Mr. Bodie will work closely with faculty and staff to address student conflicts and promote a positive atmosphere within school.

Mr. Bodie will facilitate mediation, as needed, in response to conflicts among students, educators, and family members. In addition, he will assist in our utilization of accountability projects to help avoid repetitive disciplinary referrals and promote skill development. Mr. Bodie will be a resource for faculty by being available to support with classroom management, provide information regarding best practices and strategies for problem-solving through a restorative lens, and assist with other building needs as they arise.

He will also implement restorative practices that not only address harm, but also encourage students to reflect on the consequences of their actions, fostering a deeper understanding. Mr. Bodie brings years of professional experience in motivational interviewing, mentorship, student development, and program coordination. Welcome to GF Nation!