Talking with children about personal safety

As parents, educators, and coaches within GF Nation, our thoughts and hearts are with the Corinth community today. Much of our region’s attention is focused on the disappearance of a 9-year old from Moreau Lake State Park, and we want to provide families with some resources and suggestions for talking with your children at home.

  • If your child has their own cell phone, explain Amber Alerts and other emergency notifications. Over the weekend and continuing today, students are seeing Amber Alert details (age, name, physical characteristics) related to the search, and this may cause worry or distress — particularly in middle school and upper elementary-aged children. Explain why these alerts are activated, and how they help everyone in the community be on the lookout for potential sightings.

  • Reinforce the importance of the “buddy system,” particularly when your child is on the move without an adult. Talk with other parents in your neighborhood or on your street to create a buddy group for students to walk together to and from school. (Wednesday, 10/4, is International Walk to School Day – use this opportunity to connect with other families in your PTA and on your street to walk together in groups on a regular basis.)

  • Safety strategies you can share and practice with your children are available here: