Public Input is requested on the draft traffic study around GFHS/MS

The draft final report for the Glens Falls Middle School and High School Circulation Study is available for public comment through June 8, 2024. The study (linked here), conducted by Creighton Manning Engineering and commissioned by A/GFTC on behalf of the Glens Falls School District, contains capital improvement concepts and operational recommendations that the School District and the City of Glens Falls may consider to improve traffic and access safety conditions in and around the Middle School and High School campus. Comments will be accepted in writing via email to or conventional mail to A/GFTC, 11 South Street, Suite 203, Glens Falls, NY 12801.

Some key action items in the plan include:

  • One Way Circulation: Convert Quade Street to one-way southbound traffic from Grant Avenue to Sherman Avenue using signage and striping
  • Start Times: Adjust school start/end times to separate Middle School and High School arrivals/departures. Minor (10-15 minutes) adjustments will improve traffic congestion but will still adhere to the School Start Time study.
  • Roadway Crossings: Consider Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacons (RRFB) if justified by further study at high pedestrian crossing areas (Grant Avenue/Austin Street, Quade Street/Shippey Street, Quade Street/West Notre Dame Street). RRFBs are actuated flashing signs installed at pedestrian crossings proven to reduce crashes involving pedestrians. The school and City would need a coordinated maintenance program to review and repair as needed. An example of a crossing like this in the City of Glens Falls is on Kensington Road (Figure 12). Install pedestrian bump-outs (Figure 12) where crossings are in the vicinity of on-street parking (Figure 17) to promote pedestrian visibility and shorter crossing distances.
  • On-Street Parking: Enforce no student parking on-street and encourage use of off-campus lot. Designate pick-up/drop-off or specified parking zones on Quade Street, Sherman Avenue, Grant Avenue, Shippey Street, and West Notre Dame Street. This can be accomplished through consistent sign messaging instructing vehicles if parking is allowed, for how long, and for what times of day.
  • Bus: Relocate bus pick-up/drop-off area to Middle School and High School parking lots (Figures 14 and 15). Encourage use of current school supported transit system and options such as CDTA’s dial-a-ride to convert car trips to transit trips.
  • Parking Lots: Middle School parking lot clearly marked for staff/faculty only. High School lot part of Capital Improvement Plan to improve parking lot circulation to separate buses from staff parking.

Please submit your comments in writing via email to or conventional mail to A/GFTC, 11 South Street, Suite 203, Glens Falls, NY 12801.