Medication in Schools

NO MEDICATION is given in school (including cough drops, ointments, Tylenol, etc.) unless a physician has determined it is essential during school hours. If your child’s doctor feels a medication is needed in school, state Education Law requires:

  1. A written doctor’s order
  2. A parent/guardian’s written authorization
  3. The medication in its pharmacy or drug company-labeled container (Your pharmacy will give you a second labeled container if needed for school.)

Under no circumstances should a child bring any medication to school. Parents should bring any authorized medication directly to the nurse. By New York State regulation, nurses are also prohibited from administering any medical treatment other than first aid and treatment of minor cuts and burns classified as first aid. Second dressings to out-of-school treated wounds cannot be applied. If a child’s problem is more than minor, appropriate arrangements will be made for care, and parents/guardians will be notified.

All health concerns should be discussed with the school nurse so a plan of care or action can be developed. Physical Education and outdoor recess participation may be excused for one session with a parent’s written request. Any additional exclusion requires a written physician’s statement.