Celebrating 28 years as KRS Crossing Guard: Angel Mechanick!

On this International Walk to School Day, we’re celebrating crossing guard Angel Mechanick, who has been keeping kids and families safe with a smile for 28 years!! 

Just last week, Ms. Mechanick marked 28 years of service with the City of Glens Falls as a crossing guard, and she has always been stationed at the corner of Kensington Road and Roosevelt Avenue. Today, members of the Kensington PTA honored her steadfast efforts with flowers, cards, and balloons, along with heartfelt thank-yous from students and families.

“She makes an effort to learn and know every student’s name who she crosses at the crosswalk, and even some siblings and parents,” says parent Cassie Deason. “She always says ‘good morning’ with a smile, even when it’s raining or when it’s cold out. This is such a positive way for students to start their day at KRS: seeing her with a smile on her face as she safely crosses them to school.”

GFPD Second Chief Officer Sean Lovelace, Amy Collins from the City of Glens Falls, and Kensington Principal Jen Hayes also joined Ms. Mechanick in the crosswalk today to recognize her milestone.

Congratulations and many thanks, Ms. Mechanick – we wish you and your beloved San Francisco 49ers all the best!