These students have it all: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character!

large group of students smiling in auditorium holding certificates
New members of National Honor Society were inducted at GHFS on November 15, 2019.

The Glens Falls chapter of National Honor Society welcomed 31 new members during an induction ceremony November 15th at the High School. NHS recognizes outstanding high school students who have demonstrated leadership, a commitment to service, and good character, in addition to high academic achievement.

Newly-inducted members include: Brianna Aiken, Dylan Anselment,  McKenna Austin, Dominic Barbone, M. Patrick Bruen, Halie Clerville, Allison Comstock, Ella Crossman, Benjamin DiFiore, Brian Donlon,  Amelia Elmen, Daniel Florio, Phoebe Fox, Nathaniel Greenwood, Abby Hamell, Cailin Harrington, Catherine Hayes, Fisher Herrmann, Aiden Hirsch, Ella Kules, Aidan LaFond, Emily Lunt, Haley McCane,  Benjamin Palmer, Sydney Snyder, Nicholas Teta, Olivia Twardy, Carter Vanderminden, Evan Wiggins, Brooke Willett, and Annalysse Wilson.

“During our Induction Ceremony, 31 Senior NHS members welcomed 31 new inductees,” said Advisor Dee Winter-Barclay. “It was an exciting celebration for students as well as their family and friends.” Paul Bricoccoli, Jr. was the invited guest speaker, and the High School’s own Strolling Strings provided musical accompaniment to the ceremony.

Having a 90+ grade-point average and getting selected to apply is only part of the process to become a member of National Honor Society. “In their applications, students show that they uphold the four pillars of scholarship, character, leadership and service and are ultimately selected by members of the Faculty Council,” says Mrs. Winter-Barclay.

Volunteerism is a huge part of the Glens Falls chapter of NHS. In September, NHS members worked with Elizabeth Hogan and the Crandall Park Beautification Project to remove debris and brush from the Dog Trail. The group collected Christmas gifts for the Salvation Army during December, and on January 11, they’re hosting Kids Night Out for Glens Falls elementary students.

Individually, NHS members are incredibly active in the community with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Festival of the Trees, the Balloon Festival, and Super Hoopers Basketball. Members are actively involved with Key Club and International Club.

Senior members of NHS include David Barclay, Nora Blohm, Ryan Burchfield, Katherine Culliton, Conor Davidson, Judith Derrick, Lily Duerr, Grace Gohn, Tess Harrington, Neil Hogan, Nikkita Hyrny, Carter Jackson, John Lapham (JT), Marjorie Layden, Lindsey Maurer, Cooper Montgomery, Brynn Mulligan, Sean Pettis, Caleb Poag, Kevin Quirk, Reagan Rath, Jeanne Richards, Mitchell Skellie, Erin Stockdale, Taylor Stone, Sovereign Strickland, Weston Sweet, Paul Trackey, Lison Tunick, Brooke Vassar, Madeline Weil, Nicholas West, and Ella Wolfstich.

Congratulations to our new members and senior members! Well done! We are so proud of you!

large group of students smiling in auditorium
Senior members of the Glens Falls chapter of National Honor Society