Supt. Jenkins takes the #10GallonChallenge

superintendent and Stewart's employee holding milk jugs msilingChallenge accepted! Superintendent Paul Jenkins is donating 10 gallons of milk to the Glens Falls City Schools weekend backpack program as part of the #10GallonChallenge picked up by local school leaders around the region.

Over the past week, WSWHE BOCES superintendents have been challenging each other to purchase at least ten gallons of milk from the Stewart’s stores in their school district and donate the milk to food pantries in their community and/or their respective school’s backpack program. Lake George Superintendent Lynne Rutnick challenged Mr. Jenkins last week, and he is now challenging superintendents Mike Markwica at Johnsburg, and Tim Farrell at Minerva to keep the chain reaction going.

The nation-wide “10 Gallon Challenge” went viral on social media (#10GallonChallenge) earlier this winter after a Wisconsin Farm Broadcaster came up with a unique way to help struggling dairy farmers while meeting a critical void. Milk is one of the most requested items by food banks, but least donated, the organization says.

Mr. Jenkins’ donation will go to the district’s schools’ weekend backpack programs. The backpack programs directly support students by sending home a pack filled with nutritious snacks and food items for children to eat over the weekend. Each school’s pack program is coordinated by parent and faculty volunteers, and supported by the generous donations of local businesses, churches, and individuals within the Glens Falls school community.