School Counselor Arlene Tobias recognized by College Board

woman smiling wearing team GF shirt
GFHS School Counselor Arlene Tobias

GFHS School Counselor Arlene Tobias has been honored by the 2019-20 College Board Counselor Recognition Program for her hard work and dedication to student success! Only 26 school counselors in New York State received this award for being “exemplary schools counseling professionals who are proven lifelong learners, collaborators, advocates, and data-driven counselors, committed to student access.”

“Ms. Tobias is a detail-oriented, student-focused, and highly engaged school counselor focused on supporting and empowering her students,” said nominator Andy Akins. “Her knowledge with regard to academic, college/career and social/emotional support is substantial. Her innate creativity and problem-solving skills are apparent in the way she collaborates with colleagues, students, parents and administrators.

“Arlene consistently advocates for what is best for the student,” the award nomination continues. “If something is not clear or intuitive for a student, Arlene works to provide clarity. She is perpetually seeking to better understand and improve in an effort to support. Her ability to positively impact the lives of her students is profound and is rooted in her empathy and broad knowledge base. Arlene has been referred to as a ‘Precious Gem’ of a counselor.”

In September of 2019, the district added an elementary school counseling position as part of our school community’s forward thinking around student support. This goal to provide more academic, social-emotional, and career exploration is outlined in the District’s Comprehensive School Counseling Plan, which we encourage all to read.

“The District established an Advisory Council in the fall of 2018 consisting of School Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Classroom Teachers, Board of Education members, and Administrators, to develop a Comprehensive School Counseling Plan,” explains Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Trent Clay. “The Advisory Council meets twice a year and advises on program goals, reviews program results, and makes recommendations about the school counseling program so that appropriate supports are put in place for all students with needs. This effort has enabled greater collaboration and communication between service providers so that no students slip through the cracks.”

Congratulations, Ms. Tobias, and thank you to our entire school counseling team!

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