NYSDOH releases new guidance for COVID exposure

Dear Parents and Guardians:

As new positive COVID cases arise in our schools, we will do our best to notify those around the individual who may have been potentially exposed to the virus. Below is the notification you may receive, along with the new guidelines for what to do after a potential exposure.

Today, we were notified that an individual in your child’s classroom has tested positive for COVID-19. This individual was last in the school building on [date]. Because mask-wearing is now a personal/parental choice for all, your child is considered “potentially exposed,” even though we continue all our social distancing, air filtration, cleaning, and hand hygiene mitigation strategies.

When they removed the mask requirement in schools, the NYS Department of Health also changed its guidance on exposures. Here’s what they recommend:

  • Your child does NOT need to quarantine as a result of this case, as long as they’re feeling good and not showing any symptoms like a runny nose, fever, body aches, or stomach upset. 
  • Consider rapid-testing your child now, and again over the course of the next five days. The school has plenty of rapid test kits available to you in the main office – just stop by to pick them up.
    • If your child is not fully vaccinated, NYSDOH recommends rapid testing them daily for five days.
  • If a rapid test is positive, immediately begin isolation for your child, and contact your school nurse.
  • If your child begins feeling ill or shows any symptoms, keep them home, test for COVID, and contact your pediatrician.
  • If your child is well and coming to school, NYSDOH recommends they wear a mask following this exposure. They can fully participate in extracurricular activities and child care.

Again, the key is to continue practicing healthy habits and precautions at home, and watch your child closely for any symptoms that may develop. If you have questions, call our Pandemic Response Coordinator, Carrie Mauro, at 518-792-1212 x2414.

Thank you for your efforts to keep GF Nation Strong!