Masks, social distancing rules still in effect in schools and on school grounds

Dear Families, Staff, and Community members:

The end of the academic year is just five weeks away, and we are primed to finish strong! Warm weather, easy vaccine availability, and loosening of pandemic restrictions by the CDC and New York State are giving us all a literal “breath of fresh air,” and it feels good after a year and half of hard work to stop the spread.

While we celebrate this collective new hope, please understand that mask-wearing and social distancing are still in full effect on school grounds and in school buildings at all times. The CDC and New York State specifically carved out K-12 public schools from the new recommendations for fully vaccinated people. Schools are required to maintain mask policies and six-foot social distancing procedures through the end of the school year. These rules apply to everyone, including students and staff members who are already fully vaccinated. They also apply everywhere: inside our classrooms and buildings, along with outside on our school grounds and fields.

The CDC’s COVID data tracker — an important metric referenced in federal, state, and local pandemic guidance — still lists Warren County as in the orange, “Substantial” community transmission category. To see real change in our rules, we must continue to work together as a community to lower COVID spread even more. Making sure all eligible members of your family get vaccinated is a highly effective way to stop community transmission. Please consider getting a shot for everyone aged 12+ in your family, either at our school-based clinic next week (information emailed to parents), or on a walk-in basis at the Aviation Mall clinic.

Let’s finish #GFNationStrong and celebrate ALL we’ve achieved this year!