Masks optional: All choices respected and supported

Dear Families:

masked emoji face and smiling emoji face both giving thumbs up with text: Be kind! GF Nation Strong

As we shift into a new and more hopeful phase of the COVID pandemic, let’s remain #GFNationSTRONG and note these important points effective as of Wednesday, March 2:

  • Although masks are no longer required in school, we encourage all staff and students to continue wearing a mask indoors, especially when you are within six feet of others.
  • The mask requirement is the only thing changing at this time. Classroom configurations, lunch procedures, enhanced air filtration, cleaning and sanitizing, social distancing as much as possible … all the mitigation strategies we’ve used all year continue to be in full effect.
  • There may come a time when we see a spike in COVID infections and masks could become required again. Masks remain required in school on days 6-10 following a person’s 5-day isolation for COVID-positivity.
  • Our current personal (or parental) choice on wearing a mask comes with the expectation that ALL individuals’ choices are respected and supported. Mask on, or mask off, no one should make assumptions regarding someone’s beliefs or health status, nor should they comment on them. Be respectful if anyone requests that you remain physically distanced from them. Be kind to each other, above all.

Late Tuesday evening (3/1), New York State issued additional school guidance on adjusting pandemic protocols. More communication on this will follow soon, as we are able to evaluate the guidance.

Thank you for being an important part of GF Nation!