Glens Falls Students Take Part In Battle Of The Books

Students from various Glens Falls City School District schools took on their peers across the Capital Region brought their love of books and reading during the 2023 Battle of the Books.

The event, organized by the WSWHE BOCES School Library System, connected more than 475 students on 65 different teams from 18 school districts at SUNY Adirondack. The competition was open to students in grades 3-6, and took months of preparation on behalf of the students.

Teams of 15 or fewer students read a total of 10 fiction and non-fiction books. Students were then quizzed with recall questions that they would have 20 seconds to answer before an opposing team, with questions varying from a book’s plot to the author’s dedication. Each round consisted of 31 questions, with teams allowed to switch players mid-way through the battle.

“The competition engages students, encourages them to choose books they might not read on their own, and opens up a whole new side of reading for them,” said WSWHE BOCES School Library System Coordinator Kerrie Burch. “Students who participate love it. They make new friends and connections with their peers.”

This year, students from our district represented Big Cross Elementary, Jackson Heights Elementary, Kensington Road Elementary, and Glens Falls Middle School. Congratulations to all our teams and readers!