Fifth graders celebrate 1,000th day of school!

5th graders celebrate 1,000th dayThe 100th day of the 2022-2023 school year was extra special for fifth graders at Glens Falls Middle School.

The 100th day of school this year also marked 1,000 days of education for fifth graders, and teachers wanted to help make it an occasion to remember with a unique project. Students were tasked with writing down seven lessons or activities they have enjoyed this year on slips of paper that were then made into chain links. After every student contributed their chains, it created a 1,001 chain that now lines the fifth grade wing of the Middle School.

“It was such a great experience for them to see how long 1,000 chains and 1,000 days really is,” said fifth grade teacher Jenna Fernandez. “It’s always nice to hear and see the students reflect about how much they enjoy their school day.”

Students were eager to share what their favorite moments from this school year have been with their classmates. Teachers also enjoyed finding out what subjects were making an impact on their students, and what moments have stood out the most.

Mostly, though, students found it hard to believe that they have been in school for 1,000 days already.

“It felt weird because I realized that we had been in school for 1,000 days and it just didn’t feel like that was possible,” said Kaylee Smith.

Fifth grader Evie Hamel added, “I was shocked because that means I’ve been learning for 1,000 days and that doesn’t feel real that I have spent that much time at school!”

“An activity like this is a good reminder of just how thoughtful and reflective the kids are,” said Mrs. Fernandez. “There were so many wonderful shoutouts to how much they enjoy their time with band and orchestra, and all of their unified arts classes.”

The fifth grade teachers have spent the year helping the students transition from the elementary schools, and say they have seen all their students grow as learners and people. Teachers also hope to make a 1,000th day celebration a tradition for students moving forward.