GFHS VIP award-winners show core values

More than 80 Glens Falls High School students were recognized this fall with a VIP award for putting one of the school’s core values into action:

  • Positivity (optimism, the student views challenges as opportunities for growth)
  • Kindness (the student is friendly and generous, the student builds others up)
  • Perseverance (persistence, the student doesn’t give up easily or may be making hard-fought improvements)
  • Love of Learning (the student is curious and has a thirst for deeper understanding)
  • GF Nation Spirit (the student demonstrates leadership and respect, donates time and energy to the community)

Each student’s dedication was celebrated at a breakfast in the HS cafeteria. Please scroll down to read about each of the VIP award-winners’ recognition. Congratulations to all!

Full Facebook photo album: HERE

group of students in cafeteria smiling
Three cheers for our VIPs at the High School!


Aalijah Sampson: GF Nation Spirit
Thank you for being a Homecoming Games captain for the Class of 2021! We appreciate your time and energy!

Abby Hamell: Positivity
Abby was challenged with creating an alternate method to show her learning.  She and some friends created a podcast and it was amazing!!!!!

Abby Hamell: GF Nation Spirit
Abby has a very busy schedule, but has made donating her time this fall to help Key Club be successful and keep our concession stand (in particular) running well!

Alexis Cotty: Perseverance
Alexis just keeps working until her goals are within reach. She’s unbelievably determined and her achievement is often a result of her persistent, thoughtful work. She is a great role model to others.

Aliza Williams: Kindness
A few weeks ago I was having a tough day, dealing with a serious student issue.  I saw Aliza in the hall and she must have noticed I was having difficulty.  She stopped and asked if I was OK. She asked me in such a caring, genuine manner.  It seems so small but at the moment, I needed that.

Amelia Campbell: Kindness
Amelia is a sweet person who builds other people up.

Americus Frederick: Perseverance
Americus continues to demonstrate a love of learning and discovery more about her world despite any personal setbacks she may have experienced in the past. Her academic curiosity will lead her to success throughout her academic career. Keep up the good work!

Andrew Prosser: Perseverance
Andrew works thoroughly through his tasks and tries his hardest when completing his assignments, which has lead to improvements overall.

Angelina Stemp: Kindness
Angelina just brightens my day. She stays after for homework club, and wants to bring happiness and comfort to those who are sad or hurting.

Ashley Colegrove: GF Nation Spirit
Ashley did an awesome job organizing the blood drive.

Braeden Hunt: GF Nation Spirit
Braeden has been donating a lot of his time this fall to help Key Club be successful and keep our concession stand (in particular) running well!

Braeden Hunt: GF Nation Spirit
Brayden is the “man behind the lens” this year! He can be found most days with a camera around his neck attempting to bring a bit of everyday GFHS life to the yearbook through photos! Thanks, Brayden!

Briana McFarren: Perseverance
Briana has done a great job this year, continuing to work hard and completing assignments in a timely manner.

Brianna Civitello: Perseverance
Brianna has worked very hard and is doing very well in Alg 2! She comes in for extra help to make sure her work is complete and correct.

Brooke Patnode: Kindness
Brooke really cares for other students.  When she sees someone struggling, she has a real concern and wants to help.  She values genuine friendship, and wants to do for others as others have or have not helped her.

Brooke Vassar: Love of Learning
Brooke always puts forth her absolute best effort to truly understand the content.  On her own she is pursuing a pharmaceutical internship to gain an understanding of the career.

Caleb Ashe: Positivity
Caleb is not distracted by others.  He is mature and makes great choices.  He likes to have fun, but never takes things too far.  I am happy to have him in class.

Caleb Poag: Perseverance
Caleb always works extremely hard and he is gaining more understanding of different career options with his internships.

Cara Hayes: Perseverance
Cara has had an amazing start to the school year! Keep up the great work!

Cate Barclay: Positivity
Cate always has a positive, cooperative attitude in class, which influences her peers.

Catherine Hayes: Love of Learning
Catherine always strives for success and she always achieves success!

Charles Harwood: Love of Learning
Charles “Chaz” is always full of energy and eager to answer questions and listen to instruction in the classroom. He always participates in class and is extremely successful in the class.

Claire Saleen: Positivity
Claire has faced the challenge of being in Spanish 2 with no previous Spanish experience with a very positive attitude. Her dedication to learning the language is impressive.

Clara Avery: Love of Learning
Clara has a deep curiosity for the world around her. She is always looking to improve and understand things in a meaningful way.

Connor Cowles: Kindness
This student exhibits all these qualities but especially kindness by including all students in the group no matter their ability.

Dan Florio: GF Nation Spirit
Dan is always gracious and patient.  He possesses a maturity that makes him a natural-born leader.  He gives everyone his best all the time.  He is a treasure to have in class.

Delaney Wyman: Love of Learning
Delaney has consistently sought out a more deeper understanding of many of the concepts we discuss in Economics. Her academic curiosity is a wonderful personal attribute that will serve her well in the future!

D’Lynn Shanks: Perseverance
D’Lynn is a free spirit who is learning to become self-guided and make good choices.  She has self confidence that emanates and a smile that lights up a room.  I am happy to be getting to know her.

Dominique Reich: Perseverance
Dominique is the example of perseverance. She does not give up and will strive for the very best of grades. She constantly emails me to see how can achieve the very best grades.

Elijha Flint: Positivity
Elijha doesn’t let anything get in the way of him being successful here at GFHS. His positive attitude is infectious and inspires those around him. He’s a great example of positivity and perseverance.

Ella Crossman: Positivity
Ella’s positive and upbeat attitude helps get everyone going in class!

Ella Kules: Kindness
Goes out of her way to include and help others and always, always, always has a smile on her face!

Ella Kules: GF Nation Spirit
Champion of the Bigs program spirit.  Leader of peers in all that she does.

Ella Wolfstich: GF Nation Spirit
Ella organized the blood drive and did an amazing job.

Ella Wolfstich: GF Nation Spirit
Thank you for managing the GFHS Insta page! You are doing a wonderful job! You are positively impacting not only our student body, but the GF community as well!

Eloise Duggal: Love of Learning
Eloise is constantly looking for the deeper meaning and having a deeper understanding behind issues discussed in class. Her inquisitiveness drives her to explore academic areas that her peers do not always demonstrate.

Emily Gale: Kindness
Emily is new to my homeroom and has totally changed the vibe. I feel, due to her positive nature, smile, and openness, the entire homeroom has changed…for the better.

Emma Otto: Perseverance
Emma does not give up easily and always pushes through challenging music.

Erin Goepfert: Perseverance
Erin has had an amazing start to the school year! Keep up the great work!

Gabby Myers: Perseverance
Gabby tries super hard in school despite having difficulties which sometimes causes her to be absent. However, she perseveres through it all.

Haylee Girard: Love of Learning
Haylee has done an amazing job in 2 of my classes.  She is great at applying prior learning to new ideas.  Great job!

Haylee Girard: GF Nation Spirit
Thank you for being a Homecoming Games captain for the Class of 2021! We appreciate your time and energy!

Helena Trackey: GF Nation Spirit
Helena has a very busy schedule, but has made donating her time this fall to help Key Club be successful and keep our concession stand (in particular) running well!

Hunter Aiken: Perseverance
Hunter works very hard and remains very focused in Government class.

Imani Chandler: Kindness
Imani always has something positive to say and is a friend to everyone.

Imani Chandler: Love of Learning
Imani is a pleasure to have in class, she is very sweet.  She works hard and is helpful to everyone.    She wants to do well and it is evident in her classwork and her contributions to class discussions.

Jack Putnam: Love of Learning
Jack volunteers in class when NO one does; he wants to help the teacher and the class to learn and enjoy the subject.

Jacob Ashe: Kindness
Jacob is always friendly to others.

Jahred Guy: Love of Learning
Jahred works really hard and wants to succeed.  He adds insight to class discussions and works really hard on classwork.  He is a joy to have in class!

Jani Smith: Kindness
Thanks so much for lifting my mood recently when I needed a boost.  I truly appreciate your good humor and kindness!!

Jason Weng: Perseverance
Jason is self directed and absorbed in learning.  He is dependable and is a pleasure to have in class.

Jayson Novak: Perseverance
JJ has worked very hard and has made significant improvements!

Jazmine Goodness: Positivity
Jazmine always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude toward learning!

Jazmine Goodness: Kindness
Jazmine goes out of her way to help.  It may be a friend who is struggling, a classmate who looks lost or just anyone who would benefit from a kind word, a helping hand or comforting, Jazmine is always on the lookout to give of herself.

Jeff Henderson: Perseverance
Jeff has great verbal/presentation skills and has shown perseverance by overcoming challenges.

Jefferson Brand: Positivity
Jeff always comes into class smiling with a positive attitude. He always participates in class discussion and always has his work done for the day. He shows positive leadership every day in the classroom!

Jefferson Brand: Kindness
Jeff is a delight to have in class.  He exudes acceptance, is always positive, his attendance is stellar.  He is a role model to his friends and other students.

John Lapham: Love of Learning
JT always works very hard and he shows his understanding with incredibly detailed and well thought out knowledge.

Joseph Augustine: Positivity
Joeseph “Auggie” Augustine possesses one of the best, most positive attitudes around. He is always looking at the good in things and makes those around him better.

Joseph Augustine: Kindness
Joseph is striving to fit into a new school with dignity and a desire to make good choices.  He is always putting a positive spin on challenges he faces.

Julia Kress: Kindness
Julia is a friendly and positive person.

Kacie Wolfstich: GF Nation Spirit
Thank you for being a Homecoming Games captain for the Class of 2021! We appreciate your time and energy!

Kate Barber: Kindness
Kate just wants to make this world a better place. She is kind, caring and makes those around her (including me) want to be at Glens Falls High School.

Katherine Lieberth: Love of Learning
Katherine always goes above and beyond in class.  Her love of learning is evident every day!

Katie Culliton: GF Nation Spirit
Katie has a very busy schedule, but has made donating her time this fall to help Key Club be successful and keep our concession stand (in particular) running well!

Katie Culliton: GF Nation Spirit
Katie has taken on a leadership role with our Yearbook club. She is the chairperson of one committee and volunteered to be the business ads coordinator, where she needs to go visit local businesses on her own time. Thank you, Katie!

Landen Hayner: Love of Learning
Landen’s drive for success guides his daily work and attitude toward learning.

Leah Robinson: Kindness
Leah is a friendly presence in math class. She offers to help others when she finishes early and is great at teaching math concepts. We’re lucky to have her in class!

Lionna Patrick: Perseverance
Lionna is always looking to achieve. She comes for help when needs it and doesn’t quit until she understands what she needs to do to complete the task well!

Logan Cooper-Monroe: Perseverance
Logan is a student who regularly demonstrates his willingness to be successful. He overcomes obstacles and is determined to reach his potential.

Madeline Clouse: Love of Learning
Madeline’s work is outstanding. She always goes “above and beyond” with her academics. She truly loves learning, and it shows!

Madison Maier: Love of Learning
Maddie has done a great job!  Keep up the great work!

Mckayla Rodriguez: Kindness
Mckayla is helpful and makes other people feel included.

Mia Mosley: Perseverance
Mia works very hard to achieve good grades and is constantly striving to do her best.  She continuously goes beyond and perseveres to reach her goal of a 90 average in all of her classes.

Miranda Rivera: Perseverance
Miranda works hard and never gives up.

Miranda Rivera: Perseverance
You’re doing so great Miranda!  I’m very glad you’re here.  Keep up all your hard work and you’ll have amazing opportunities ahead!

Mya Hayes: Positivity
Mya continues to work hard and realizes that challenges are opportunities for growth.

Nethalia Dean: Perseverance
Nethalia shows maturity by making good choices, is respectful and polite, has stellar attendance  and is an asset to her peer group.  She is a leader.  I am  proud to know her.

Noah Girard: GF Nation Spirit
Thank you for being a Homecoming Games captain for the Class of 2021! We appreciate your time and energy!

Olivia Vanderpool: Positivity
Olivia has an aura of leadership.  She know what she wants and isn’t afraid to work hard to achieve her goals.  She is kind and positive, always pleasant and patient, respectful and kind.  I know she will make a difference in the world.

Paige Woodard: Perseverance
Paige works hard to understand concepts in math and is an excellent artist too.  She overcomes challenges she encounters and has had a strong start to her GFHS career. We’re lucky to have Paige in our math class!

Ryan Dieffenbach: Positivity
Ryan doesn’t give up. He’s relentlessly working toward his goals and is confident in his steps. His positivity and confidence have inspired those around him to have the courage to give their best as well.

Ryan Rawson: Positivity
Ryan always has a positive attitude and is optimistic about any challenge.

Ryan Rawson: Kindness
Ryan is one of the kindest, most generous people I have the pleasure of knowing.  He goes out of his way to be fair to others and takes his turn without complaint.  He always greets me in class or in the hallways.  His politeness is refreshing.  I hope I have Ryan in a class at least once each year he is in GFHS.

Samuel Baars: Perseverance
Samuel has used determination and positivity to make for a great start to his school year. He has really taken responsibility for his success and it has been great to witness!

Sean Pettis: GF Nation Spirit
Sean has taken on a leadership role with our Yearbook club. He is the chairperson of one committee and volunteered to be the business ads coordinator, where he needs to go visit local businesses on his own time. Thank you, Sean!

Shelby Suddard: Perseverance
Shelby always works hard and is willing to help others in class.  Great job!

Sophia Chiaravalle: Positivity
Sophia always has a positive attitude toward learning!

Sydney Snyder: GF Nation Spirit
Sydney has been donating a lot of her time this fall to help Key Club be successful and keep our concession stand (in particular) running well!

Sylvia Guillet: Love of Learning
Sylvia is always looking to do well, ask questions and participate in class. She has done an excellent job this quarter!

Timmy Antonelos: GF Nation Spirit
Timmy works hard to lead by example. He is trustworthy, kind and is a great role model for other students in the school.

Timmy Antonelos: Love of Learning
Timmy’s love of learning is evident in his hard work and determination!

Tony Novak: Kindness
Your support and kindness you showed with your GFHS student when she was in crisis was amazing  and incredibly helpful.