GFHS Theatre Ensemble presents “Just Another High School Play”

group of students holding funny props while in character for the drama production "Just Another High School Play"
GFHS Theatre Ensemble presents this hilarious show on March 20-21!

The Glens Falls High School Theatre Ensemble is presenting the drama production of “Just Another High School Play” on Friday and Saturday, March 20 & 21 at 7 p.m. in the GFHS auditorium. Tickets are available at the door. $3 for students/children, and $5 for adults.

Just Another High School Play by Bryan Starchman is a comedy about a group of teen actors who are not showing up to rehearsal for their school production. So, what does the drama teacher do? She abandons them for Mexico, leaving them on opening night with a full house. Students have to then figure out how to entertain this crowd. Chaos ensues from there as the kids find a bunch of old scripts backstage and attempt to put on a show, winging it, of course. Itś a rollicking comedy sure to keep audiences laughing as they attempt to act out Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet (with puppets), Our Town, Little Women, A Christmas Carol, and many other well-known plays.
Stage Manager: Sara Moore
Starring: Lison Tunick, Connor Cowles, Dylan Niro, Melissa Eggleston, Alex Dickey, Nora Blohm, Taylor Stone, Michelle Villa, Rowan Davidson, Faith Stone, Wyatt MacPhearson, Gabrielle Myers, Americus Frederick, and Jamana Awan.
Directed by Ms. Nicole Matino and Ms. Stephanie Ruel