The HOPE Committee

The mission of the Glens Falls City Schools HOPE Committee is to build and support trusting relationships with district families . . . compassionately fulfill immediate needs of students for food and clothing . . .  and to foster connections with community resources. 


We fulfill this mission by welcoming Glens Falls school community members into our HOPE Boutique once a month, where they can “shop” for free clothing items, personal care products, shoes, and even special occasion items during the holidays. These items are donated by — and accessible to — all members of the school community as we work together to break down barriers holding us back from our fullest educational experience.

  • The HOPE Committee is comprised of teachers,  teaching assistants, related service providers, and building administrators.  We meet once per month as a committee to plan and many committee members work the boutiques on Saturday mornings once per month.  
  • Mrs. Brown and the supported employment students put in many hours during the school week preparing the boutique by sorting and hanging clothes.  
  • We operate a food pantry supplying weekly food bags/backpacks to families in the district. The pantry is also accessed at various times to feed any child coming to school hungry.  We purchase food items with money that has been raised through fundraisers or donated. A great deal of our food comes from donations by teachers and Support Staff but especially from the senior Participation in Government classes. 
  • The HOPE Committee holds a Graduation afternoon for any graduating Senior needing dress attire as required by the graduation dress code.
  • The HOPE Committee holds a Back to School Boutique so along with clothes shopping; we offer school supplies.
  • The Boutique is accessible to teachers and counselors during the school week for any student in the Elementary School,  Middle School or High School if they are in need of clean clothes, gym clothes, award ceremony attire, field trip clothing, sports attire, warmer outerwear as winter approaches, or dry clothing after walking to school in the rain, or even as a reward for a great week in school!
  • Committee members volunteer for other organizations such as the Community Exchange Foundation which puts on the local Kids Consignment Sale twice per year. 
  • The committee is collaborating with a teacher from Lake George High School to assist local girls in need of prom dresses.  
  • First Presbyterian Church has generously donated toiletries to the Boutique.

From its humble beginnings almost seven years ago, the committee has expanded to serve anywhere from 50 to 100 families per month.  The Hope Committee has held fundraisers, food drives, clothing drives, a sock drive, and a hat and glove drive to supply the pantry and the boutique.

rows of clothing hanging on colorful racks
Welcome to the HOPE Boutique!