COVID Update: Nov. 18, 2021

Dear Families:

Warren County Health Services is monitoring 554 active COVID cases as of Thursday, 537 of them involving mild illness.

554 active cases is the highest figure for Warren County during the pandemic, the second time this week a new high mark has been set. Warren County Health Services continues to see a significant spike in COVID-19 transmission, with the majority of its new cases arising from workplace exposures, family/household exposures and indoor events/gatherings.

Here is a summary COVID update for Thursday, 11/18, using the best information that has been reported to us, either by a local health department or by parents/guardians/employees. Remember that if any confirmed case requires a mandatory quarantine of other students or adults, we have already contacted parents and staff members separately by phone.

  • GFSD individuals now under quarantine: 37
  • GFSD new positive cases today: 3 (KRS), 1 (BC)
  • GFSD individuals rapid-tested on site today: 2
    • Testing results: 2 Negative; 0 Positive
  • Warren Co. Health Services active quarantines as of 11/18: 806
  • Warren Co. Health Services active COVID-19 cases as of 11/18: 554
    • (Data and the information italicized above from the daily update on Warren Co. COVID Hub)

Children ages 5-11 are eligible for COVID vaccination, and local pediatricians have begun offering clinics for patients. Pharmacies are also offering pediatric vaccinations. Find more information on guidelines and vaccine availability here:

Detailed Warren County COVID data is available here. (scroll for data sets and charts)

The health, safety, and well-being of our school community remains our main focus. We will continue to work closely with WCHS on how to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.