COVID Update: Dec. 23, 2020: Positive cases at HS + JH

This afternoon, Glens Falls City School administrators were notified that a staff member at Jackson Heights and a student at the High School have each tested positive for COVID-19. These two (unrelated) individuals have not been in either building since Wednesday, Dec. 16th.

As soon as we were notified of the positive cases, the Superintendent was in direct contact with the Warren County Public Health Department to begin contact tracing protocols. These people who have tested positive are in isolation for at least 10 days, and will not return to the school environment until cleared by Health Department officials.

The Health Department’s investigation found that due to the length of time it has been since these people were last on school grounds, no precautionary exposure quarantines are necessary. Every school keeps detailed, daily records of who was in each classroom, and when. The Health Department reviews these records and makes a medical determination on who, if anyone, should enter a precautionary exposure quarantine. Neither the school district, nor WCPH will withhold any necessary information from families who need to enter a precautionary exposure quarantine. Privacy laws restrict district officials from disclosing any personally identifiable information of anyone who tests positive.

Jackson Heights and the High School will remain open (after the holiday break) for in-person instruction. Our custodial crew thoroughly cleans and disinfects the buildings as a standard practice each day.

All students and staff members wear face masks all day, except for active eating/drinking at lunch time. Student desks and cafeteria seating are all spaced at least six feet apart to prevent droplet exposure at all times.

We want to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of wearing face masks everywhere outside your home, avoiding gatherings or travel, and regularly washing your hands. Please continue to conduct at-home screenings and maintain personal awareness of COVID symptoms for your children.

The health, safety, and well-being of our school community remains our main focus. We will continue to work closely with WCPH, and will follow their guidance on how to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.