Considering COVID in gatherings for holidays, activities, and celebrations

Parent/Guardian update for Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020

It is critical that you notify the school nurse and/or principal right away if your child is being tested for COVID. We keep this information private, but use it to plan for possible exposure protocols. Please help us keep GF Nation Strong by being honest and proactive as we navigate this pandemic together!

As you begin conversations around plans for various holidays, activities, and celebrations, we would like you to consider these key factors into your decision-making:

We are extremely grateful that the personal decisions and responsible actions of our faculty, staff, students, and families have allowed us to learn in-person at each of our schools so far. We recognize the sacrifices — both big and small — that individuals are making each day to keep our school community thriving. And we ask you to persevere in those actions for the greater good.

We are truly all in this together. Thank you for being an important part of GF Nation.

graphic from CDC with cartoons explaining ways we can help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like COVID-19