Celebrating Support Professionals: Matt Condon, Custodian/Driver at the Middle School

custodian standing in school hallway with red lockers behind“It makes the day more enjoyable when you work with someone like Matt,” says Head Custodian Becky Blackmer. “We have fun while we work, laughing and joking around. He is a hard worker and and even helps maintenance and grounds from time to time.”

Matt Condon is a custodian at Glens Falls Middle School, and also a driver for the district’s fleet of school buses and vans. He meets a wide variety of student and staff member needs, which can range from cleaning the cafeteria after each day’s lunch service … to delivering reams of replacement copy paper to the MS main office … to shoveling snow and salting the sidewalks … to driving GF diving team members to their practice at the Hudson Falls pool.

“It can be anything,” says Mr. Condon. “I had to go into a classroom and get a bee that flew in and the teacher couldn’t get it,” he grins. “Whatever they need.”

“We know we can go to him for any problem and he willingly helps with a smile,” says Principal Kristy Moore. “Matt is an excellent role model for our students as they see him working hard throughout the school day.”

“I can tell you that Matt is a great guy,” notes Ken Chester, Director of Facilities and Transportation. “He is hardworking, funny, and never complains! He is the first to jump in to help out and is always bailing us out at the bus garage by driving when we are short drivers.”

custodian mopping school cafeteria floorMr. Condon spent the first 18 years of his GFSD career based at the bus garage, driving students to and from school, field trips, and sporting events. Then he took on a custodial assignment at the Middle School, where he’s been serving for four years. For a time, he did all this while owning and working for his family’s septic and drain business. “I’d drive a morning bus route, then go run my business and take calls until early afternoon, then come back to school for the second-shift,” he says. He has since sold the business, but his work ethic remains the same.

“He is a great employee who I know I can always count on,” says Mr. Chester. “We are lucky to have him in the district and I am blessed to have him on my staff.”

Mr. Condon is a Glens Falls High School graduate (Class of ’83) and says he enjoys working alongside many of the same people he sat alongside in classrooms as a student. “Pat Murphy, the Moynihan brothers, we grew up playing basketball together with lots of other people here,” says Mr. Condon. “I worked with Fran Dougherty at the Great Escape. It’s a solid community. The staff in the building and main office are great.”

When he isn’t working, Mr. Condon enjoys playing golf at the Hiland Golf Club. “We appreciate Matt’s dedication and sense of humor at Glens Falls Middle School,” says Mrs. Moore.