Nov. 19, 2018 minutes

The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Maurer, President, at 7:00 p.m.


It was moved by Mr. Graham, seconded by Mr. Deason, to approve the minutes from the October 15, 2018 Regular Board of Education Meeting. The motion was carried unanimously. (8-0)


  • Katie Culliton was 74th in the State Finals for cross-country; she came in 2nd in Sectionals! Congratulations!
  • The Football Team is headed to the State Finals in Syracuse this Saturday! Good Luck!
  • The first scheduled Lobby Day in Albany is being held the first week in December. Mr. Jenkins will report back to the Board at the December meeting.
  • On December 7th we will be moving out of the Administration Building due to construction. The December Board Meeting will be held in the Jackson Heights Library. The Board Meetings will rotate to different buildings while the district office is being renovated.


Kelly Stevens, lives at 1 Harris Street in Queensbury, asked the Board about having sidewalks put in for students to walk safely to and from school. She asked the Board if they could help get the process started to keep our kids safe. Mr. Jenkins asked Mrs. Stevens to send him an email, and he will provide her with the contact name and number at the Town of Queensbury.

Chris Reed, Jr., a parent at Jackson Heights Elementary School, raised concerns about online safety. His child is using Seesaw in class. Mr. Reed, Jr. handed out a flyer with the Glens Falls District Goals, Seesaw Privacy Policy and articles from different news outlets. Mr. Reed, Jr. said he met with Paul Streicher and Carrie Mauro and had a great meeting. He thought the district overall does a lot to make kids safe now, but his concern is what will happen 20 years from now with all of the data and insight they have been forced to put online throughout their developing years. He said that he wanted to start a conversation about it, and realizes nothing will get fixed if people freak out. He said he wants to help out. Mr. Jenkins thanked Mr. Reed, Jr. and told him that he would contact Mr. Streicher to talk about his concerns at the next Technology Committee Meeting.


Big Cross PTA – Sara Quartiers reported in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Big Cross again participated in the “Pennies for Pink” event to raise funds to donate to the Charles R. Wood Cancer Center at Glens Falls Hospital. Faculty, staff and students also wore pink to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness. All told, Big Cross raised $670, which was $200 more than last year’s total. On Friday, October 26th, was the annual Harvest Dance. Students wore their costumes and participated in a costume parade. There was a DJ, some small craft activities, and lots of goodies to eat. There was also a huge raffle basket drawing. All proceeds from this event goes to the 4th grade Camp Chingachgook field trip. The PTA put on a bake sale in the gymnasium on Election Day, November 6th. Total amount raised was $750.00. Big Cross received a $700 donation from the Glens Falls Elks Lodge to purchase a portable basketball hoop with netting. In the coming weeks, Big Cross is looking forward to preparing for the annual Thanksgiving breakfast and the annual holiday shopping experience.

Middle School PTSA – Sara Quartiers reported in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Middle School again participated in the “Pennies for Pink” event to raise funds to donate to the Charles R. Wood Cancer Center at Glens Falls Hospital. Faculty, staff and students also wore pink to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness. All told, the entire school district raised over $4,000.00. On October 24th, the PTSA hosted a huge fundraiser at Skyzone for grades 5-8. We raised over $1,000 for our school with this single event. Since this event was so well attended, we are planning to repeat this event every quarter. On Friday, November 16th, the 7th and 8th graders participated in a Glow Dance. There will be a special meal at the Middle School for students that may not have plans for Thanksgiving or are looking for a special way to celebrate a meal with our school family. The Thanksgiving meal will be on Tuesday, November 20th at 6:00 p.m. The Middle School will host its’ Turkey Bowl tomorrow afternoon. This event is a Middle School tradition, with staff playing against the 8th grade football team. The weather forecast should cooperate for a great event!

Kensington Road PTA – Kelly Stevens reported the PTA purchased books for the 3rd and 4th grade Battle of the Books. Over $1,000 was raised for Pennies for Pink. The first International Activity Night was held on November 9th, and was well attended. The spending committee is looking into purchasing a new sound system. The Talent Show was held on November 16th, and went off without a hitch. A big thank you to Kelly Lymburner and Diane Rouge. The students are competing against one another for best attendance each marking period. Kindergarten vs. 1st grade and 2nd grade vs. 3rd grade vs. 4th grade. This marking period, grade 1 and grade 3 won so both grades got a trophy along with a special reward. As a school, we have challenged ourselves to maintain attendance at 95% – 96% for this year. Kensington is starting their coat and food drive. The giving tree will be located in the front lobby. The giving tree will help 10 families with a total of 25 kids for Christmas. Students are earning tolerant feathers this month for Character Education. Some upcoming events are the Holiday Fun Fair on December 1st, and Make-a-Wish.

Personnel – Mrs. Culliton reported the Personnel Committee met on Tuesday, October 30th. The committee talked about adding a person to the Technology Department, a clerical position to catch up with the Food Service clerical issues, and the possibility of a large number of retirements in the next few years.

Athletics – Mr. Rivers reported the Athletic Committee met on Tuesday, October 30th. The committee discussed the fall sports and the success of the teams. The Swim Team numbers are large this year. Also discussed were the touch pads in the pool, new turf, and the diving apparatus.

Curriculum – Mrs. Maurer reported the Curriculum Committee met prior to the Board Meeting. Mrs. Vanderklish provided an overview of the recent Glens Falls City School “Focused Intervention District” status related to the graduation rate, drop-out rate, participation rate, and ELA/Math performance of our Students with Disabilities in the 2015/16 school year. The NY State requirements for this designation require the Glens Falls Special Education leadership team to meet with representatives of NYS to review designated areas, gather data to identify root causes, create a district team to write an aligned support plan, include goals to address designated area of weaknesses based on gathered data, identify activities that will take place in order to make progress toward goals, and report quarterly on progress toward goals. Mrs. Vanderklish and her team will be addressing the performance of students with disabilities on the 3-8 ELA assessment as a result of this designation. Mr. Clay provided an update on the district’s Target Goals with the balance of time remaining for the meeting. Mr. Clay will continue updating the Board of Education with the rest of the Target Goals data at the December Curriculum Meeting. Thank you Becky and Trent!


It was moved by Mrs. Culliton, seconded by Mr. Rivers, to approve the Consent Agenda except for Item 5.F. The motion was carried unanimously. (8-0)

A. Student Placements 1. 2018 – 2019 CSE/CPSE Recommendations (attached)

B. Financial Reports (attached)
1. Warrant 4A, 4B, and the Internal Claims Auditor’s Report
2. Treasurer’s Report for the month ending September 30, 2018

C. Approve the proposed Marina C. Wallace Memorial Scholarship (attached)

D. Approve the Creation of the 12:1:1 Extra-Classroom Activity Club (attached)

E. Approve the International Action Club Trip to Manhattan, New York on Thursday, April 18, 2019 (attached)

G. Approve the First Reading of Policy 7220 – Graduation Options/Early Graduation/Accelerated Programs with changes (attached)

H. Approve Waiving the Second Reading of Policy 7220 with changes

I. Adopt Policy 7220 with changes

J. Accept the Bid Results and Award the Contract to the following for Phase 2 of the Construction Project (attached):

  • Bast Hatfield Construction, LLC – General Construction
  • Titan Roofing, Inc. – Roofing Construction
  • The DiGesare Group – Plumbing Construction
  • John W. Danforth Company – Mechanical Construction
  • Flex Electric LLC – Electrical Construction
  • Facilities Equipment and Service, Inc. – Lockers
  • Day Automation – HVAC Temperature Controls
  • Day Automation – Security Upgrades

1. Non-Teaching Appointments:
Spellacy, Kevin,
Cleaner, Effective November 5, 2018, Salary; $25,245.00 + $504.00 second shift stipend, Probationary Period: November 5, 2018 – May 5, 2019
Taylor, Jill, 5.50 Hour Teacher Aide, Effective November 5, 2018, Salary; $11,294.25, Probationary Period: November 5, 2018 – November 5, 2019 2683

2. Non-Teaching Resignations:
Madej, Cathy, Teacher Aide, Effective October 25, 2018
Thibodeau, Eric, Cleaner, Effective October 31, 2018
Spellacy, Kevin, Cleaner, Effective November 6, 2018
Steinman, Amanda, Teacher Assistant, Effective November 16, 2018

3. Non-Teaching Change in Appointments:
Smith, Richard Jr.,
from Groundskeeper to Building Maintenance Mechanic, Effective October 29, 2018, Probationary Period: October 29, 2018 – April 29, 2019
Smith, Richard III, from Cleaner to Groundskeeper, Effective October 29, 2018, Salary; $33,764.00, Probationary Period: October 29, 2018 – April 29, 2019

4. Change in 6th Class Appointment (2018-2019): From Lisa McLeod, Special Education Teacher to Mary Williams, Special Education Teacher, Effective October 26, 2018, Stipend $9,862.80 prorated

5. Sixth Class Appointment (2018-2019): Loschiavo, Lauren, Special Education Teacher, Effective November 5, 2018, Stipend $7,034.52 prorated

6. Professional Leave of Absences:
Relaford, Tiana,
Leave without Pay, effective October 30, 2018 – November 16, 2018
Carpenter, Bethany, Elementary Teacher, Effective (approximately) March 25, 2019 – May 20, 2019
Maynard, Jessica, Data Network And Communications Analyst, Effective (approximately) April 29, 2019 – June 25, 2019

7. High School Club Advisor Resignations:
Strader, Elizabeth
, SoroptiMISS Club, Effective October 31, 2018
Aleva, Michelle, SoroptiMISS Club, Effective October 31, 2018

8. High School Club Advisors:
Caffarel, Jennifer
, SoroptiMISS Club (Shared Position), Effective November 1, 2018
Collins, Elizabeth, SoroptiMISS Club (Shared Position), Effective November 1, 2018

9. Volunteer Coaches (2018-2019):
Backus, Don
, JV Wrestling
Cross, Nathaniel, Varsity Wrestling
Merkley, Preston, Varsity Wrestling
Sanders, Lucas, Varsity Wrestling

10. Middle School Homework Club and Academic Focus Club Substitutes (2018-2019)
Conklin, Kristin
Loschiavo, Lauren
Myers, Ann
Reed, Meredith
Donohue, Jill
Anderson, Yvonne
Jerzak, Nicole
Nastke, Nichole
Estey, Ryan

Packer, Elizabeth
Johnson, Julie

11. Kensington Road Elementary School Club Advisors (2018-2019):
Dumar, Annmarie
Battle of the Books (Shared Position)
Laurent, Pam Battle of the Books (Shared Position)
Miller, Julie Character Education
Britt, Tiffany Character Education
Basilio, Kevin After School Sports (Shared Position)
Ring, Rebecca After School Sports (Shared Position)

12. Middle School Club Advisors (2018-2019):
Gebo, Kathleen
Battle of the Books (Shared Position)
Crosby, Kelsey Battle of the Books (Shared Position)


6. It was moved by Mrs. Spector-Tougas, seconded by Mr. Graham, to approve the agreement with the City of Glens Falls for Law Enforcement Services subject to the satisfactory response from Larry Paltrowicz and NYSIR for the question raised on the City and the District naming each other as additionally insured. The motion was carried unanimously. (8-0). (attached)










At 7:50 p.m., there being no further business, it was moved by Mrs. Culliton, seconded by Mr. Graham, to adjourn the meeting. The motion was carried unanimously. (8-0)

Amy Towers Clerk, Board of Education