Feb. 11, 2019 minutes

The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Maurer, President, at 7:00 p.m.


It was moved by Mr. Deason, seconded by Mrs. Culliton, to approve the minutes from the January 14, 2019 Regular Board of Education Meeting. The motion was carried unanimously. (8-0)


Mr. Jenkins reported we will have a couple of presentations at tonight’s meeting, as well as an update on the budget. Architects from Mosaic, and Chenango Contracting will be here to present on the upcoming turf replacement. February Break is February 18th – February 22nd Snow is expected to be coming for the next few days, so we will be watching the weather for any snow delays or cancelations.



Jackson Heights PTA – Dax Cavas, 4th grader at Jackson Heights, reported that Jackson Heights raised $400 for Pennies for Pink. The fourth graders were in charge of counting all the money. The exploration lab and the maker space will be open in February for students to use. Teachers can use the materials in class, and carts can be used during indoor recess. Mr. Motsiff, Mrs. Mauro, and the PTA are dedicating a lot of time and energy to make this happen and engage our students in its creation. Money and goods are being provided by the PTA, First Presbyterian Church of Glens Falls Mission Committee, the school, and families to make this happen. Mr. Motsiff has also designed a website. To learn more about the space go to https://sites.google.com/gfsd.org/jhexplorationlab/ Check it out, it’s awesome! The Jackson Heights annual Winter Olympics will be held on Friday, February 15th from 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. The PTA held a free Movie Night on Friday, January 25th in the gymnasium. Students and Families watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and complimentary water and popcorn were served. This year’s Founder’s Day Award Recipient is Lisa Eggleston. Mrs. Eggleston is one of our awesome building aides, and we can’t wait to honor her in March. Mrs. Clark, school nurse, is organizing “Go Red for Women”. Students can purchase hearts for $.25, and all proceeds will go to the American Heart Association. Students are encouraged to wear red on Thursday, February 14th. Every student was sent home with a sheet of hearts to cut out and write each act of kindness they have done. The filled out hearts will be displayed on a bulletin board outside the gym during the month of February.

Big Cross PTA – Sara Quartiers reported at the end of last month, Big Cross held its annual Pasta Night dinner. Families were able to dine together in the cafeteria, and were serenaded by Glens Falls’ own Strolling Strings. On February 27th, students and their families will be invited to participate in a Board Game Night. Students will be able to play some simple board games, partake in Pictionary and karaoke, and enjoy time with family members and school community. Pizza and drinks will be served as well. PTA President, Bristie Foye, was able to secure a donation of 100 apples from PTO Today Magazine which will be used in our backpack food program. She was also able to secure a donation of 2 American Girl Dolls from the American Girl Doll Company to be used in the annual raffle at the Spring Fair in March, and the Harvest Dance next October. The PTA continues to look ahead to plan and prepare for some of the bigger events happening later this year like the Spring Fair, P.A.R.P. in March, and the Scholastic Book Fair in April. Congratulations to our Founder’s Day recipients, Bristie Foye and Sheri Francato. These two ladies have worked tirelessly for our students, teachers, and community.

Middle School PTSA – Sara Quartiers reported on February 1st, the 5th/6th grade classes hosted their bi-annual activity night. The event was a success. Tuesday, February 12th at 6:00 p.m. in the LGI, Sweethearts and Heroes will be presenting a Parent University to offer information about the Sweethearts & Heroes message, define bullying vs. conflict, and discuss the fundamentals of cyberbullying as well as the role technology plays in children’s lives. Parent University is in addition to the work Sweethearts and Heroes are doing with the students in classes as well. The PTSA continues to look ahead to plan and prepare for some of our bigger events happening later this year like the Science Fair and the Scholastic Book Fair. Congratulations to our Founder’s Day recipients, Juliana Ogden, Mr. Pezzulo, and William Osborn. These individuals have done so much for the Middle School and for our community.

Personnel – Mrs. Culliton reported the committee met on January 30th. The committee discussed the number of retirements we have this year, and a couple of new hires. The committee also discussed possibly adding a school counselor position at the elementary school level, a technology position, a central office position.

Athletics – Mr. Rivers reported the committee met on January 30th. Mr. Corlew gave a report on the number of students that participated in a winter sport. All 10 of our Varsity teams were Scholar Athlete Teams. Mr. Lilac was inducted as New York State Football Coach of the year. The Adirondack Riverman retired number 24 in honor of Adam Lanoir. A framed sweater with the number 24 and a plaque was presented to his wife, and sons Reece and Brodie. Adam was a former Glens Falls Hockey player and a volunteer coach in his free time. He passed away suddenly after playing Hockey back in October. The Adirondack Riverman players donated their time to the Mite Jamboree. Also discussed were the wrestling room, the weight room, and the upcoming turf and track replacement.

Audit & Finance – Mrs. Stockdale reported the Audit & Finance Committee met on January 30th. Mr. Yusko gave an update on the executive budget that was recently released, and gave a hand out to committee members of the New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA) executive budget analysis with point by point explanation and positions of either support/opposition. Mr. Yusko also gave an update on the State Comptrollers Audit, and discussed our Financial Reserves, Fund Balance, and undesignated Fund Balance. The committee also looked at our Fiscal Stress Score. It’s a zero, which is the lowest and best you can have! We will be finalizing the budget in the next few weeks.

Curriculum – Mrs. Maurer reported the curriculum committee met prior to the Board Meeting. The February meeting took place at Big Cross Street Elementary School as part of our community outreach efforts in the 2018/19 school year. Principal Debbie Hall, Big Cross Teachers, and students presented learning experiences to Glens Falls Board of Education members and parents to show how the new math and literacy programs support our District/Board of Education goals. Students and Ms. Hall also provided a virtual reality demonstration using 3D googles that Ms. Hall obtained through a competitive grant for Big Cross Elementary School. Students did an outstanding job speaking to the Board of Education and explaining their learning. Thank you Ms. Hall, students and teachers for a fun night of learning!

Turf and Track Replacement Presentation – John Onderdonk and Matt Gaspary from Mosaic Architects, along with Chenango Contracting gave a presentation on the different types of materials that can be used to replace the turf on the High School field. They handed out samples of each kind of material, and focused on the options for the infill, which is the material in the carpet. Once a decision has been made, it only takes two weeks to install the turf. The Track replacement would take between 6-8 weeks depending on the weather.

Mr. Yusko, Assistant Superintendent for Business, gave an Initial Budget Presentation on where we are at with the 2019-2020 budget. A copy of the presentation is attached to these minutes.


It was moved by Mrs. Greenwood, seconded by Mr. Deason, to approve the Consent Agenda. The motion was carried unanimously. (8-0)

A. Student Placements
1. 2018 – 2019 CSE/CPSE Recommendations (attached)

B. Financial Reports (attached)
1. Warrant 7A, 7B, and the Internal Claims Auditor’s Report
2. Treasurer’s Report for the month ending December 31, 2018

C. Approve the Boys Lacrosse Trip to Canton, NY on Friday, April 26, 2019 – Saturday, April 27, 2019 (attached)

D. Approve the proposed Betsy K. Austin Memorial Scholarship (attached)
Approve the Disposal of Non-Public Schools Damaged/Obsolete Textbooks (attached)

F. Approve the following Resolution (attached)
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education of the Glens Falls City School District hereby approves the settlement of the 2018 Real Property Tax Law Article 7 proceedings 68 Warren LLC v. Board of Assessment Review and Assessor of the City of Glens Falls, and the City of Glens Falls, New York (Index Numbers EF2018-65655 and EF2018-65657) which settlement reduces the assessed value of both properties for 2018 from an aggregate $1,068,680 to an aggregate of $481,250, and it is further

RESOLVED, that the assessments for 2019, 2020 and 2021 will be based on the market value of the combined properties as follows, with the annual equalization rate applied:

  • 2019: $650,000
  • 2020: $675,000
  • 2021: $700,000

RESOLVED, that the moratorium of RPTL 727 shall not apply; and it is further

RESOLVED, that the Board of Education hereby authorizes Counsel for the School District, Karla Williams Buettner, Esq. to sign the appropriate Stipulation of Settlement resolving this matter.

G. Accept the donation of a Bench, Patio Pavers, and a Canadian Black Cherry Tree to be planted and placed in front of the High School in honor of Stanley Rummel (attached)                 

1.  Professional Retirements:
Caffry, Ellen
, Library Media Specialist, Effective June 30, 2019
Howe, Jeanne, Elementary Education Teacher, Effective June 27, 2019
Moynihan, Michael, Social Studies Teacher, Effective July 1, 2019
Zilch, Anne, Foreign Language Teacher, Effective June 30, 2019

2. Professional Appointment:
Kocak, Nathan, Assistant Principal, Effective March 4, 2019, Salary; $80,000.00, Probationary Period: March 4, 2019 – March 4, 2023

3. Non-Teaching Resignation:
Leaver, Jim, Part-Time Bus Driver, Effective January 28, 2019
Gregory, David, Teacher Aide, Effective February 8, 2019

4. Non-Teaching Retirement:
Bellinger, Kathleen, Teacher Assistant, Effective June 30, 2019

5. Non-Teaching Leave of Absence:
Converse, Knox, Bus Monitor, Effective January 28, 2019

 Non-Teaching Appointments:
Bennett, Aimee,
6.50 Hour Teacher Assistant, Effective January 28, 2019, Salary; $14,550.25 prorated, Probationary Period: January 28, 2019 – January 28, 2023

Fitzgerald, Carolanne, 6.50 Teacher Aide, Effective February 11, 2019, Salary; $13,347.75 prorated, Probationary Period: February 11, 2019 – February 11, 2020

Jarvis, Melynda, 6.50 Hour Teacher Aide, Effective February 25, 2019, Salary; $13,347.75 prorated, Probationary Period: February 25, 2019 – February 25, 2020

7. Non-Teaching Change in Appointment:
Smith, Debra, from 6.50 Hour Teacher Aide to 6.50 Hour Teacher Assistant, Effective February 4, 2019, Salary; $14,550.25 prorated, Probationary Period: February 4, 2019 – February 4, 2023

8. Non-Teaching Provisional Appointment:
Bombard, Dan, Head Automotive/Bus Mechanic, Effective February 4, 2019, Salary; $55,000.00 (prorated), Probationary Period not to exceed 52 weeks (provisional appointment pending the successful completion of the Civil Service Exam)

Coaching Appointments (2018-2019):

Klaiber, Phil  Varsity Baseball;  A-6; $5,960.93
Girard, Rob  JV Baseball; C-5;  $4,563.19 + $260 = $4,823.19
Girard, Camden  Modified Baseball; D-4; $3,754.55
Long, Donnie  Modified Baseball; D-1; $2,944.85
Northrup, Tim  Varsity Lacrosse; B-5; $5,104.41 + $384.16 = $5,488.57
Donlon, Kevin  Modified Lacrosse; D-2; $3,218.64
Hagy, Elyse Girls Varsity Lacrosse; B-3; $4,563.19
Mazza, Cameron Girls JV Lacrosse; C-2; $3,754.55
Barrows, Tom Girls Modified Lacrosse; D-1; $2,944.85
Archambault, Craig Varsity Softball; B-5;  $5,104.41 + $768.32 = $5,872.73
O’Connor, Matt  JV Softball; C-5; $4,563.19 + $260.00 = $4,823.19
Preuss, Erin  Modified Softball; D-2; $3,218.64
Hall, Ethan  Modified Softball; D-4; $3,754.55
Zurlo, Stephen Boys Varsity Tennis; B-5; $5,104.41 + $1,152.48 = $6,256.89
Perry, Dan  Boys Varsity Track; B-5; $5,104.41 + $1,152.48 = $6,256.89
Johnson, Hermann  Boys JV Track; C-5; $4,563.19
Bombard, Brian  Boys Modified Track; D-4; $3,754.55
Hall, Kevin Girls Varsity Track; B-5; $5,104.41
Hubert, Kristina Girls JV Track; C-5; $4,563.19
Kules, Laura  Girls Modified Track; D-4; $3,754.55



A letter was sent to Mr. Jenkins and Board Members regarding the traffic in front of the High School and Middle School. We also received a letter from Jim Clark, Holly Rummel-Jackson, and Stephen Myhrberg requesting the approval to plant a Canadian Black Cherry Tree, a bench with a plaque, and pavers at the High School in honor of Stan Rummel. Funds would be raised through the Glens Falls School District Foundation, with any excess funds going to the scholarship already established in his name.





At 8:11 p.m., there being no further business, it was moved by Mr. Deason, seconded by Mr. Graham, to adjourn the meeting. The motion was carried unanimously. (8-0)

Amy Towers Clerk, Board of Education