Feb. 11, 2019 agenda


A copy of the minutes from the January 14, 2019 Regular Board of Education Meeting was emailed to board members. If there are no additions or corrections, the Superintendent would recommend approval.



It is the policy of the Board of Education to allow public comment during the visitors period of the meeting, it is not our policy to engage in public debate. Your comments and statements are heard and are greatly appreciated. If there is information we can provide for you after the meeting, feel free to contact the Superintendent’s Office with your request and we will do our best to get information for your needs as soon as possible. We ask that all speakers identify themselves verbally, and, if applicable, the organization they are representing so they may be recognized by the Board President. Open Forum is limited to a maximum of 30 minutes with 3 minutes allocated to each speaker.


  • Student Council
  • Personnel
  • Athletics
  • Audit & Finance
  • Curriculum
  • Mosaic Presentation on the Turf and Track Replacement


A. Student Placements
1. 2018 – 2019 CSE/CPSE Recommendations (attached)

B. Financial Reports (attached)
1. Warrant 7A, 7B, and the Internal Claims Auditor’s Report
2. Treasurer’s Report for the month ending December 31, 2018

C. Approve the Boys Lacrosse Trip to Canton, NY on Friday, April 26, 2019 – Saturday, April 27, 2019 (attached)

D. Approve the proposed Betsy K. Austin Memorial Scholarship (attached)
Approve the Disposal of Non-Public Schools Damaged/Obsolete Textbooks (attached)

F. Approve the following Resolution (attached)
RESOLVED, that the Board of Education of the Glens Falls City School District hereby approves the settlement of the 2018 Real Property Tax Law Article 7 proceedings 68 Warren LLC v. Board of Assessment Review and Assessor of the City of Glens Falls, and the City of Glens Falls, New York (Index Numbers EF2018-65655 and EF2018-65657) which settlement reduces the assessed value of both properties for 2018 from an aggregate $1,068,680 to an aggregate of $481,250, and it is further

RESOLVED, that the assessments for 2019, 2020 and 2021 will be based on the market value of the combined properties as follows, with the annual equalization rate applied:

  • 2019: $650,000
  • 2020: $675,000
  • 2021: $700,000

RESOLVED, that the moratorium of RPTL 727 shall not apply; and it is further

RESOLVED, that the Board of Education hereby authorizes Counsel for the School District, Karla Williams Buettner, Esq. to sign the appropriate Stipulation of Settlement resolving this matter.

G. Accept the donation of a Bench, Patio Pavers, and a Canadian Black Cherry Tree to be planted and placed in front of the High School in honor of Stanley Rummel (attached)                 

1.  Professional Retirements:
Caffry, Ellen
, Library Media Specialist, Effective June 30, 2019
Howe, Jeanne, Elementary Education Teacher, Effective June 27, 2019
Moynihan, Michael, Social Studies Teacher, Effective July 1, 2019
Zilch, Anne, Foreign Language Teacher, Effective June 30, 2019

2. Professional Appointment:
Kocak, Nathan, Assistant Principal, Effective March 4, 2019, Salary; $80,000.00, Probationary Period: March 4, 2019 – March 4, 2023

3. Non-Teaching Resignation:
Leaver, Jim, Part-Time Bus Driver, Effective January 28, 2019
Gregory, David, Teacher Aide, Effective February 8, 2019

4. Non-Teaching Retirement:
Bellinger, Kathleen, Teacher Assistant, Effective June 30, 2019

5. Non-Teaching Leave of Absence:
Converse, Knox, Bus Monitor, Effective January 28, 2019

 Non-Teaching Appointments:
Bennett, Aimee,
6.50 Hour Teacher Assistant, Effective January 28, 2019, Salary; $14,550.25 prorated, Probationary Period: January 28, 2019 – January 28, 2023

Fitzgerald, Carolanne, 6.50 Teacher Aide, Effective February 11, 2019, Salary; $13,347.75 prorated, Probationary Period: February 11, 2019 – February 11, 2020

Jarvis, Melynda, 6.50 Hour Teacher Aide, Effective February 25, 2019, Salary; $13,347.75 prorated, Probationary Period: February 25, 2019 – February 25, 2020

7. Non-Teaching Change in Appointment:
Smith, Debra, from 6.50 Hour Teacher Aide to 6.50 Hour Teacher Assistant, Effective February 4, 2019, Salary; $14,550.25 prorated, Probationary Period: February 4, 2019 – February 4, 2023

8. Non-Teaching Provisional Appointment:
Bombard, Dan, Head Automotive/Bus Mechanic, Effective February 4, 2019, Salary; $55,000.00 (prorated), Probationary Period not to exceed 52 weeks (provisional appointment pending the successful completion of the Civil Service Exam)

Coaching Appointments (2018-2019):

Klaiber, Phil  Varsity Baseball;  A-6; $5,960.93
Girard, Rob  JV Baseball; C-5;  $4,563.19 + $260 = $4,823.19
Girard, Camden  Modified Baseball; D-4; $3,754.55
Long, Donnie  Modified Baseball; D-1; $2,944.85
Northrup, Tim  Varsity Lacrosse; B-5; $5,104.41 + $384.16 = $5,488.57
Donlon, Kevin  Modified Lacrosse; D-2; $3,218.64
Hagy, Elyse Girls Varsity Lacrosse; B-3; $4,563.19
Mazza, Cameron Girls JV Lacrosse; C-2; $3,754.55
Barrows, Tom Girls Modified Lacrosse; D-1; $2,944.85
Archambault, Craig Varsity Softball; B-5;  $5,104.41 + $768.32 = $5,872.73
O’Connor, Matt  JV Softball; C-5; $4,563.19 + $260.00 = $4,823.19
Preuss, Erin  Modified Softball; D-2; $3,218.64
Hall, Ethan  Modified Softball; D-4; $3,754.55
Zurlo, Stephen Boys Varsity Tennis; B-5; $5,104.41 + $1,152.48 = $6,256.89
Perry, Dan  Boys Varsity Track; B-5; $5,104.41 + $1,152.48 = $6,256.89
Johnson, Hermann  Boys JV Track; C-5; $4,563.19
Bombard, Brian  Boys Modified Track; D-4; $3,754.55
Hall, Kevin Girls Varsity Track; B-5; $5,104.41
Hubert, Kristina Girls JV Track; C-5; $4,563.19
Kules, Laura  Girls Modified Track; D-4; $3,754.55