BC third-graders spearhead “Let’s Lic Leukemia” for classmate

group of elementary students standing on stairs of school with lollipop sale table and heart sign reading let's lic leukemia

Some really sweet third-graders at Big Cross are showing love and support for their classmate Angelica during Valentine’s week, as she is currently battling leukemia. Angelica’s classmates came up with the idea to sell lollipops as a fundraiser for for the family, under the banner of “Let’s Lic Leukemia,” a play on words using the middle letters of Angelica’s name.

“The class has worked so hard coming up with fundraiser ideas, what to do with the money earned, making posters and writing letters,” says teacher Jenna Sanders. “This is truly a student-led fundraiser. They are doing the work and will even be rolling the change.” Way to go, Big Cross!